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Dynamic Breakthrough Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs


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Dynamic Breakthrough

Dynamic Breakthrough

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  • Love this beautiful slideshow. :) Coach Tamyka is a real pro. She has been helping me and other women to get and keep their businesses on course. -- Donna Johnson, President and Co Founder of WAHMs WIN
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  • 1. Program Introduction The 6 week intensive program designed for the serious business woman who wants results now. Empowering Women Entrepreneurs to Small Business BreakthroughTamyka WashingtonDynamic Breakthrough
  • 2. About Tamyka Washington Wife and full-time, work at home mom of SIX In 2002, started my first business in Networking Marketing In 2009, founded TheCEOMamma Network In 2011, created the Dynamic Breakthrough Coaching ProgramTamyka WashingtonDynamic Breakthrough
  • 3. You will discover -> 5 Essential Small Business Core Principles 1. Clarity 2. Mindset 3. Strategy 4. Action 5. GrowthTamyka WashingtonDynamic Breakthrough
  • 4. Module One - Clarity Defining your business vision, mission and purpose. Identifying your reason WHY and developing your story Connect with your vision and live your passion Understand your mission in relation to your purposeTamyka WashingtonDynamic Breakthrough
  • 5. Module Two - Mindset Adopting a mindset of entrepreneurial success. Overcoming and eliminating disempowering beliefs Developing and applying empowering beliefs Creating a mental mind shift and success mindsetTamyka WashingtonDynamic Breakthrough
  • 6. Module Three - Strategy Creating your strategic action plan and business system Defining your niche market Developing your compelling “message” Deciding your marketing methods and process Designing your plan of action Access my success arsenal of FREE and low cost business tools and resources!Tamyka WashingtonDynamic Breakthrough
  • 7. Module Four - Action Taking the steps to “Make It Happen!” Content creation and scheduling Developing your editorial calendar Automation and marketingTamyka WashingtonDynamic Breakthrough
  • 8. Module Five - Growth Recognizing the time to move to the next level. Solidifying your DMO (Daily Method of Operation) Team development (working with fans, interns & volunteers) Business expansion (partnerships, collaborations & affiliates)Tamyka WashingtonDynamic Breakthrough
  • 9. Upon completing this 6 week intensive program, you will: Have a clear & focused understanding of how combining your passion, mission and purpose can provide you a rewarding & profitable business. Develop a mindset of success and be able to apply the skills learned to effectively plan, strategize & implement marketing techniques. You will learn a laser focused, step-by-step process to creating a strategic action plan & marketing system. Plus, establish yourself online, attract your ideal clients, increase your incomeTamyka WashingtonDynamic Breakthrough
  • 10. Your Commitment Requirements Visualize Your Vision SEE Your Success Believe, Achieve & Never Give Up When your accountable to yourself and committed to the work You will get the results!Tamyka WashingtonDynamic Breakthrough
  • 11. Your Participation Q&A following each session Private coaching group for unlimited support Call replays and handouts Coaching is a partnership and your participation will determine your overall success.Tamyka WashingtonDynamic Breakthrough
  • 12. For more information go to: Enroll Today! Contact: info@coachtamyka.comTamyka WashingtonDynamic Breakthrough