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Wavelength Connect 2012

  2. 2. “INSPIRATIONAL - that sums up our Wavelengthexperience. To see, hear and mix with such a rangeof great organisations and leaders has been apowerful force that has motivated us all. Real changeis happening throughout our business on a day today basis because of Connect.”Richard Doe, CEO, ING Direct“WAVELENGTH CONNECT IS A GAME-CHANGER. My social “THE MOST SIGNIFICANTenterprise was at a crossroads and Wavelength showed me the way to LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE OFgo. I have met senior people at Vodafone, John Lewis, Red Bull, Kiva MY CAREER. I have met businessand others who we now work with or have given me advice that I’ve and social giants who have helped metaken to my board successfully. Brilliant. Join!” to implement change in my business and to grow as a leader. Exposure toMaff Potts, CEO, People Can companies like Rolls-Royce, Zappos, Grameen Bank and Apple is priceless. The best investment of time and money“IT TAKES COMMITMENT AND EFFORT FOR ANY BUSINESS that we have made!”TO SEEK OUT INSPIRATION, best practice and challenging stimuluswhich results in meaningful action. Wavelength delivers for me and my top Lily Lapenna, Founder, MyBnkteam superbly well designed routes into the cultures and practices ofgreat businesses and like minded leaders.”Mark Hunter, CEO, Molson Coors Brewing Company “WAVELENGTH CONNECT IS A GREAT WAY TO GAIN NEW INSPIRATION to lead your company“IT’S MARVELOUS because people you didn’t know were coming to greatness. The content is veryto meet people they didn’t know they were going to like, and didn’t compelling and thought provoking.know they were going to have anything in common with! We come The level of access at the companiesfrom different business worlds but miraculously together we have we visit is second to none.”insights which neither wouldve had if we’d stayed in our little silos. Fiona Sperry , Studio Director & VP,That’s why we do Wavelength.” Electronic ArtsTim Smit, CEO, The Eden Project2
  3. 3. WELCOMETO WAVELENGTHCONNECTWe created WAVELENGTH CONNECT because we love bringing together leaders from acrosssectors and industries to learn and grow. WAVELENGTH CONNECT, our membership club forleaders, is based upon some core beliefs we hold about leadership: we believe in the potent power of experiential learning, going to see for yourself. If you want to know about service excellence, visit Ritz-Carlton Hotels. Great innovation? Meet Apple smart leaders are keen to learn from the best, create networks outside their day-to-day business worlds and allow themselves to be provoked and challenged we believe in leaders learning from leaders. Sit with accomplished leaders able and willing to share their insights and war stories. No bullshit. No big metaphysical theories. Just honest top tips you can really use there is much to be gained by being together with peers whose backgrounds, training and organisational experience are quite different from yours. They look at things differently, approach problems from other directions.Our membersand partners for2011 included:3 {
  4. 4. WHAT IS INSPIRATIONWAVELENGTHCONNECT?WAVELENGTH CONNECT is a leadership developmentprogramme that inspires, develops and connects leaderswhose professional paths would not normally cross. LEADERSHIPOur members are a richly diverse community of LEADERSHIPleaders from large corporates, social enterprises, Master classes with successful leaders andcharities and the public sector. The programme is entrepreneurs who’ve been there and done it.constructed around three pillars: No guru speak. No ‘I’ve been to the mountain top’ rhetoric. They speak off the record giving insightsINSPIRATION into what they do, day in and day out, to keep theirUnique access to world class companies vision alive and engage the hearts and minds ofwith outstanding reputations for innovation, their people.employee engagement and service excellenceand a series of events which bring the best of CONNECTIVITY CONNECTIVITYthe world into the room. Access to an eco-system of smart accomplishedThe companies that open their doors to leaders from very different worlds. Through thisWavelength are of the calibre of Apple, Ritz-Carlton members make new connections, do deals, forgeHotels, Innocent, Virgin Atlantic and The Eden mentoring relationships and became smarter,Project. Our international network of leaders better connected and informed leaders.includes Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus fromBangladesh; Tony Hsieh CEO of Vegas basedZappos; Preethi John, SVP Aaravind Hospital in ,India and Sir Tim Smit CEO of The Eden Project. Membership is by invitation only.4
