TBYR By Laws Approved 2010


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By-Laws of the Tampa Bay Young Republicans Enacted July 28, 2009

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TBYR By Laws Approved 2010

  1. 1. ARTICLE I - JURISDICTIONSection 1 - Unless otherwise ordered by the Florida Federation of Young Republicans (FFYR) or decidedby the Executive Board, the TBYR’s reach will include all of Hillsborough County and the outlying areasof the greater Tampa Bay area.ARTICLE II - MEMBERSHIPSection 1 - Types of Membership A. Active Members 1. An active member shall be defined as an individual who is a citizen of the United States, or a non-citizen who has applied for citizenship; aresident of Florida; and is at least eighteen (18) years old and not morethan forty (40) years old inclusive, who has fulfilled Section 4 of thisArticle. 2. All active members in good standing have voting rights. B. Associate Members 1. An associate member shall be defined as an individual who does not qualifyfor active membership and has satisfied Section 4 of this Article. 2. Associate members have all the rights and privileges of active members except that they may not vote in any TBYR election, hold any electedposition in the TBYR or in the FFYR, attend any FFYR AnnualConventions as a delegate, or serve as a proxy under any circumstances. 3. Associate members shall be permitted to hold committee positions appointed by the President and confirmed by the Board of Directors C. Honorary Members 1. An honorary member is one who, in the opinion of the TBYR, has rendered distinguished service. Such membership shall be at the discretion ofthe Executive Board and approved by general membership.Section 2 - Membership Dues A. Individuals are considered active or associate members of the TBYR upon completion and submission of a Membership Application and payment of club dues. B. Dues may be lowered or raised by a unanimous vote of the Executive Board and shall not be set below the amount mandated by the FFYR. C. An active or associate member’s membership will be valid for one calendar year from the date of payment and will be due for renewal on this anniversary date everyyear thereafter or until membership is terminated. D. TBYR reserves the right to offer and rescind “family” and or “group” membership discounts at any time without notice pursuant to Sect. 2 B E. All members, upon payment of dues, shall receive a copy of the TBYR Constitution & By-Laws.
  2. 2. ARTICLE III - QUALIFICATIONS FOR OFFICESection 1 - All elected Officers shall constitute the Executive Board and must be active members of theTBYR pursuant to Article II, Section 1.ARTICLE IV - DUTIES OF OFFICERSSection 1 - President A. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Tampa Bay Young Republicans. He or she shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the TBYR and shall exercise general supervision over the work and activities of the TBYR. The President shallhave the power to appoint and remove committee directors as well as otherappointed persons, to be an ex-officio member of all committees, to preside at allboard meetings, to have discretionary power to spend the membership authorizedbudget, to represent the TBYR at all official functions, to serve as an official liaisonbetween the TBYR and the Florida Federation of Young Republicans (FFYR)and the Young Republican National Federation (YRNF), and shallperform any other duties as would normally be within the discretion of the Presidentor as directed by the Executive Board. B. The President of the TBYR, with the advice of the rest of the Executive Board, is authorized and given continuing authority, unless and until revoked by saidBoard, to conduct the affairs of the TBYR in accordance with all applicablelaws and regulations.Section 2 - Vice-President A. The Vice President shall act as Assistant to the President, and shall perform such duties as directed by the President. B. The Vice President shall assist the President in the general supervision of the work and activities of the TBYR Committees specified in Article XI, and will coordinatethe meetings and activities of said committees. He or she will also be responsiblefor the official scheduling of all TBYR meetings and events, with the advice of therest of the Executive Board. C. In the event the President is temporarily absent or unable to perform his or her duties, the Vice President shall preside and perform the duties of the President. D. In the event both the President and the Vice President are unable to perform their duties, said duties shall be discharged in the interim by the following officers in the orderlisted: Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Director.Section 4 - Secretary A. The Secretary shall be the recording and correspondence officer of the TBYR. The Secretary shall perform such additional duties as are assigned to him or her bythe President. He or she shall attend all meetings of the TBYR and all conventionsof the membership of the TBYR and shall act as Secretary thereof.Section 5 - Treasurer A. The Treasurer shall receive and account for the funds of the TBYR under the supervision and direction of the Executive Board. He or she shall deposit such
