Stellenoord accommodation, services & prices 2013


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The Stellenoord Lifecare Centre is a multi-functional Retirement Complex and an Accommodation Services facility, consisting of 35 apartments and is situated in the heart of Stellenbosch, one of the most sought after locations in the world. - We have taken a moment to share our current rates here on SlideShare, feel free to call us for more details.

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Stellenoord accommodation, services & prices 2013

  1. 1. 1 DESCRIPTION OF ACCOMMODATION, LEVIES AND CARE OPTIONS STELLENOORD LIFECARE CENTRE offers various types of accommodation and services. You have a choice to assemble a package that may even be changed from time to time to suit your own needs. The following points are explained in this document: Section 1: Definition of clients and proposed accommodation. Section 2: Description of type of accommodation. Section 3: Levies and included services. Section 4: Additional services available. Section 5: Nursing care offered. Section 6: Additional nursing per month. SECTION 1: DEFINITION OF CLIENTS AND PROPOSED ACCOMMODATION What type of accommodation is suited for my needs? With the help of the following column we would try to assist you in your choice, but this is not necessarily the alpha and omega, and any person can apply for any type of accommodation. GROUPING DESCRIPTION PROPOSED ACCOMMODATION Group 1 Healthy and self-supporting clients looking for the necessary security and peace of mind Luxury apartments with en-suite bedrooms, dining room/lounge and kitchenette. Available to rent on monthly basis. Group 2 Debilitated clients in need of a minimum assistance Bachelor suites with kitchenettes. Available to rent on monthly basis. Group 3 Very debilitated/helpless clients in need of full-time assistance (24 hours) En-suite Rooms or Single Rooms in Lifecare Section. STELLENOORD LIFECARE CENTRE Quality, Secure & Affordable Lifecare Facility Business Venture Investments No 1034 (Pty) Ltd t/a Stellenoord Lifecare Centre Reg no: 2005/033006/07 27 Tarentaal Street, Onder Papegaaiberg, Stellenbosch Tel: (021) 887 5409 Fax: 086 762 9495 Email:
  2. 2. 2 SECTION 2: DESCRIPTION OF TYPE OF ACCOMMODATION & RENTAL RATES STELLENOORD LIFECARE CENTRE offer both long and short term accommodation for persons older than 60 years, and depending on the client’s needs, there are different types of accommodation from which to choose, namely: TYPE DESCRIPTION RENTAL PER UNIT (EX LEVY) Luxury Living Apartments * Consist of a large bedroom with private bathroom, dining room / lounge area and kitchenette. Suitable for one or two persons. This accommodation is rented on a month to month basis and for a minimum period of 30 days. Rental rate: R 10,000 per month Bachelor suites * Consists of a sleeping unit with a private bathroom * Suitable for one person. This accommodation is rented on a month to month basis and for a minimum period of 30 days. Rental rate: R 7,500 per month Single Rooms / Double Rooms in Lifecare Section * A choice of accommodation in single, double rooms, or a multi-bed section. * Bathroom conveniences are shared. This accommodation is rented on a month to month basis and for a minimum period of 30 days. Rental accommodation for periods shorter than 30 days is possible, depending on availability. Rental rate: R 5,500 per month SECTION 3: LEVIES AND SERVICES INCLUDED 3.1 LUXURY LIVING APARTMENTS These units are rented with a monthly levy that includes certain services. Depending on the client’s needs, different services packages are available, namely: OPTION DESCRIPTION LEVY P.M. Option 1 Unit inhabited by one (1) person with basic services. R 4,000 Option 2 Unit inhabited by one (1) person with complete services R 10,000 Option 3 Unit inhabited by two (2) persons, both with basic services. R 7,000 Option 4 Unit inhabited by two (2) persons, one (1) with basic R 12,000 services and one (1) with complete services.
