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Tamlyn Creative Portfolio Recent Projects
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Tamlyn Creative Portfolio Recent Projects


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  • 1. Portfolio 2011 recent projects
  • 2. Portfolio BRANDING
  • 3. Portfolio BRANDING securityservices Cyan 100% Grey 40% Grey 80%
  • 4. Portfolio BRANDING
  • 5. Portfolio BRANDING 1.0 1.0 Identity Identity I Proper Logo Use identity guidelines version 1.0 1.0 Identity 2.0 Brand Use brand use | staging area Identity I Brand colours 1.4 Brand Colours. 2.1 Staging Area. Our colours reflect the character and personality of the Victa The staging area prevents competing imagery or elements from brand. Choose them whenever possible to reinforce the statue of creating a distraction that might weaken the brand image. the brand. The staging area is created by using a measurement equal to the height of the letter “T” in the logo. The staging area should be maintained by applying that measurement to the top, bottom and sides of the logo Pantone 293 Black Grey Pantone 116 C 62 C 62 C 62 C 62 Y 30 Y 30 Y 30 Y 30 M 00 M 00 M 00 M 00 K 38 K 38 K 38 K 38 R 00 R 00 R 00 R 00 G 00 G 00 G 00 G 00 B 00 B 00 B 00 B 00 tagline logo sign-off When the Tagline Logo is used as the brand sign-off in printed materials, it should be the last word. To accomplish this on single page communications, apply the logo in the lower right corner of the page (while keeping in mind the staging area specifications). In cases where the sign-off is delivered on a separate page, such as the back cover of a brochure, the lower right corner placement is not required. 8 11
  • 6. Portfolio DESIGN Corporate Guidelines
  • 7. Portfolio DESIGN
  • 8. Portfolio DESIGN *Terms and Conditions apply, see below for details
  • 9. Portfolio DESIGNED y be different sored byngs the same Pr oudly Spon rs for the ir on goin g suppo rt.ugh and I cry r sponso Thank you to oue in my gainse among youh you to love the heavensn from above Clinical Treatmentsm no different IPL Skin Rejuvenationws no bounds Permanent Hair Reductione among youes and towns Paramedical Microdermabrasion Cosmetic Peelsby standardshas imparted Derma Rolling - Micro Needlingy I’ve chosen Sonophoresis - Vitamin Infusione get started Advanced Dermal Analysis The Right Brochure Design by Tamlyn Creativef the children Start Advanced Cosmeceuticalsecial and few Cosmetic Physicianhere to learnssons as yous acceptanceom the heart Enquiries please contact: Is a charity started by parents, for their Darien Gray: 0414 892 388 children who have Down Syndrome.ame purpose Glenda Graban: 0423 287 774 It’s primary focus is the childrenrom the start and families, providing a network of Email: information, friendship and support. gave me lifeand embrace Pigmentation • Capillaries • Rosacea • Fine Lines • Age Spots Our major long term goal is to raise Visit our website enough funds and gain enougho it as you do support to open Australia’s firstmy own pace Down Syndrome Specialised Centre.
  • 10. Portfolio DESIGN
  • 11. Portfolio DESIGN
  • 12. Portfolio ILLUSTRATION
  • 18. Portfolio TESTIMONIALS“I was pleasantly surprised that a company who has been associated with Victa for many years was able to accept a briefto fulfil an urgent need with a new product launch.Not only did they come up with a winning campaign, in a short time frame but also to a favourable budget.Tamlyn Creative’s Team are all professionals in every way and fill me with confidence to continue my association withthem.”Carmelina Luppino - Marketing CoordinatorBriggs and Stratton“We had known of Tamlyn Creative from many years during which time we had noted more and more that theirprofessionalism could cope with the demands of a multi-national corporation with its many facets in marketing.With our business rapidly expanding, Tamlyn Creative were able to work together on our marketing strategic planning,almost as an annex to the marketing division. They were able to prepare a media schedule and create a campaignconcept that suited our brief.Tamlyn Creative managed to not only satisfy our strategic marketing and advertising needs but have taken care ofmuch of our brochure work and some of our packaging. They have proven that they have the expertise to handle printmanagement to enable them to deliver large print runs with the least amount of difficulties.I have every confidence in Tamlyn Creative and will continue to maintain the excellent working relationship which nowexists and will continue to rely as much as I can on the team at Tamlyn Creative.”Greg Wright - MarketingBriggs and Stratwton
  • 19. Portfolio TESTIMONIALS “With the expansion of our business into new areas and markets it was becoming very clear that we needed to give our sales team the tools they needed to do their job. Traditional we had spent no money on Marketing and design so to approach Tamlyn Creative was a big step for our business, with an upcoming event and all our sales people together for a nation sales conference it was the perfect time to do something, as none of us had a design bone in any of our bodies Tamlyn Creative listened to all our ideas (even the silly ones) and came up with some great concepts. When the final draft was put forward we were so impressed we doubled the size of our order. We continue to have a great response from the initial work done with Tamlyn Creative and have used Tamlyn Creative for a number of additional projects; I expect a very long and successful relationship between our businesses.” Stephen Speakman - General Manager General Carrying Pty Ltd Master logo for General Carrying: September 2010 Option D/with colour band + Arrows General Carrying PTY LTD Fonts Guide Trajan Pro BoLd
  • 20. Portfolio TESTIMONIALS“I had no idea that the very involved business of having a completely fresh brochure produced could be so simple, whenhanded over to a professional team of experts like Tamlyn Creative.From the very first meeting for the briefing, I started to get a good feeling that I had come to the right place, the designconcepts were fresh and crisp, the photography was spot on and the quality of the printing was superb.Tamlyn Creative were able to deliver 2 different brochures in time for an important exposition which made our productsstand out. Now I am commissioning yet another series of brochures which I have no doubt will be as brilliant andeffective.”Jennifer Mitchell - Marketing MangerSunline Shutters“I hold your company in the highest regard when it comes to creativity, customer service and meeting deadlines and haveshown us that there are still companies out there that care about their customers by going that extra step to get a greatresult.Each and every member of your team is a pleasure to deal with and we thank you for your impressive dedication to ourfashion brands over the years. We would highly recommend your company to anyone. Keep up the good work!”Susannah Khouzame - DirectorBillie Shoes