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Evaluation Q2
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  • 1. How does your media productrepresent particular social groups?
  • 2. In my media product young people have been represented in the use of language I have chosen: No adjectives used to get straight to the point, meeting the needs of the target audience A lot has changed since David McCaffrey first began singing, Using and today I have come to the city of York to visit David in the casual place where it all began. His new album Stars has been a major language to appeal toThe word success since its release earlier this month, giving his career a the younger“kick-start” is huge kick-start. And here at Indisputable we have managed generationsassociated to score the first interview with David to find out more about it.with a lot ofenergy, andwould appeal Using sportingto young terms togenerations appeal to the sport loving males
  • 3. In my media product both males and females have been represented in the use of colours I have chosen, as well as this some of the colours have been chosen to fit in with the types of people that read Indie music magazines: The purple I have chosen, I chose to use black as one ofalthough slightly more female the main colours in my colour oriented, is a shade that scheme as it is commonly usedwould appeal to both genders. in Indie music magazines as a base colour. The off-white colour I have used is a good gender neutral colour, keeping to the target audience of both males and females.
  • 4. Class and Ethnicity By using the rough edges on the boxes it appeals to my middle class target audience, who like the rough and ready look, and have pride in being from poorer, laborious backgrounds. My magazine represents the typical Caucasian, teenage, Indie genre by using photographs of white, Indie people. Although the genre does not only appeal to white people, the area I live in (York), has very few ethnic minorities, making it harder for me to include photographs of Indie teenagers of all ethnic backgrounds. e.g. bands like Rizzle Kicks