  5. 5. WHO WAVELENGTH CONNECT is designed for accomplished and ambitious leaders who are:IS IT passionate about their learningFOR? open to having their assumptions challenged and learning from sectors outside their own willing to help others connect, develop and grow non-stop curious about what makes other business leaders tick and willing to do the work to apply what they learn in their organisations.“HIGH POTENTIAL LEADERS BUSINESS LEADERS SOCIAL INNOVATORS MAVERICKSneed opportunities for new insights, Drawn from nine businesses across From large charities to grassroots A small number of individualsideas and new connections – a wide variety of industries, these social enterprises, these leaders are handpicked by Wavelength –exactly what Connect delivers in are people in top leadership passionately focussed on finding successful entrepreneurs, thoughta comprehensive and compelling positions, either board directors or solutions to some of society’s leaders and pioneering heads ofprogramme. ” identified as potential top talent. biggest challenges, succeeding public services - who just get it, whoTracey Ashworth-Davies, HR Director, against the odds in creating have great energy, brilliant networksMolson Coors Brewing Company sustainable change. and a desire to help build the CONNECT community.5
  6. 6. WHAT’S Over the two years since we started our members have told NEW CONNECTIONS AND DEALS Our members tell us about the immense value ofIN IT being part a community - a growing eco-system us about the many and varied of over 200 leaders – wrestling with the same benefits of their involvement professional and personal challenges. They citeFOR ME? with WAVELENGTH CONNECT. the mentoring and coaching relationships they have formed. The business deals hatched and concluded. The new learning networks formed and the business and personal connections made. NEW IDEAS Practical insights and ideas on how to make their NEW BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE businesses more innovative, customer centric and“THE NEW CONNECTIONS I’ve made From the leading edge of technology in Silicon employee focussed gleaned from Best In Classhave been fantastic and so helpful. Valley to the social innovation empowering the modules to Apple, Red Bull, Ritz-Carlton Hotels,Not only does Wavelength let you in poor of rural Bangladesh, our networks and The Eden Project and Virgin Atlantic.to this great network they actively connections enable Wavelength to bring anhelp you make the most of it. And unmatched diversity of business insights to ourthe quality and honesty of all the NEW LEADERSHIP BEHAVIOURS members. By being exposed to people fromsessions is so high. First class.” People loved the insights into how to lead and business worlds they would not normallyBen Elms, Strategic Programmes stay true to your values shared by the likes of encounter, WAVELENGTH CONNECT membersDirector, Vodafone Martin Narey, former CEO of Barnardo’s and former deepened and enriched their strategic Director General of the Prison Service; Emma understanding of the big issues shaping Harrison, entrepreneur and founder/chairman A4e; business and society and so informed their and James Timpson OBE, CEO of Timpson. future decision-making.6
  7. 7. CONNECT INDETAILWAVELENGTH CONNECT offers youworld-class stimulus and content. Weknow that how you learn is as importantas what you learn. Learning that lastshas to be structured.THE PROCESSWe don’t do pointless inspiration. We work hard to ensure that membersget the most from the programme and find ways of connecting what theyare learning back to their own businesses.We use great facilitators to make sure there is always time for creativereflection and challenge. We encourage maximum participation and alwaysuse surprising and inspiring venues.To ensure you get the most from the investment of time and money youwill be part of a learning group of 20 leaders drawn from the wide range ofindustries and sectors represented in the WAVELENGTH CONNECT community.7
  8. 8. BEST IN CLASS Connect enables you to get inside world renowned companies to meet the leaders, engage with staff, walk the shopfloors, and really get to the heart of what it takes to create and sustain a great company. In May 2012 you will visit up to three of these best in class businesses.8
  9. 9. Some of the brilliant companies who open their doors to Wavelength include household names such as Apple, Innocent, Google, Four Seasons, Virgin Atlantic, Red Bull and The Eden Project. Others are ‘hidden gems’ such as Timpson and - in Scandinavia - Grundfos and SOL.9
