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  • 1. The Healthier Coffee
  • 2. »Black »Latte »Mocha
  • 3. Everyone likes coffee! Coffee is the largest commodity next to oil 80% Americans that drink coffee are 18+ Starbucks made drinking coffee sociable to spend $3.00 - $4.00/cup » 2008-McDonald’s started McCafé= #1 profitability is coffee, not the Happy Meal. » Dunkin’ Donuts changed their logo from donuts to coffee » » » »
  • 4. » OG has exclusive rights to use and infuse Ganoderma that is grown in it’s native China. » Ganoderma has been used by the Chinese royalty for over 2,000 years. » Ganoderma has an incredibly long list of healthful properties that you must Google and read up on. » Cancer grows in acidic conditions. OG is ph balanced=a healthier alternative!!
  • 5. »OG products taste fantastic and is a healthier alternative »Most people already allow coffee and tea in their budget »It’s Easy…It’s Simple…It’s Coffee!
  • 6. » With just 25 participants in your fundraiser selling only 5 boxes each of our gourmet coffees, tea and hot chocolate, the organization will profit $1500! » With 100 participants selling 5 boxes each of the Organo Gold products the net profit is over $6000!! » Scripts are provided to help you sell the product.
  • 7. »This can be a 1 time venture »OR »An on-going revenue generating opportunity for future SHH fundraising opportunities
  • 8. » Money will go toward helping students go to Costa Rica for the home stay program » If participants of the Costa Rica program are not able to participate, funds will go toward Relay for Life in Spring 2014 and hopefully for SWAE in Winter 2014
  • 9. »We got this SHH!! Let’s help those in need and at the same time to choose a healthier alternative for their drinking pleasure
  • 10. » » » » www.google.com/images www.wikipedia.com www.google.com www.tracie@goldenvie.net