  3. 3. funds in a depository designated by the Board and shall keep accounts thereof open atall times for inspection by the TBYR membership. B. The Treasurer shall make an annual financial report to the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall submit a budget for his or her term, subject to approval by theExecutive Board. C. The Treasurer shall disperse TBYR funds, as directed by the TBYR President in accordance with the budget approved by the Executive Board. D. The Treasurer shall ensure no TBYR related account, credit facility or financial instrument shall bear exclusive ownership title hereto bearing the name of any elected or appointed Treasurer in any circumstance.ARTICLE V - TENURE OF OFFICERSSection 1 - Officers of the TBYR shall be elected at each duly constituted annual meeting of the TBYR and shall hold office for a one (1) year term until their duly qualified successors areelected. No officer shall be eligible for more than two (2) consecutive terms in theirrespective offices. There are no limits to aggregate terms one can serve in any particular position as long as there are no violations of all other aspects set forth in Section 1.Section 2 - Any officer of the TBYR may submit a written resignation to the Secretary of the TBYR and such resignation shall become effective at the expiration of thirty (30) days from thedate of receipt unless accepted sooner by the Executive Board.Section 3 - If the President shall resign, be removed from office or permanently unable to discharge the duties of his or her office, the Vice President shall serve as interim President until the vacancy is filled as provided in Section 4 of this Article. In the event both the President and Vice President shall resign, be removed from office or be permanently unable to discharge the duties of their offices, the following officers, in the order listed, shall serve as interim President until the vacancy is filled as provided in Section 4 of this Article: Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Director.Section 4 - Permanent vacancies in elected offices shall be filled by means of an election by the membership if more than six (6) months of the term remain. This election must beheld within sixty (60) days of the vacancy. If less than six (6) months of the term remain,the vacancy shall be filled by an election of the Executive Board.ARTICLE VI - APPOINTED POSITIONSSection 1 - All appointed positions, with the exception of committee associate directors, shall be Executive Board members and shall serve in their position until they are discharged or they resign.Section 2 – Pursuant to Article IV, Section 1 (A) the President shall enjoy sole power to appoint any person see being fit to execute and discharge in an honorable manner the duties of the respective position, however selected candidate shall be confirmed by the Board which shall consist of the Executive Members as well as all appointed committee heads. A simple majority is needed to confirm a Presidential appointee. A. Committee Directors 1. Directors have the responsibility of coordinating meetings and/or events with their respective committees, as well as communicating these
  4. 4. scheduled events to the Vice President and submitting said meetingsand/or events to the Executive Board for approval if general membershipoutside of the committee is being solicited. The TBYR Committee Directorsand their corresponding duties are as follows: a. Membership Director shall (1) Keep records of membership activity, attendance, and payment of dues as well as a database including any membership information deemed necessaryby the Executive Board. (2) Schedule private meetings for prospective members and shall maintain the main artery of communication withmembers and prospective members. (3) Attend as many meetings and events as possible in order to meet guests and/or new members and introducethem to other members. b. Social Director shall (1) Organize at least eight (8) monthly social events per year for the TBYR. (2) Acquire feedback from TBYR members for consideration in planning future events. (3) Organize at least two (2) seasonal events per year in addition to the TBYR Annual Christmas Party. c. Marketing Director shall (1) Oversee the general advertising and marketing of the TBYR. (2) Compose press releases and create advertising pieces to promote the TBYR and its events. (3) Work in conjunction with the TBYR Web Master and Membership Director to maximize club marketing. d. Communications Director shall (1) Act as Editor-in-Chief for publications, whether on paper or electronically, of “The Right Voice”. (2) Make decisions on cost efficiency as well as distribution. e. Community Affairs Director shall (1) Provide a heightened awareness for community service activities and projects for the TBYR. (2) Organize events of a cultural nature for the TBYR. f. Fundraising Director shall (1) Implement a minimum of two (2) fundraisers per year, one (1) of which shall be the annual golf tournament
  5. 5. fundraiser, the “Sunshine Golf Classic”. (2) Arrange presentations to the Executive Board for profit maximizing as well as originating innovativefundraising ideas. g. Political Affairs Director shall (1) Set up communications with elected officials as well as candidates running for an office during an electioncycle. (2) Aid in the planning of the political education aspect of the TBYR and its general meetings. (3) Serve as an aggressive force to try and contact potential high profile speakers for the TBYR and to find out thenecessary objectives that need to be achieved in orderto acquire them. h. Republican Club Liaison (1) Facilitate communication with other Republican and related clubs within the TBYR market. (2) Attend meeting and or events as necessary to promote co- existence with other political organizations in the Tampa Bay Community. (3) Report and notify TBYR of area club events, meeting times and other pertinent information beneficial for the TBYR community. i. Religious Affairs Director (1) Act as a surrogate for TBYR, and Republican values to the religious community. (2) Attend religious events and places of worship to increase awareness of TBYR to its members and further the GOP agenda as it relates to the respective religious beliefs. (3) Report events and garner TBYR support for co-events with the religious community. 2. Directors shall use the full resources provided by their respective committees in order to fulfill committee goals. B. Committee Associate Directors 1. Associate Directors shall be appointed for a particular committee whendeemed necessary. Associate Directors will assist the Directors of their corresponding committees in organizing meetings, events and/or projects. In theevent that a Director is unable to attend a committee meeting or function,the Associate Director will preside in his or her place. C. Other Appointed Positions 1. Legal Counsel
