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Verdis Norton Launch Presentation


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Why Asea is poised like iphones and IPads are with Apple

Why Asea is poised like iphones and IPads are with Apple

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  • Que 16 Friday General Session I Testimonial - Company
  • Transcript

    • 1. Verdis Norton Founder & CEO
    • 2. …to what I believe will be the most significant event that will occur in “network marketing” during this century Welcome!
    • 3. ASEA is raising the bar, and is poised to break industry and world records!
    • 4. ASEA is unparalleled! • New science base technology • Patent protected • Fast acting, all natural • Broad applications • “Must have” product for athletes • “Realness” is resonating within the industry
    • 5. ASEA momentum is building… • Three years to “stage” the business for today’s launch • Associate base is firm and building rapidly • Best-in-class tools and “scale-up” systems in place • Word is spreading…ranked in top tier of MLM “gainers”
    • 6. The Management and Associate teams forming around ASEA are world class!
    • 7. ASEA will make “Network Marketing” history!
    • 8. Today, with the official launch of ASEA, we set the stage to further accelerate the expansion that will take ASEA around the world!
    • 9. Today…four topics frame up the ASEA opportunity 1. Unprecedented Demand 2. Phased Growth Curves 3. The Opportunity 4. ASEA Vision
    • 10. 1. Unprecedented Demand
    • 11. In January 2007, Steve Jobs announced to the world that Apple was introducing a new device…that he described as both “revolutionary and magical”
    • 12. The device was the iPhone…and it was described as being 5 years ahead of any other phone
    • 13. It went on sale in June 2007, and was a huge success • People queued up through the night to be the first to get one • First quarter sales topped the sales of Palm, Nokia, and Motorola combined • By the end of the year, Apple had sold 3.7 million iPhones
    • 14. And it didn’t stop…by the end of 2010 Apple will have sold 80 million iPhones 80 Million iPhones
    • 15. In 3.5 years, Apple iPhones will generate revenues in excess of $25 billion (5 times the Utah state budget)
    • 16. Then Apple introduced the iPad…
    • 17. Jobs described the iPad as a completely new experience • Thin and lightweight, and easy to hold • Innovative software…manipulate with your fingers • Superior to existing reading devices
    • 18. The iPad exceeded expectations and was, and is, tremendously successful • Unveiled in January, launched in April • Sold 3.3 million iPads in the first three months • Astronomical projections through 2012: • 2010 12.9 million • 2011 36.5 million • 2012 50.4 million 100 million units in three years100 million units in three years Source: iSupply Market Research
    • 19. Based on projections, the iPad will generate revenues of $64 billion over the next three years Source: iSupply Market Research
    • 20. The four-year combined revenue for IPhones and IPads, with accessories, will exceed $100,000,000,000 Source: iSupply Market Research
    • 21. What do both the iPhone and the iPad have in common?
    • 22. Unprecedented Demand!
    • 23. Webster’s definition of “unprecedented” • Never before known or experienced • Unparalleled • Having no previous example • Innovative, inventive, original, novel
    • 24. Profile of “typical demand” • Typical Demand – Established market – Competitive product, not one-of-a-kind – Does not change the game – Moderate revenue and share growth
    • 25. • Unprecedented Demand – New market or category – One-of-a-kind…no initial competition – Changes the game – Dramatic revenue and share gains Profile of “unprecedented demand”
    • 26. Like the IPhone and IPad, ASEA is a game changer! • ASEA enhances the body’s natural ability to take care of itself…and it’s native to the body • ASEA improves the body’s aerobic efficiency…and does it naturally (athletic performance) ASEA will create unprecedented demand!ASEA will create unprecedented demand!
    • 27. Using Steve Jobs’ words, ASEA is a “revolutionary and magical product” • Unparalleled Health and Wellness benefits – Protective enzymes 500% more effective – Promotes increased production of Glutathione and SOD – Improves the body’s aerobic efficiency • Dramatic improvement in athletic ability – Performance – Endurance – Recovery – Repair
    • 28. In short, ASEA will be a game changer for the industry and the world!
    • 29. 2. Phased Growth Curves
    • 30. A concept in microbiology seems to correlate with typical growth patterns in network marketing
    • 31. …3 phases of growth 1. LAG PHASE...a period of slow growth 2. LOG PHASE …marked by rapid exponential growth. 3. STATIONARY PHASE…cells shut down as nutrients are depleted.