  10. 10. CALENDAR MARCH APRIL MAYOF EVENTS ON YOUR MARKS In March, we start building the Wavelength Connect 2012 community at a high LEADERSHIP MASTER CLASS 1 At One Alfred Place – BEST IN CLASS MODULES In May, a series of Best in Class modules will provide you with unique access to Wavelength’s home in energy, residential event at London - you will meet and some of the world’s mostTo take part in as much the fantastically inspiring Sheepdrove Centre in the dine with two successful iconic organisations with much to teach about leaders and entrepreneursof the programme as Berkshire Downs. Far from the madding crowd, the who’ve been there and done customer service, brand, employee engagement, it. No guru speak. No ‘I’vepossible you will need to primary purposes of this gathering for all members been to the mountain top’ leadership, and social innovation. rhetoric. They will speak offblock out 8 DAYS in your are to: the record giving insights Over the 48 hours of each into what they do, day in anddiary. To maximize your explain in detail what you can expect from day out, to keep their vision module, you will: visit at least two Best in alive and engage the heartslearning and your return Wavelength Connect 2012 and how you can make the and minds of their people. Class companieson investment you must most of it have facilitated time to draw out your learning create your learning and actionsattend: On Your Marks, group and its rules of engagement be re-energised byone Leadership Master commence your learning reconnecting with your fellow members. by engaging with world-Class, one Best in Class class leaders.Module and oneReconnect event.10
  11. 11. JUNE SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER 365 DAYS RECONNECT 1 RECONNECT 2 SKILLS MASTERCLASS: THE RECONNECT 3 CONNECT ONLINE INNOVATION SILICON VALLEY COMES ART OF NETWORKING THE BUSINESS OF SOCIAL WWW.WAVELENGTHLIVE.COM At this first of three TO WAVELENGTH Connectivity and networking INNOVATION Throughout the year we Reconnect gatherings of Some of the most influential are key for leaders. At this The Business of Social capture as much of the the entire Wavelength 2012 and successful businesses highly participatory event, Innovation defines a move CONNECT magic as possible cohort, we will focus on in the world have their roots we will teach you how to away from Corporate Social for our live online site the theme of ‘innovation’: in Silicon Valley. During this network and – learning by Responsibility (giving money www.wavelengthlive.com how to create and lead a amazing event you will meet doing – we will connect you to charity, staff volunteering, There you will find videos culture of innovation; how a cross-section of the with the Wavelength alumni. painting the community of the best of our speakers; incremental innovation is leading businesses, venture centre – all good things but their powerpoint as important as ‘eureka!’ capitalists, entrepreneurs peripheral to the business) presentations; interesting moments; and how open and commentators who are towards the creation ofnew back ground reading and source innovation can be keeping the Valley at the products and services that links as well as full details best deployed. leading edge of innovation differentiate your brand, about CONNECT events and This event will give you the and the digital revolution. drive shareholder value, how to sign up. chance to reflect on and engage your people and achieve lasting social or The online content is share learnings from the environmental impact. updated regularly and is a Best In Class immersions. free resource of great bite We will provide a platform size pieces of inspiration for businesses and and learning available for entrepreneurs from around you to use and share with the world who are learning your teams. to align markets, brands, people and positive impact at scale.11
  12. 12. MEMBERSHIP TO JOIN CORPORATE PARTNERS £75,000 Contact Liam Black orDETAILS AND Adrian Simpson on: This enables 7 leaders to participate liam@thesamewavelength.com and gives your entire companyCOSTS +44 (0) 7714 521 061 access to www.wavelengthlive.com Additionally the key sponsor within adrian@thesamewavelength.com your business – typically your Head +44 (0) 7966 193 343 of Leadership / Talent Development – will be able to attend all elements of the programme. SOCIAL INNOVATORS £3,500 per person (two minimum) This enables leaders fromMembership of WAVELENGTH CONNECT 2012 charities, social enterprises, housing associations and otheris by invitation only and open to just 9 corporate “non-profits” to participate in the programme.partners, 15 pioneering social enterprises, MAVERICKScharities and third sector organisations and £7,500 per person This enables entrepreneurs, thoughta handful of mavericks. leaders, pioneering heads of public services, and individuals who just get it who have great energy andThe membership fee excludes VAT; travel to and from activities and overnight accommodation if required. great networks to participate.12