  3. 3. 3 The following items are, as indicated, included in the various options. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES TYPE OF SERVICES COMPLETE Electricity - Used by maintenance team, street lights, etc. (Your unit's  electricity is not included here.) Tariffs are determined by the local Municipality and billed monthly. Gardens and Garden Services - Maintenance of gardens/plants around  the buildings, as well as areas between dwelling units. Insurance/Sasria - The insurance of the property is included, but the client's own property and contents is excluded.  Administration and Management  Property tax and Municipal taxes/levies -as determined by the local  Municipality, calculated pro rata. Security of the complex - The maintenance of the different types of  security for the specific locality, for instance the main entrance, guards, electric fences (where applicable) and as governed by the body corporate. Water consumption - Consumption for irrigating gardens, and also the  water consumption by inhabitants in units, are included Call system - there is an emergency button in every unit that you may use  in the event of an emergency. If emergency services are called in, the cost is included . If any material/ward medication is used, then this would be for your own account Library - Fortnightly visit by the library (Annual program will be provided  to you.) Maintenance - General maintenance of the property, as described in  your purchase or rental agreement. Transport service - Transport to town, shopping centre at predetermined  times, according to availability once per week. Nursing Staff - Availability of qualified nursing staff and competent nursing attendants 24 hours per day.  OT Program - Attendance of OT Program (stimulating activities). The cost  of possible excursions being arranged, will be for your own account. Mail system - You may post your letters (not registered items and/or parcels) at a central mailbox. We will mail these items on your behalf  at the Post Office. Refuse collection - The removal of refuse (placed in a black bag) from your dwelling/unit to the refuse shed will be done weekly as  determined by the local routine, and is included in your levy. M-Net and DSTV - Signals could be relayed to your unit, but it is your  responsibility to pay for the connection and the monthly levy, as determined by the suppliers. House calls - The duty Sister will call on you every fortnight for up to 30  minutes to ascertain what your state of health and well-being is. Pedicure - Inhabitants will be visited every 6 weeks by a pedicurist who’s fees are excluded in the levy. Visits will be charged for and for your  own account.
  4. 4. 4 Cleaning service - Dwelling units will be cleaned weekly for two hours,  under your supervision. Ward liaison - This person has been appointed to look after your needs  and to act as a link between yourself and management. Any requests should be channelled via her. She will also assist you in arranging appointments, coordinating transport/excursions and much more. Shopping service If you would like to do some shopping and cannot do it  personally, the ward secretary will do this on your behalf at specified times. Weekly clinic - Here measurements of blood pressure, sugar levels,  injections, care of wounds, etc are provided. The execution of basic nursing duties during the clinic is included in your levy, but medication/material used would be for your own account. Breakfast - Is served daily to complete service clients. You may also  order breakfast at your own expense, should you so wish. Lunch - (Mondays to Sundays) - Is served to all service clients. You may  also invite friends and family to lunch and this would be for your own account. Bookings to be made in advance. Supper - Is served to complete service clients. You may also order supper  at your own expense, if you so wish. Tea/Coffee - Is served daily to complete service clients. You may also  order some tea/coffee at your own expense, should you so wish. Laundry - Complete service clients marked clothes/linen are washed. Self  supporting clients marked clothes/linen are for your own expense, refer to 4.2. Laundry, for costs involved. FULL CARE (LIFECARE) – Is at the decision of management and charged accordingly. Should a client in a Luxury Living Unit become temporarily in need of 24-hour nursing care, it is advisable that he/she be moved to the Lifecare Units. Management will discuss this with the client and his/her family first. 3.2 GENERAL CARE UNITS TYPE DESCRIPTION SERVICES PRICE PER DAY En-Suite Are rented on a month to Services included in the levy are R 800 month basis. the same as for the Luxury Mininum period thirty (30) Units: Single days. Option 2. (Please see the table Rooms of options above). R 600 Double R 500 Rooms
  5. 5. 5 3.3 SHORT TERM REHABILITATION Care units may be rented for a short term (also less than 30 days) for treatment, post-operative and general care. You may be admitted for rehabilitation to recuperate after an illness, under qualified care, with physio or occupation therapy services at your disposal. Tariffs regarding this kind of treatment vary between clients, depending on the client’s needs. If you belong to a medical aid society, there is a possibility that the fund may pay for your stay, but prior authorization should be obtained from the fund. Costs are determined by your medical fund, but in the case of a private patient the cost vary. 3.4 SHORT TERM STAY You may leave your family member under our care for a day, night, weekend or holiday. The column below provides a choice of stay. DESCRIPTION TIMES PRICE Short term (not rehabilitation and less Per 24-hour day R 1,250 per day than 30 days). Day care (12 hours) 08:00 to 20:00 R 750 per day or part of the day Night tariff 17:00 to 08:00 R 1,000 per night or part of the night Weekend tariff Fri 17:00 to Sun 17:00 R 2,000 per weekend SECTION 4: ADDITIONAL SERVICES AVAILABLE 4.1 HELP SERVICES Apart from the services specified above, STELLENOORD LIFE CARE CENTRE has the following contracted help services/facilities. If you would like to use these services, you should reserve them at least 48-hours in advance of the start of the service with the ward secretary or the Sister on duty. All these help services are given on the premises as far as possible, and when it should not be possible, we would take you to the specific person, such as a dentist.