    • 32. Network Marketing typically follows the same pattern LAG PHASE (Slow Growth) LOG PHASE (Exponential Growth) STATIONARY PHASE (No Growth)
    • 33. LAG PHASE (Slow Growth) LOG PHASE (Exponential Growth) STATIONARY PHASE (No Growth) What is the correlation that causes the log phase drop into the stationary phase ?
    • 34. What is the correlation that causes the log phase drop into the stationary phase ? Network MarketingMicrobiology Lack of Growth Nutrients Saturated Market, Lack of Demand
    • 35. If demand is the key factor, how big is the potential market, or opportunity, for ASEA?
    • 36. 3. Opportunity
    • 37. ASEA is positioned to catapult in two huge markets SportsHealth & Wellness The global Health & Wellness industry is huge…over $800 billion The Sports industry is gigantic…$213 billion in the US alone •Twice the size of the Auto Industry in the US •Seven times the size of the Movie Industry
    • 38. Health & Wellness Industry
    • 39. The healthcare industry in the US is more or less broken World Health Organization… • US healthcare spending is the highest of all industrial countries, and yet it ranked: • 37th in overall performance • 72nd by overall level of health • The US is the only wealthy industrial country in the world that does not provide health care to all citizens
    • 40. Healthcare is the largest sector in the economy - 50% greater than either Housing or Food Blue Cross, Blue Shield US is the only industrial national that spends over 10% of GNP on Healthcare
    • 41. “American medicine is on a collision course with the future as a result of steadily rising costs” • Healthcare costs as a % of GNP • 1940 = 4% • 1970 = 8% • 2000 = 16% • 2030 projected at 25% Mike Leavitt, HHS Secretary, 2006
    • 42. “Until we begin to pursue prevention and staying healthy with the same rigor that we give treatment, our (healthcare) cost problems will persist” Mike Leavitt, HHS Secretary, 2006
    • 43. ASEA strengthens the immune system 1. ASEA supplementation makes the body’s natural protective enzymes five times more effective 2. ASEA significantly “steps up” the production of Glutathione and Superoxide Dismutase 3. ASEA supplementation significantly improves respiratory/aerobic performance (oxygenates the body) ASEA is the absolute key to natural health and wellness
    • 44. Glutathione (GSH) is key to cellular health • GSH is produced by every cell in the body to block and prevent cell damage • GSH may determine the rate of aging and susceptibility to chronic disease  Blood levels of GSH drop about 17% between the ages of forty and sixty  Lack of GSH in the cells is a primary cause of faster aging (Lang, University of Louisville)  Those with low levels of GSH are 30% more likely to have chronic disease, decreased functions, and early death (Lang, Julius, University of Michigan)
    • 45. Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, lived 2,500 years ago…his teachings still resonate Three of his best known statements: • “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food” • “Walking is man's best medicine” • “Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease” ASEA is both the food and the body’s natural forces!
    • 46. The overall Health and Wellness Market is staggering…over $800 MM in 2006 Global Health & Wellness $189$189 BillionBillion$643 Billion Source; IMS Health 2006 Source; WPD SSA 2006 The addressable market is at least $30 billion Pharmaceutical Neutraceutical
    • 47. Sports Industry
    • 48. ASEA dramatically improves athletic ability • Multiple studies show improvement in VO2Max, time to Ventilatory Threshold • Preponderance of anecdotal testimonials • All reports positive • Multiple third-party studies and articles • Multiple universities conducting studies Bottom line: every athlete in the world will be disadvantaged if not taking ASEA!