  13. 13. ABOUT Our intention is to change the world for the better through business. We work with ambitious businessWAVELENGTH leaders, entrepreneurs and social innovators from across sectors to build their knowledge, insights, resilience, connectivity and networks.From the cutting edge of SiliconValley to the empowerment ofthe poor in the villages of ruralBangladesh, we bring purposefulinspiration to our clients to helpthem become better leaders.Wavelength operates a cross-subsidy business model, enablingsocial enterprise, charity, and othernon-profit leaders equal access to JESSICA STACK ADRIAN SIMPSON LIAM BLACK TAMMY POTTERworld-class inspiration, education, With more than twelve years Ade is our Chief Connector and Liam, who hosts our events, Tammy Potter is the managerand connection usually only open experience as a theatre set impressario of stimulus! His is himself a seasoned and of Connect responsible forto senior executives from the designer behind her, Jessica is unparalleled networks of people successful leader, having ensuring we have great Wavelengths creative director. doing great stuff in business, set up and led a dozen social content, flawless executionprivate sector. Her attention to detail is combined with his 15 years plus businesses to award-winning and a vibrant community of legendary and drives Team experience of creating world- success. Before he created members. She also runs our Jess, ensuring that every class events and study tours, Wavelength with Ade and Jess, communications to the world element of our events - from the underpins Wavelength’s agenda- he worked with Jamie Oliver to through www.wavelengthlive.com. flow of the delegate experience setting portfolio. He created the grow Fifteen into a global brand, Before Wavelength she worked to the stage designs - is first TopDog leadership development famous for its great restaurants in innovation consultancy and for class. When not creating, programme, exposing the CEO’s and pioneering programme of the health service. Jess chairs the company of blue-chip business to the transformation for young people and oversees operations most successful, innovative and from tough realities. A mentor and finances. admired companies in Europe of young entrepreneurs and and North America. social activists, Liam speaks and writes widely on leadership and social innovation.13
  14. 14. THE SMALLPRINT OUR TERMS LEADERSHIP MASTERCLASS APRIL 2012 RECONNECT EVENTS 1 Confirmed dates of all CONNECT events will 7 This event will take place at One Alfred Place, 13 There will be three Reconnect events be communicated to delegates no later than 1 Alfred Place, London, WC1E 7EB. Dinner in June, September and November 2012. December 31 2011. will be provided to delegates. 14 Delegates are responsible for booking 2 In exceptional circumstances Wavelength may and paying for their hotel accommodation need to alter the details given in this brochure BEST IN CLASS MODULES MAY 2012 if required. or to change dates and location of events. If 8 Best In Class events will take place in London, 15 Delegates are responsible for the costs of any changes to these details are required then Manchester, Leeds, Dublin and Denmark. all meals except lunches. Wavelength will make these changes clear to Delegates are responsible for booking and delegates. paying for their hotel accommodation. SKILLS MASTERCLASS OCTOBER 2012 9 Delegates are responsible for their transport to ON YOUR MARKS MARCH 2012 16 This event will be held in the greater London and from the start and end points of the area and delegates are responsible for their 3 Delegates are responsible for booking and events and during the modules Wavelength transport to and from the start and end points paying for their hotel accommodation and for will provide delegates coach transfers to and of the event. transport to the hotel and home. from and between the company hosts 4 During the course of the event Wavelength 10 Delegates are responsible for the costs of all will provide coach transfers to and from hotels meals except lunches. to the venue at Sheepdrove Eco-Conference 11 For the Scandinavia event all delegates are Centre at Sheepdrove Organic Farm, responsible for their outward and homeward Sheepdrove Road, Lambourn, Berkshire transport and no arrangements are made by RG17 7UU. WAVELENGTH CONNECT LTD in the event that 5 Wavelength will provide light refreshments and those outward or homeward journeys are dinner on Day 1 of the event, lunch and dinner delayed or cancelled. It is the delegate’s on Day 2 and lunch on Day 3. Delegates are responsibility to ensure that he or she holds responsible for their own breakfasts. a valid passport and if he or she is a citizen of a non-EU country that the relevant Visa 6 All monies paid to WAVELENGTH CONNECT LTD in is acquired. respect of the On Your Marks event will be held in a trust account. 12 All monies paid to WAVELENGTH CONNECT LTD in respect of the Best In Class events will be held in a trust account.14