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A Dream Come True
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A Dream Come True



What is VR?

What is VR?
Introduction to story



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    A Dream Come True A Dream Come True Presentation Transcript

    • Virtual Reality: A Dream Come True By: Tamara Samman Grade 8 UAS Mr. Daniels
    • What is Virtual Reality?
      • Virtual reality (VR) is a technology which allows a user to act together with a pretend environment, a real or imagined one. Most recent virtual reality environments are above all visual experiences, displayed on a computer screen, but some models include extra sensory information, such as sound through speakers or headphones.
      • When I first heard about VR I was tempted to use it. I heard about all the interesting things it provides.
    • Introduction To The Story
      • It was the year 2000 when Johnny was still at a young age. He considered being a pilot since he had a craving for airplanes. Another reason he was interested in the job was because he studied aerodynamics back in college. When he got an interview for the job, he practiced flying a plane using virtual reality. Back then, Virtual Reality (VR) was never created, so to become a pilot you would have to take lessons to achieve flying skills. Although it was very risky, you had no other choice.
    • A Dream Come True By: Tamara Samman UAS Grade 8 Mr. Daniels
    • A Dream Come True Once upon a time there was a man who lived all alone...
    • A Dream Come True He just graduated his senior year from college, and he studied aerodynamics...
    • A Dream Come True His interview for becoming a pilot was only months away. Although he was nervous for the interview, he was excited since he has been waiting for this job for a long time...
    • A Dream Come True Johnny came from a wealthy family, he graduated from MIT before the summer. His parents bought him a decent home in a quiet neighborhood. His home is well furnished and he has two cars and a motorbike...
    • A Dream Come True Finally the time came for Johnny's interview. He had an appointment with the Airline Trainer of United Airlines at the airport.
    • A Dream Come True When Johnny arrived at the airport, that was when Virtual Reality was first introduced to him...
    • A Dream Come True The Airline Trainer discussed Virtual Reality with Johnny.
    • A Dream Come True The two of them decided to talk more about the idea of Virtual Reality at the park. So that they could avoid the disturbing noises at the airport...
    • A Dream Come True The Airline Trainer told Johnny that with Virtual Reality, he could practice flying the airplane in severe weather conditions, fly different routes, and land the airplane at unusual conditions...
    • A Dream Come True She also mentioned that he could practice flying different planes. He was thrilled, and wanted to take his first Virtual Reality lesson as soon as possible...
    • A Dream Come True On his way back to his car, he stopped and saw a big United Airlines plane. He started wondering when the day would come that he could fly such an airplane on his own...
    • A Dream Come True Using Virtual Reality, Johnny knew how to fly a plane after just a few months of lessons. He improved his skills and this all happened in a short time of training.
    • A Dream Come True Since Johnny graduated from a very successful university, he was a very intelligent man. He did outstanding in almost all his lessons and got the job as a pilot.
    • A Dream Come True 8 years later... Now Johnny is 31 years old and is a very successful pilot. He got promoted a lot and is now a captain for United Airlines. Johnny is a wealthy man himself and has a family of his own. He is a loyal husband and father..
    • A Dream Come True