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Liam's presentation for Deloitte Webmart Event
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Liam's presentation for Deloitte Webmart Event


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  • 1. “I aint no-one no more” Georgie, graduate 2005
  • 2. What we believe atFifteenCustomer firstProduct with a purposeEveryone has hugepotentialYour past need not defineyour futureMake it fun or go home.
  • 3. How to use external stimulus >come at it with an open mind >come at it with something on your mind >focus on structures and principles >sometimes just nick it!
  • 4. How do leaderscreate great cultureswhich sustain world class customer service?
  • 5. 1. They know it comes from the top andthey mean it
  • 6. Don’t drive a M ercedesDon’t wear an Armani suitEat in the canteenFly economyShare Hotel Rooms!
  • 7. 2. They have a clear and compelling sense of purpose “I want to put a ding in the universe”
  • 8. “I was told ‘people arenot credit worthy’ .I said‘no, the banks are notpeople worthy’.We will putpoverty in themuseums.”Professor MuhammadYunus
  • 9. “To provide freedom tofly for ordinaryAmericans”
  • 10. “Marketing is the tax you pay for beingunremarkable”Robert Stephens CEO
  • 11. 3. Leaders are aligned and invest time andenergy embedding structures to underpin thecultureAnd they don’t bullshit
  • 12. • Each hotel has a General Manager• The Line-up The Line Up• One key event every day in every Ritz Carlton hotel: – The line up takes place for each new shift• All functions are represented• Formal briefing for the ‘ladies and gentlemen’ – it is not negotiable “Culture is not part of• Started in 1997 – focus on a service value each the game. Culture is day the game.”• Look for opportunities to improve• Highlight an expression of satisfaction• Line-up designed to ‘enforce’ consistency and help generate a Ritz Carlton experience 21
  • 13. EMPLOYEE CREDO PROMISE THREE STEPS MOTTO OF SERVICE At The Ritz-Carlton, our Ladies and Gentlemen are the The Ritz-Carlton is a most important resource in our place where the genuine care 1. “We are service commitment to our guests. and comfort of our guests is A warm and sincere greeting. our highest mission. Use the guest’s name. Ladies and By applying the principles of trust, honesty, respect, integrity 2. We pledge to provide the finest and commitment, we nurture Anticipation and fulfilment Gentlemen and maximize talent to the personal service and facilities for our guests who will always of each guest’s needs. benefit of each individual serving and the company. enjoy a warm, relaxed, yet 3. Refined ambience. Fond farewell. Ladies and The Ritz-Carlton fosters a work The Ritz-Carlton experience Give a warm good-bye environment where diversity is enlivens the senses, instils and use the guest’s name Gentlemen.” valued, quality of life is enhanced, well-being, and fulfils even Individual aspirations are fulfilled, the unexpected wishes and The Ritz-Carlton Mystique and needs of our guests. Is strengthened. MYSTIQUE 4. I understand my role in achieving the Key Success Factors, embracing 9. I am involved in the planning community Footprints and creating of the work that affects me. SERVICE The Ritz-Carlton Mystique. 10. I am proud of my professional 5. I continuously seek opportunities VALUES to innovate and improve appearance, language and behaviour. The Ritz Carlton experience. I AM PROUD TO BE 11. I protect the privacy and EMOTIONAL 6. I own and immediately resolve security of our guests, my1. I build RITZ-CARLTON strong relationships and guest problems. ENGAGEMENT fellow employees and the create Ritz-Carlton guests 7. I create a work environment of company’s confidential information for life. teamwork and lateral service so and assets.2. I am always responsive to the that the needs of our guests and 12. I am responsible for uncompromising expressed and unexpressed each other are met. levels of cleanliness and creating wishes and needs of our guests. 8. I have the opportunity to a safe and accident-free environment.3. I am empowered to create continuously learn and grow. unique, memorable and personal 22 experiences for our guests. FUNCTIONAL
  • 14. 4. They get the basics right “ Liam, I read in the Echo you want to transform Liverpool. You can’t get my wages right. Good luck with Liverpool” Stan Riley, upholsterer, 1999
  • 15. 5. They recruit,incentiviseand promoteon culture fitand people whodon’t get it areremoved
  • 16. We don’t want this crowd
  • 17. “I’d rather have ahole than ana**hole”Dan Walkerformer people head honchoat Apple
  • 18. 6. They are greatstory tellers and workvery hard atcommunicating
  • 21. “If you are scared about letting your people useTwitter and Facebook then you have a cultureproblem not a social media problem”Aaron Magness, marketing guru, Zappos
  • 22. 7. They stay close to the frontline
  • 23. Galbraith’s Theorem:Confidence in service quality isinversely proportional todistance from the customer
  • 24. > Adopt A Store> AccompaniedShopping>Air Traffic Control
  • 25. 8. And a really thoughfuluse of physicalenvironment
  • 26.