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This is a presentation I gave in 2007 for an Education2.0 conference in Sydney. It has a good case study featuring my RMIT social media work in early 2007.

This is a presentation I gave in 2007 for an Education2.0 conference in Sydney. It has a good case study featuring my RMIT social media work in early 2007.



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Education2.0 Education2.0 Presentation Transcript

  • Education 2.0 Tamir Berkman FRANk:
  • Language is changing. things no longer mean the same What is a “community”? “ Page”? “Window”? “Search”?
  • From : Shift happens:
  • From : Shift happens:
  • From : Shift happens:
  • From : Shift happens:
  • Online universities
  • Online education applications
  • Virtual worlds
  • RMIT Ormond island in Second Life is being used by architecture students
  • Why virtual worlds?
    • Cheap
    • Environmental
    • Experiential
  • Implementing 2.0 strategies in a large organisation Image of a large organisation
  • Implementing 2.0 strategies in a large organisation is hard Image of a large organisation
  • DIGITAL STRATEGY in 7 not that hard steps Image of steps
  • 1. Your brand
    • What is your online profile?
    • Put yourself in the shoes of a user.
    • Look for “engagement” moments.
    • Seth Godin “The big red fez”
  • 2. Your competitors
    • What are your competitors doing online?
    • Can you see common practices?
    • You’ll need to come up with something different
  • 3. Your industry/community
    • What are the trends in your industry?
    • Learn from the bigger picture
    • Look for the gap
  • 4. Your audience
    • Who are you talking to?
    • Who are the people who love you?
    • What will they enjoy?
  • 5. The creative concept
    • What will get your users talking about you?
    • Give something to your users
    • Users want to listen to other users
    • “ How many people will I tell about this?”
  • 6. Marketing
    • How can you spread the word?
    • It’s great to create a website but the
    • real question is how will people find it
    • and what will they do when they’re
    • there
  • 7. Maintenance
    • Don’t forget about maintenance
  • When it fails go to Google analytics
  • RMIT case study 1. RMIT 2.0 2. RMIT video challenge 3. RMIT Union promotion
  • RMIT is experimenting with flickr, youtube, myspace, twitter, second life
  • RMIT video challenge
    • 120 years for RMIT
    • User generated content
    • You tube competition: make a 120 seconds or less film about RMIT in 120 years.
    • 8 categories to be won
  • Submissions on youtube:
  • With 4875 views this one was the clear favorite:
    • RMIT Union
    • fun activities in RMIT – sports, arts, trips, clubs etc.
    • Goals:
    • Create brand awareness
    • Get users going back to the site on regular basis
  • One day, 80 pink flamingos appeared on campus…
  • Yes, we made them ourselves… (three people from the communication dept. cut, painted & mounted).
  • We needed to capture attention, letting students know something is happening.
  • The Flamingos did the job…
  • Missing: Three Red Flamingos We posted signs to complete the picture and explain the treasure hunt rules. Yes, we hid three red flamingos in campus and online
  • And sent students to this site to get daily clues. The hunt for the red flamingo has began.
  • We got three sponsors for prizes worth $1500.
  • New clues adding daily, making sure students return to site
  • Used online social networks to promote, explain and talk with our students.
  • Got a titter account and twittered about it
  • Results
    • Video challenge – 16 entries (we’d hope for 20), 13,144 views on all videos
    • Red Flamingo – three flamingos found
    • 125 friends on myspace
    • Twitter presence established as early adopters.
  • What hasn’t work?
    • Only 16 entries to video challenge
    • Third Red Flamingo hiding in second life was hard to find
    • Only 125 friends on mysapce
  • Does it matter?
    • 125 friends are better than 0.
    • Return on engagement
    • Budget: Web2.0 = $0, Video challenge = $2500, Flamingo = $550
  • Users are in control. They’re not here because of us. We are here because of them.
  • Our future users More savvy than us.
  • email is getting old… We need to learn and adopt to new technologies
  • Social apps are the new email New tools.
  • 7 year olds communicate in virtual worlds New language.
  • Learning by playing, experimenting and failing You cant really “get it” by being a by passer.
  • Please. Please. Please watch this.
  • It’s time to embrace change so start looking for your opportunity now. Find your red flamingo. (Or purple cow)
    • Email:
    • Skype: Tamir.berkman