  6. 6. 6 Additional costs will apply. Costs are for your own account and are determined by the relevant help services. → Occupational therapy → Aromatherapy – Reflexology → Physiotherapy → Speech therapy → Dentist → Optician → Psychologist → Psychiatrist → Welfare worker → Podiatrist → Acupuncture → Dietician → Herbalist → Hair Stylist → Oral Hygiene → Pharmacy – delivers to your doorstep → Restaurant – you may invite family and friends for meals → Laundry 4.2 LAUNDRY Laundry may also be processed by STELLENOORD LIFE CARE CENTRE’S laundry. Costs are as follows DESCRIPTION PRICE Bundle of washing, dry and iron R 30.00 per kg Drying only R 15.00 per kg Ironing only R 15.00 per kg
  7. 7. 7 4.3 MEALS All lunches are included in your levy, but breakfast and supper are not included in the basic services. Breakfast and supper may be ordered additionally. Please check with reception for menu and tariffs. DESCRIPTION TIME PRICE Breakfast (residents only) 8:15 R 30.00 Lunch weekdays (Monday to Saturday) 12:00 R 50.00 Lunch Sundays (3 course in dining room for guests) 12:30 R 75.00 Supper (residents only) 17:30 R 50.00 4.4 CLEANING SERVICES A cleaning service of two (2) hours per week is included in your levy. Additional services may be hired at R100 per hour. SECTION 5: NURSING CARE OFFERED The table hereunder is a direct excerpt from the guide of the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF) for medical aid fund tariffs that specify that all possible kinds of nursing care actions that may be offered by the staff of STELLENOORD LIFE CARE CENTRE. Prices as indicated relate to the costs of treatment per visit. Please note that nursing actions, as explained hereunder, are rendered by the personnel of STELLENOORD LIFE CARE CENTRE, but if any similar nursing care is to be executed by an external doctor, nurse or other person, it will be for your own expense. Nursing actions do not include ward medication and/or material used during any such nursing actions.
  8. 8. 8 SECTION 6: ADDITIONAL NURSING PER MONTH If you are not in need of a complete care service, you may choose the basic levy option and add certain nursing care items as you may prefer. You may for instance possibly need “Administration of medication”, in which case R500 would be added to your levy. Should you have any other need not listed hereunder; we will gladly give you a quote. DESCRIPTION PRICE PER MONTH Administration of medication* R 500 * The administration of medication * Giving medication * If necessary includes injections General nursing* * Assistance in getting-up from bed, bathing, dressing and making R 1 500 the bed Daily measuring of blood pressure* * Material for test excluded R 500 Daily measuring of sugar levels* * Material for test excluded R 500 * Nursing actions do not include ward medication and/or material used during nursing care.
  9. 9. 9 STELLENOORD LIFECARE CENTRE CONTACT DETAILS & CONTACT PERSONNEL Physical address: 27 Tarentaal St, Onder Pappegaaiberg, Stellenbosch Tel: (021) 887 5409 Fax: 086 762 9495 Email: Website: Relationship manager: Marilynne Lloyd Owned and operated by: Lipsotex (Pty) Ltd t/a Bank on Assets Director: Leno de Villiers Email: OUR PROMISE “We promise a secure, peaceful and tranquil environment to all our valued life-right occupants and frail-care patients in one of the most sought after locations in the world. We promise unparalleled service standards and the best quality care and attention to our elderly residents. To all family and friends of Stellenoord occupants and patients, we promise that their loved ones will receive the best and most personalised day and night time care.”