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2011 SEO Social Ranking Factors
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2011 SEO Social Ranking Factors


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Tampa SEO brings some helpful knowledge about the 2011 Social Ranking Factors.

Tampa SEO brings some helpful knowledge about the 2011 Social Ranking Factors.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. The Effects Social MediaHas On Your SEO Rankings Presented by
  • 2. Introduction to The Effect Social MediaHas On Your SEO Rankings•Google has changed how it calculates your websites rankings.• Social Media is playing a bigger role in your SEO Rankings in 2011.• We’re going to examine Tampa SEO’s findings from SEOMoz’s 2011Search Engine Ranking Factors.
  • 3. Social Ranking Factors Social MetricCorrelation Data
  • 4. Social Ranking Factors: Social MetricSurvey Data
  • 5. Social Ranking Factors #1: Facebookshares have a higher impact on yourSEO rankings than posts from GoogleBuzz or TwitterIf your business has clients/customers a relationship with them isvery important, engaging your customers through Facebook wouldbe a great way to reach them. Studies show that it costs a fractionto retain customers than it does to find new customers, socustomer retention is super important.
  • 6. Social Ranking Factors #2 Yourcustomers want to be engaged with,not advertised to.Through Social Media you can interact with your customersin a new and exciting way.• Find out key areas interest your customers will be very important andhelpful.• Interact with your customers often. This is a very important for yourbusiness.• DO NOT spam people on your Twitter or Facebook. Post that include “CheckOut Our Website Today!” or “Come Look At Our Website” at useless.
  • 7. Social Ranking Factors #3Facebookposts will be much more affectivethan posts that are on Twitter orGoogle Buzz.The graph with survey data shows us the influence on links shared viasocial media ways.What this basically means is that the graph that includes the surveydata you what happens when well-known people (people have a lot offollowers or friends) post links on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Buzz.
  • 8. Social Ranking Factors #4 Having your website tweeted by someone well known will have a better impact on your SEO rankings.• A link tweeted by a person of high authority or someone well known has a better impact on SEO for that link than on a link that was shared by Google Buzz.• Twitter has a very high impact on the social media part of SEO. Twitter is one of the two biggest social networking sites out there.• A business needs to use Twitter interact and find out what their customers want and need.
  • 9. What Does Tampa SEO Recommend?So after all this what does Tampa SEO recommend?• Tampa SEO recommends using Twitter and Facebook for your business. Doing it correctly will help you gain followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook and build a relationship with your customers.• Our blog post about Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing can help you get a better feel and idea of what this is and how to do it where customers will look forward to seeing your posts or tweets online.
  • 10. Contact Tampa SEO Today!• Tampa SEO is a full service digital marketing agency• We are a national marketing agency Call today! (800) 975-7736