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    Q7 Q7 Presentation Transcript

    • Q7 – Evaluationof whole progress
      By Tamanna Miah
    • Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?
      There have been many changes to my knowledge and skills of using different camera work, editing and using the software.
      Our preliminary task helped us to understand how each of these stages work.
      I used some of the shots from my preliminary task in my opening to show that I have understood how to work those camera shots.
      We used Final cut pro to edit our preliminary which at first I didn’t understand the process but I got the hang of it. I used my skills in using this software for the editing of our thriller.
    • Match on action shot
    • We used a match on action shot from our preliminary task in our thriller opening to show the actions of our character from different views.
      The camera work gave our audience a sight of how she was struggling to open the door. We used this to show the audience what she’s doing.
      We didn’t use the shot reverse shot or the 180 degree shot in our thriller opening as there was no conversation scenes and that we only featured one of the characters.
      If I was to make a different opening where I would use these two shots I would use them as it would help me to understand how they work more as in my preliminary we made a mistake on how they worked.
    • Over all success and what was less successful on preliminary task
      I thought that our pre planning of how preliminary went well as our actors did used the script and all the camera shots that were going to be used where put in order.
      However the thing that didn’t go well was that we had too many background items in the shot such as the tripod and the camera bag so that ruined the video.
      Another thing that went bad was the camera techniques as it was our first time using them that we got them wrong.
    • Thriller Opening
      I thought that our thriller film was an over all success even though we had a few problems along the way such as most of the shots we took for our film came out dark which made it hard for people to see our characters face expressions.
      We also had a few problems using the tripod as it wasn’t very useful as it looked. Most the time it was hard to move the lever around so that the camera goes in to a panning shot which we’ve used in our opening.
      We had a few time issues such as there was a lot of other work to be done for our other subjects so we couldn’t find a right time to film. Also as it was the winter season, it got dark fast so we had to shoot straight away in the morning so that our shot came out clear.
    • At first we had a shot of what was in the wardrobe but we got audience feedback which was that its better not show what’s inside the wardrobe to make it more of a mystery.
      I enjoyed making the film as I got to use a HD camera which gave me skills on how to operate it. However we did have a few problems on trying to get the tape in and making the camera not fuzz.
      The editing process came fast to me as I had practiced using it for the preliminary task and also using the other soft wares, after effects and garage band, was hard to use but once I was taught to use them I found it easy to use. I also enjoyed using after effects and garage band as I got to experiment with the different technology.
    • Overall I think that I did well in this task because I mostly did the work in my group by editing, making the titles and the music.
      I think that I’ve also improved in using the soft wares as I am now skilled.
      If I was to make another thriller opening I would next time plan out my pre production clearly so that I am prepared when I comes to doing the work.