  6. 6. a. The Legal Counsel shall be appointed to aid and represent the Executive Board in any legal matters regarding the TBYR. b. The Legal Counsel shall also act as Director of the Constitution & By- Laws Review Committee and shall be responsible for theperiodic review of said documents and will recommendreviews and/or changes as necessary. 2. Web Master a. The Web Master shall maintain, administer and update the TBYR website in a cost effective and timely manner. b. The Web Master shall be conscious of the website’s marketing power for the TBYR and will make decisions regarding the websitekeeping that objective in mind. c. The Web Master shall assure that all information on the website is accurate at all times and that member services, such asmailing list registration, and PayPal payment services, areoperational at all times. d. The Web Master shall maintain and ensure data security, data back-up and develop a disaster recovery and business continuity plan. e. The Web Master shall administer all TBYR owned and used email accounts and other electronic distribution mediums as they relate to IT and other web technology.ARTICLE VII - EXECUTIVE BOARDSection 1 - The Executive Board shall exercise general control and supervision over all officers, appointees and committees of the TBYR. The Executive Board may remove or discharge any TBYR officer, appointee, or member at its discretion with a 60% margin vote by the Executive Board and appointed Committee Directors, with quorumSection 2 - The Executive Board shall meet on a monthly basis, at least seven (7) days prior to a scheduled general meeting, when deemed necessary by the President, or by written request by a majority of the Executive Board.Section 3 - The Executive Board shall set the TBYR general meeting agendas, approve all TBYR events, supervise any TBYR fundraising activities and make changes regarding any TBYR committee activities and/or responsibilities as deemed necessary.ARTICLE VIII - QUORUMSection 1 - At any duly convened meeting of the Executive Board, for purposes of consideration of any amendment to the Constitution or to the By-Laws of the TBYR, quorum shall be a majority of the members of the Executive Board. Quorum for all other purposes shall be a majority of the active members of the TBYR, as defined in Article II, Section 1 (A).ARTICLE IX - MEETINGSSection 1 - Membership Meetings
  7. 7. A. General membership meetings of the TBYR shall be held on a monthly basis at a time and place deemed by the Executive Board, unless otherwise directed by thePresident. The President or the Vice President shall make general meetinginformation available to the TBYR at least fifteen (15) days prior to the scheduled meetingdate. B. The TBYR shall have at least (8) general membership meetings per year.Section 2 - Special Meetings A. Special Meetings of the TBYR shall be held at any time by the President, with a majority vote of the Executive Board, or by signed petition of twenty-five (25) percent of the active members. Notice of such Special meeting shall be provided to the TBYR at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled meeting date. Such notice shall include a summary of the matters to be considered and only such matters shall be discussed.Section 3 - Annual Meetings A. The Annual Meeting of the TBYR shall be the general membership meeting scheduled in June of each year. B. Annual Meetings shall consist of the Annual Election of officers as preceded by an Annual Awards presentation to TBYR members, as defined in Article II, forawards designated and chosen by the Executive Board.ARTICLE X - ELECTION OF OFFICERSSection 1 - The election of TBYR officers shall be held at the Annual Meeting of the TBYR, as defined in Article IX, Section 3.Section 2- The President shall serve as the Nomination Committee Director. The Board shall appoint two (2) Board members and two (2) non-board members by a majority vote to serve with the President as the Nomination Committee. The Nomination Committee will submit a report of their nominations at the general membership meeting prior to the Annual Meeting of the TBYR and the report will place in nomination the names of one or more candidates for each electable office. Nominations may also be made from the floor at this time and shall be closed at the conclusion of this meeting. If the current President is running for re-election, the Board shall appoint a Director of the Nomination Committee by a majority vote.Section 3 - Voting in all contested races shall be by written, secret ballot vote. No proxies shall be allowed. The individuals who are eligible to vote are those considered active members as defined in Article II, Section 1 and who are in good standing prior to the start of the election process at the Annual Meeting.Section 4 - In the event that there are more than two (2) candidates for one (1) race, a fifty (50) percent plus one (1) of the votes cast shall constitute a majority for each. If a majority is not obtained on the first ballot, the two (2) candidates receiving the most votes will participate in a run-off election to occur at that same meeting. If there are only two (2) candidates running in a contested race, the candidate receiving the most votes wins the election.Section 5 - The President shall appoint at least three (3) tellers who shall dispense, collect and tabulate the vote. If the President is running for re-election, his or her opponent(s) may choose one (1) representative to serve as a teller.Section 6 - Officers shall be elected in the following order: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Nominations shall not be re-opened during voting except by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the TBYR.
