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  • 1. Hello every one.Do you believe in destiny?I don’t expect that I will meetyou,but now you are my newfriends.My name’ s ThanapronSritip.You can call me ‚Namfa orNinew‛ .I ‘m a friendly .If youwant to know me more, you
  • 2. Hello everybody !!! You cancall me Tae..I live inChiangmai, Thailand.I study atYupparaj Wittayalai School.Nice to meet you.^^
  • 3. Sa-Wat-Dee-KrapI’m Data .I like K-Pop music.Pitbull is the best singer for me. Ilove to play games in my freetime and I enjoy Hip-Hop dancingas one of my favourite hobbies.Nice to meet you. I hope that we’llmeet together in Thailand.
  • 4. Hi, I am Pongrawee .You cancall me Cee .I have 16 years old . I live inChiang Mai , the most beautifulin Thailand. I will verypleased to be your guid whenyou come .I love music very much . Ialways listen to R&B , Pop ,Rock music .I love sports too .
  • 5. Hello, My name is SarunSuksri .You can call me Sac.I’m 16 years old . I wannahave friends all over theworld. I am attractivebeautiful girl. I love music!!!.I’m learning how to play theguitar. And much more. :) .
  • 6. Hi! My new friends. You can callme Donut. I live in Chiangmai,Thailand.I study at YupparajWittayalai School. I likeswimming and playing badminton.I like being alone, but sometimes Ifeel lonely and I just want tomeet new friends for me not tofeel lonely. Maybe it is you whowill become my new friends. Wemay never meet. but we still havea good friendship to each otheralways. Nice to meet you.
  • 7. Hello!^^ I live inChiangmai,Thailand .I wantto change my cultrue withyou.If you have questionsabout Thailand, you canask me.Nice to meet you!!!><
  • 8. Hello.My name is Jirapat Phewonor you can call me ‚Ney‛ .Rockmusic and novel(especially Si-fiand investigate is mylife,so myfavorite writer is Dan Brown,Ilove to watch Movie and I alwaysgo to Cinema with my friends( if Ihave enough money).I’m studing atYupparaj Wittayalai Shcoolnow.So I’m very excited toexchange my culture with you,I