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WWII Assignment

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Wwii product

  1. 1. WWII Product
  2. 2. Flashcards of People Etch-A-Sketch of Battles News Reel/Act Out- causes and Operations and effects of HolocaustChapter Summary Timeline- 15 events, 2 Comic StripQuestions, page 846 sentencesEditorial – Dropping of the Writing Letters Home Propaganda PosterBombs
  3. 3. Flash Card of PeopleCreate a set of flashcards for the following people using your textbook. Make sure to write a clear two sentence summary of theindividual and create a symbol/illustration for each.• Vladimir Lenin• Joseph Stalin• Adolf Hitler• FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt)•• Harry Truman Isoroku Yamamoto Adolf Hitler• Douglas McArthur• Winston Churchill• Charles De Gaulle• Dwight D. Eisenhower
  4. 4. Create and Etch-A-Sketch (explanation and illustration) for the following battles and operations1. Battle of Britain2. Operation Barbossa3. Pearl Harbor4. Battle of Coral Sea5. Battle of Midway6. Battle of Guadalcanal7. Battle of Stalingrad8. Operation Overloard9. Battle of the Bulge10. Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  5. 5. WWII NewsreelFocus: Government newsreels played an important role in gettinginformation to the American public during the war and as apropaganda tool.Directions: You will play the role of a newsreel producer. Pick oneof the following events of World War II to create a newsreel(commercial). In your newsreel (commercial) make decisions aboutwhat to show, what not to show, how to spin the news (not tell thewhole truth) and why you spun the truth. You will turn in a writtenscript and will act out the newsreel in front of the class. Bonuspoints given if dressed appropriate to the time period.• Battle of Britain• Pearl Hitler’s Invasion of France• Holocaust• War in the Pacific• D-Day• Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and NagasakiUniversal Newsreel Featuring WWII Allied Convoy Battle - YouTube
  6. 6. Chapter Summary Questions, page 846Use the page numbers to help complete the following questions.Section 1 (821-826)1. What event finally unleashed World War 2?2. Why was capturing Egypt’s Suez Canal so impossible to the Axis powers?Section 2 (827-830)1. What was Yamamoto’s objective at Pearl Harbor?2. How did Japan try to win support from other Asian countries?Section 3 (831-834)1. Name two tactics that Hitler used to rid Germany of Jews before creating his ‘Final Solution.’2. What tactics did Hitler use during the ‘Final Solution?’Section 4 (835-841)1. Why were items rationed during the war?2. What was Operation Overlord?Section 5 (842-845)1. Why did Europeans leave their homes following the war?2. What were two of the most important steps MacArthur too in Japan following the war?
  7. 7. WWII TimelineCreate a Timeline of Events for WWII use the events listed below.Place each event on the timeline with a description of that event.(Chapter 32)Your description needs to be at least 2 sentence in length.• Munich Conference (815)• Kristallnacht (831)• Nonaggression Pact (821)• Invasion of Poland (821)• Fall of France (823)• Lend-lease Act (826)• Bombing of Pearl Harbor (827)• Battle of Guadalcanal (830) (discuss the general in charge and his practice of island hopping)• Final Stage of Mass Extermination (833) (How many people were killed in total?)• Battle of Stalingrad (836)• Operation Overlord/ D-Day Invasion (838)• Surrender of Germanys Third Reich (839)• Iwo Jima (841)• Dropping of Atomic Bomb (841)• Nuremberg (843)
  8. 8. WWII Comic Strip1. Military Aggression 2. Appeasement 3. Invasion of Poland (blitzkrieg)4. Pearl Harbor 5. D-Day 6. V-E Day7. Pacific War (island 8. Dropping of Atomic 9. Occupation of Japanhopping) Bomb10. Nuremberg Trials 11. Post War Germany 12. Cost of the war
  9. 9. Editorial – Dropping of the BombsDid the United States NEED to drop the AtomicBomb on Japan?• You will assume the role of an American journalist in July 1945 to write an editorial for the New York Times. You will write about whether the United States should or should not use the Atomic Bomb on Japan to end the war. You must pick a side of the debate and explain your reasoning. NEXT
  10. 10. Editorial Continued…• You will need to include information about the Manhattan project, the leaders making the decision and your reasons for or against dropping the bomb.• Please format your editorial in the following way:• Introduction: Provide a brief introduction about what the Atomic Bomb is and why the United States is considering the use of it. State three reasons why you are either for or against it being used.• Body Paragraph 1: Take the first reason and clearly explain why this supports your position. Give at least 2 specific details to support your position and 1 quote from a source.• Body Paragraph 2: Take the second reason and clearly explain why this supports your position. Give at least 2 specific details to support your position and 1 quote from a source.• Body Paragraph 3: Take the third reason and clearly explain why this supports your position. Give at least 2 specific details to support your position and 1 quote from a source.• Conclusion: Finish your editorial by restating your position and the reasons why this is your position.• You must have:1) 5 paragraphs 2) clearly stated your position3)three solid reasons for position 4) six supporting details for reasons5) three quotes
  11. 11. Writing Letters HomeThe attack on Pearl Harbor was the beginning of the war againstJapan for the United States. The attack sank battleships,destroyed others, and left Americans shocked and angry. Usingyour book and your knowledge of this event, and if World War 2,you are to write a letter from home from the point of view of aperson involved in this attack.There are two points of view to choose from. The first option isto write as an American sailor who was attacked at Pearl Harbor.You can fill your letter with a description of the attack, theresults, and your feelings on what will happen in the near future.The second option is to write as a Japanese pilot who bombedPearl Harbor. You can fill your letter with a different descriptionof the attack, the results, and your feelings on what will happenin the near future. Remember to write as a person in December1941. There is no knowledge of the atomic bomb, FDR’s death,the Holocaust, or many other aspects of World War 2. NEXT
  12. 12. Writing Home Continued…Follow these guidelines• One page long. If typed, double-spaced, one page, Times New Roman font, 12 pt. If written, fill the entire page.• Write this as a letter. Date your letter correctly, and make sure to have an appropriate greeting and ending.• Remain appropriate. Although you are writing from the point of view of an American or Japanese soldier, keep your letter appropriate to be read in school.• Add as many details about Pearl Harbor as possible. Write about how battleships were bombed, what the American response was, and what the results of the battle were.• Have a personality! Inject your voice into the letter, as if you are truly explaining an important event to a family member who has no idea what war is like, or what it’s like to fly.• Use page 827 in the textbook for information.
  13. 13. Propaganda PosterDuring World War II, the U.S. Government made many posters trying toconvince Americans the war was something they should take part in, in someway. Join the army, save food, save fuel, work a different job, do something tohelp America win the war. When you try and convince someone thatsomething is the right thing to do, you use propaganda to influence people’sthoughts and actions.• You will design your very own poster to try and convince Americans to join the war effort. Do not copy one that you have seen on these websites.• You have been shown examples in class of what these posters were like. You can also see additional samples by using the following websites.• www.worldwar1.comYour poster should have:• Words- they should be catchy and creative and your own• Pictures- Drawn (one computer generated/printed picture)• Cover the whole page• Be neat and creative