  8. 8. ARTICLE XI - COMMITTEESSection 1 -The TBYR Standing Committees shall work to collect informational resources within their particular subject areas for the TBYR, in addition to planning and hosting events relative to their individual purposes, in order to provide membership with different activities and outlets for involvement and shall be as follows: A. Membership Committee - to recruit and communicate with prospective members of the TBYR, and to develop the necessary programs and projects necessary toexpand the TBYR, as well as to oversee the services provided by the TBYR to itsmembers and their administration thereof. B. Social Committee - to organize and plan social activities and special events for the TBYR and its prospective members. C. Marketing Committee - to develop marketing strategies and recruiting events, as well as oversee general TBYR communications, in conjunction with the Membership Committee, in order to achieve maximum club reach and visibility. D. Newsletter Committee - to create a newsletter that may be published conventionally or electronically, with a minimum of four (4) issues per year during an off-yearand a minimum of eight (8) issues per year during an election year, to be madeavailable to the TBYR and other interested parties, in order to provide education and toenhance club marketability. E. Community Affairs Committee - to involve the TBYR in projects and/or events of a cultural nature as well as developing the community service aspect of theTBYR. F. Fundraising Committee - to research fundraising opportunities for the TBYR and organize at least one (1) annual event with a focus on club fundraising andpromotion. G. Political Affairs Committee - to provide political education and discussion opportunities by participation in the Political Roundtable and to serve as liaison between theTBYR and elected officials or candidates running for office. H. Constitution & Bylaws Review - to review the TBYR Constitution & Bylaws and recommend and review changes and/or amendments as deemed necessary. I. Republican Club Liaison – to foster a sense of community involvement and camaraderie among other GOP clubs in the TBYR market & bring awareness and promote TBYR to other clubs and promote synergistic relationships between clubs. J. Religious Affairs Director – to promote a sense of spiritual connections with various denominations and religions with TBYR and the community. Promote the club as well as GOP values as they relate to religious beliefs.Section 2 - All TBYR Committee Directors and Associate Directors are appointed by the President and/or the Executive Board and installed as set forth in Article VI, Section 2. Only Committee Directors are considered Executive Board members.Section 3 - TBYR Committee events or activities shall be presented to the Executive Board for approval before communicated to the general membership.
  9. 9. Section 2 - The TBYR Standing Committees shall provide the Executive Board with the information necessary to assist in the supervision of committee projects.ARTICLE XII - AMENDMENTSSection 1 - Amendments to these By-Laws shall be made only at a general meeting of the TBYR by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of active members, constituting quorum as defined in Article II, Section 1.Section 2 - Proposed amendments shall be sent so as to be received by the Secretary of the TBYR at least forty-five (45) days prior to the date of any such meeting. The Secretary shall thereupon send a copy of said proposed amendments to all active members of the TBYR, not less than thirty (30) days prior to the date of said meeting.Section 3 - Any proposed amendment shall be reviewed by Legal Counsel and the Constitution & By- Laws Review Committee to ensure its validity prior to the general meeting where said amendment will be open for debate.ARTICLE XIII. - ADOPTIONThese By-Laws shall take effect immediately upon their adoption and shall supersede any Constitutionand/or By-Laws previously adopted by the TBYR.Respectfully Submitted,Fred Pirone, 2004-2005 TBYR Constitution and By-Laws Review Committee Director