Evaluation Q1


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Evaluation Q1

  1. 1. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Simple and easy to Simple colour scheme read fonts, title of including black magazine is at topand follows the colour scheme Mid shot of person used Date and price aresmall and underneath the magazine’s name The splash headline dominates page and uses a slightly different font to the rest of the text on the Cover lines found on page left and/or right of page Barcode used
  3. 3. My front cover An example front coverBy using simple fonts I have used the conventionof an Indie magazine. Another convention is thetitle of magazine being at the top, and using thecolour scheme of my magazine. However I havedeveloped them slightly by putting a coloured barbehind the masthead.My magazine follows the forms of a typicalmagazine by putting the date and price smallunderneath the masthead. I have also used abarcode which follows the forms of a typicalmagazine, however a slight development may beplacing it at the top of the page rather than thebottom. I did this because I felt it worked with thelayout of my page.The title of the feature article dominates the pageand uses a different font to the rest of the text onthe page, this uses the convention of a typical Indiemusic magazine. As well as this, a simple colourscheme including black has been used, alsofollowing the conventions of an Indie magazine.On a typical front cover the cover lines are foundon left and/or right of page, however on mine Ihave put them in a bar across thebottom, challenging the forms of magazine layout. Ihave done this because I have seen a magazine dothis before, although it is not common, I feel that itworks well with my structured style.
  4. 4. Text is incolumns and Headline at top ofthe page page and colournumbers have scheme has beenbeen listed followed Use of multiple images List of articles, split into categories to make articles easier to find
  5. 5. My contents page An example contents pageOn a typical music magazine the headline isfound at top of page and colour scheme of themagazine has been followed, my magazine usesthese conventions in order to keep it lookingrealistic.A convention of a contents page is to have thetext in columns and to list the page numbers, Ihave used this convention to help shape mymagazine to look like what you would expect tofind.My magazine follows the convention of the useof multiple images. I chose to do this because itmakes the page more visually interesting andmy target audience are very focused on thevisual aspects of things.A convention of a contents page is to list thearticles that you will find inside the magazine, Ihave used this convention because I feel itcontinues to add realism to the magazine.However I have not split the list into categoriesbecause I wanted to develop this convention bykeeping it simple and clean to follow the style ofthe rest of my magazine.
  6. 6. A roughly even text to image ratio Large dominating splash headline at top Strap lineused as an People in the introduction topicture(s) match the article the genre Writing in columns
  7. 7. My DPS An example DPSI have used the typical music magazineconvention of using photographs of people thatmatch the genre of my magazine. This is goodbecause it keeps the target audience knownthroughout the magazine, making it moreengineered to appeal to that specific targetaudience.I have used a strap line underneath my splashheadline to give an introduction to my article,this is a typical form of a magazine.In my magazine I have used the form of writingin columns to make the layout look like a typicalmagazine. By keeping the text split up intosmaller sections, it makes the writing into moremanageable, easier to read sections so that thereader keeps interest in the article.On a typical double page spread a convention isto have a large dominating headline at the top ofthe page, and I have used this convention in mymagazine to keep it looking as realistic aspossible.A roughly even text to image ratio is a formwhich most double page spread use, I havechosen to follow this convention because ifsomething works well, then why change it.