    • 49. The sports opportunity is huge, but hard to quantify (US dollars) • The sports industry is gigantic (Over $200 billion in US alone) • The Energy Drink Market hit $5.4 billion in 2007…expected to be $10 billion in 2010 • The global Sports Drink Market is $300 Billion; North America $147 Billion Sources: Wikipedia; Goldman Sachs; WIKI Research ASEA will create a whole new category “Endurance & Recovery”
    • 50. The Sports industry indirectly touches countess lives…$200 Bil impact $Billions % Cont • Advertising $27.4 12.9% • Spectator Spending 26.2 12.3% • Sporting Goods 25.6 12.0% • Operating Expense 23.0 10.8% • Gambling 18.9 8.9% • Professional Services 15.3 7.2% • Medical Spending 12.6 5.9% • Licensed Goods 10.5 4.9%
    • 51. 500 million people have registered as participants in various sports (US alone) Total US Population Is 300 million Source: AIES/ IASE, 2004
    • 52. Extrapolation based on US data and G8 populations • The US Sports industry is over $200 billion • The G8 nations (includes the US) Sports industry is $1 trillion • Almost 500 million people have registered for various sports activities in the US • 2.5 billion people are participating in various sports in just the G8 nations G8 Nations: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, United States
    • 53. The potential for ASEA in just the athletic arena is mind boggling US Athletes • US population: 300MM • Assumption: 100MM sports participants (33%) • 5% usage @ 1 case/ month = $600 Million/ yr • 10% usage @ 1 case/ month = 1.2 Billion/ yr G8 Athletes • G8 population: 1.5 Billion • Assumption: 500 MM sports participants (33%) • 2% usage @ 1 case/ month = $1.2 Billion/ yr • 4% usage @ 1 case/ month = 2.4 Billion/ yr
    • 54. LAG PHASE (Slow Growth) LOG PHASE (Exponential Growth) STATIONARY PHASE (No Growth) Given the dynamics surrounding ASEA, how long will the log phase last ?
    • 55. Huge markets and unprecedented demand will drive up the log phase
    • 56. 4. ASEA Vision
    • 57. The ASEA vision is framed within the context of the Strat-Link planning process
    • 58. 2 3 Industry /Market Trends/ Implications SWOT Analysis Critical Issues 1 Internal Analysis 4 5 67 8 9 10 11 12 Objective /Goals Strategies Strategic Initiatives Corporate Priorities Operating Priorities Correlation Competition 44 Execution Execution 33Strategic StrategicPlans Plans 22 Assessment Assessment 11 Situation Analysis Situation Analysis
    • 59. ASEA Mission The ASEA Mission/ Purpose: • Bless lives by helping individuals and families improve their health, well- being and performance • Provide an opportunity for individuals and families to realize their full potential; and realize their hopes and dreams
    • 60. The ASEA Vision: • Attain worldwide distribution of ASEA in record time… • While setting a new industry standard of professional, principle-based management, and the personal development of ASEA affiliated Associates ASEA Vision
    • 61. Benchmarking Assessment…ASEA strong across all key success factors Strong Moderate Marginal Product Science Patents Mgmt Plan Tools/ADCompany Competitor A Competitor B Competitor C Competitor D Competitor E Competitor F Competitor G Competitor H Competitor I Competitor J ASEA
    • 62. ASEA is firmly committed to you and your personal development • Based on Strat-Link principles/ processes • Tiered training based on rank advancement • Entry level: “Principles and Values” and “Fundamentals for Success” • Advanced: full gamut of personal development
    • 63. ASEA’s Strat-Link training is focused more on “become” rather than “income” “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals” - Zig Zigler
    • 64. “If you do not feel yourself growing in your work and your life broadening and deepening, if your task is not a perpetual tonic to you, you have not found your place.” - Orison Marden
    • 65. Have you found your place? And are you ready to make history with us?
    • 66. Patanjali…2200 years ago! • “When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bounds, your mind transcends limitations; • Your consciousness expands in every direction; you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world • Dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive; you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”
    • 67. ASEA is a great purpose! The ASEA Mission: • Bless lives by helping individuals and families improve their health, well- being and performance • Provide an opportunity for individuals and families to realize their full potential; and realize their hopes and dreams
    • 68. Let’s drive ASEA around the world in record time…
    • 69. …and change the world with ASEA!
    • 70. Jarom Webb Chief Financial Officer
    • 71. Kurt Richards Vice President Corporate Development
    • 72. Bruce Call Vice President, Marketing
    • 73. Karen Reilley Director of Associate Support
    • 74. Justin Wilson Director of Associate Development
    • 75. Chris Mastin Director of Sales Development
    • 76. James Pack Founder & President
    • 77. Kurt Richards Vice President Corporate Development
    • 78. Karen Reilley Director of Associate Support
    • 79. Kevin Porter Triple Diamond