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"the FUTURE of WORK" by Let's Make Great!
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"the FUTURE of WORK" by Let's Make Great!



CreativeHunt.com says The FUTURE of WORK was one of the most "popular talks" at BarCamp Shanghai, an unconference for entrepreneurs, designers & tech enthusiasts in October of 2013. ...

CreativeHunt.com says The FUTURE of WORK was one of the most "popular talks" at BarCamp Shanghai, an unconference for entrepreneurs, designers & tech enthusiasts in October of 2013.

Brian's keynote address has traveled around Asia, Europe and America, inspiring the hearts and minds of thousands towards greater intrapreneurship.



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"the FUTURE of WORK" by Let's Make Great! "the FUTURE of WORK" by Let's Make Great! Presentation Transcript

  • where + why + how
  • BarCamp 2013 “The Future of Work” outlines 1.  where?  our vision of what will change in 20 years. 2.  why?  the insights that led us to this vision 3.  how?  the steps to achieve that vision This presentation was originally delivered by Brian Tam as an inspirational speech at BarCamp 2013 in Shanghai.  By popular demand, this presentation has been reformatted for download.
  • who is brian? he is China’s creativity catalyst and founder of Let’s Make Great!  helping people & companies to dramatically grow  through innovation workshops and entrepreneurship coaching
  • 1 where are we going? what do we imagine for the next 10-20 years of work in China?
  • In the past, ONE career was TWENTY years Our parents’ were motivated by stability and worked in the same companies,  doing the same thing for decades. hi mom, hi dad!
  • Now? 25% of the Shanghai workforce leave their job every year! *In some jobs/industries, turnover is as high as 40%! WHAT A WASTE! Imagine the CRAZY COSTS as companies try to recruit, train and retain such an mobile workforce, which they only keep on average 3 years!
  • prediction 1 In the future, our careers will be FLIPPED upside down past 20 years = 1 career 1 year = 20 projects future
  • prediction 2 WORK IS PLAY! PLAY IS WORK! In the past, work was defined by a suit and tie and confined by the walls of a cubicle. Now, as technology pushes us to be connected to work 24/7,  we want to choose work that we actually enjoy. In the future, the lines between  work and play will be completely blurred!
  • 2 why are we going there? what are the trends that are pushing us towards this vision?
  • the story of HOPE Hope was a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, talented rising star in a global company. She had a secure job with good pay at a famous company.  So why did she want to leave?  Why would she choose to go to startup where the future was completely uncertain, there was absolutely no pay doing something no-one has heard of?
  • PASSION ASPIRATION CREATIVITY She wanted to grow and have the freedom to develop in the areas of life that she sincerely cared about most. She dreamed to be her BEST self.
  • Trend 1 HOPE’s motivation Through coaching, Hope discovered these two ideas that most resonated with her feelings and were pushing her to pursue a startup lifestyle. if you only live once,  what will you do with YOUR time? startups are sexier than ever
  • Trend 2 Just as individuals want to grow, Organizations MUST grow too! How? by innovation: creating new products, & services, exploring new markets and being a leader that creates the future. Yet, those same creative leaders that we need to create innovation are also choosing to leave (as part of the 25% yearly employee turnover mentioned before). Organizations lost Hope and are losing good people like Hope.
  • Trend 3 Where did Hope go? These are a few leading organizations already creating the future of work. NowLab
  • 3 how are we going there? intrapreneurship
  • organizational resources scale & distribution + individuals passion & ideas global = impact via intrapreneurship
  • alignment How might we align an individual’s passions with a company’s visions and resources to make global impact? intrapreneurship This is a new collaboration between companies and people, where entrepreneurial ideas that fulfill the company’s visions and long-term goals are funded by the organizations.   WIN: Organizations get the growth from new ideas and keep good people like Hope. WIN: Good people leverage the strengths of an organization and make a global impact.
  • predict prepare make it happen
  • how to make intrapreneurship happen? LAUNCH 1000 projects experiments to see what sticks LEARN  stay curious and have a culture of learning LEAVE A LEGACY  of global impact that you truly care about
  • the future of work where why how career flip trend 1: human motivation  intrapreneurship 1 year, 20 projects  work AND play love what you do  work will be full of passion aspiration creativity we want to grow YOLO effect startups are sexy trend 2: organizations to grow want to keep their staff want to innovate want leaders who can think creatively a new partnership to keep creative leaders in a company while leveraging their ideas and passions to make global impact
  • thank you brian@letsmakegreat.com
  • now available: CASE STUDY on coaching the creative leader Free 16-page PDF download www.LetsMakeGreat.com