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Integral Food Services W.L.L Company Profile

  1. 1. Profile A DIVISION OF INTEGRAL GROUPINTEGRAL FOOD SERVICES W.L.L ABU DHABI – INTEGRAL FOOD SERVICES L.L.CP.O. Box: 23385 Doha, Qatar Tel.: +974 4633330 P.O. Box: 105823, Abu Dhabi, UAE Tel.: +971-2-6720028 Email:
  2. 2. COMPANY BACKGROUND & DETAILS: Integral Food Services WLL (IFS Qatar) was established in 2004 with its corporate headquarters in Doha, Qatar, as a service oriented and value-driven organization and one of the fast growing organizations, Specialized in the Hospitality & Food Industry, Providing Local Support for International Contractors, Oil & Gas field Projects, Construction Projects & Allied Industries. IFS, is known to deliver cost-effective innovative solutions founded on technical competency, all delivered through highly trained, experienced and motivated teams, as a result, clients benefit from the continuous improvement in service quality as well as operational effecencies..Trade Name : Integral Food Services. (IFS)Commercial Name : Integral Food Services W.L.LCommercial Reg. # : 27278Address : P.O. Box 23385 Doha, QatarCorporate Office : Sh Jassim Al Thani Building : Al Wakrah Main Road, 1st floor : Above Vodafon Showroom,Paid up capital : Qrs. 3,000,000.00Chairman : Sh. Hamad Bin Jassim Al ThaniVice Chairman : Mr. Hashim Abdullah Al Mustafawi Al HashemiManaging Director : Mr. William AranhaInsurance : Libno-Suiss.Bankers : HSBC – Main Branch : CBQ – Corporate Branch : QNB Islami – Main Branch : Al Ahli Bank INTEGRAL GROUP OF COMPANIES: • Integral Food Services WLL (Doha – Qatar) • Global Venture Group (Doha - Qatar) • Global Decor (Doha - Qatar) • Integral Food Services LLC (Abu Dhabi - UAE)
  3. 3. OUR BUSINESS ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:MANAGES MULTITUDE OF OUTSOURCED BUSINESS ACTIVITIES & SERVICES FOR CLIENTS: • Food and Hospitality Solutions (Contract Catering & Support Services Providing Integrated Support Services for Industrial Projects, Institutions & Major Construction Projects/Sites – for Different Categories, Nationalities & Ethnic Groups in the region particularly in Qatar & UAE in technical association with F.F.S UK Ltd and RECAS Canada Inc. • Development & operation of international food service franchise concepts & quick service restaurants in technical association with our principals and associated food service companies in UK & CANADA. • Manpower resources- skilled & unskilled: manpower supply.• Remote site management.• Supply of personal safety apparel.• Kitchen consulting (design & build service).• Supply of uniforms & allied apparel.• Companies’ representation – for international businesses.• Local agency support –to establish & operate business in Qatar.• Global décor – in-house design & build. PRESENCE IN SECTORS:• Business and industry• Education• Remote sites IFS- FACT FILE:• Operations in entire Qatar & UAE regions.• Over 50 client sites in Qatar & UAE regions.• Serving over 60,000 meals a day.• Managing 15 retail food brands/franchise & Over 30 retail outlets.• Employee strength of more than 1200.
  4. 4. INTEGRATED APPROACH Integral Food Services offers a vast portfolio of services that takes care of all our clients needs. A single point of contact is stationed at the client facility to ensure that our team optimizes resources. Integral Food Services is one of the few companies which offer all these service options to its clients: Facilities Management, Food Services, Project Management, and Smart Cards for cafeteria management. Our team of specialized resource is trained to work under a single site management in an integrated manner to create real value for our clients. This approach ensures that we anticipate and take proactive measures to satisfy our clients changing needs.With our vast experience in the Hospitality, Food & Support; ranging from Operating Industrial &Institutional Contract Catering & Support Services Projects toManaging International Franchise Restaurants & Popular EthnicFood Concepts & Catering Exquisite Fine Dining Restaurants,completed with our existing- In-House Facilities/Central Kitchens,we are confident that we have the requisite experience backedwith a professional management team to fully meet the demandand expectation envisaged from a professional Catering and Support Services providing company. Food Services & Hospitality Solutions: • Great deal of experience in serving hygienic, nutritious and quality food across diverse cultures. • Work to meet the ethnic, cultural, and nutritional needs of the client’s people to ensure their health and happiness at all times. • Deep understanding of the various cuisines allows us to take care of multi-culinary needs of our multicultural client sites. • Customized services after understanding the clients’ food preferences. • Delivering creative food and world class services is our solution. • Serve over 60000 meals to more than 50 clients in Qatar and UAE. FOOD SERVICES & HOSPITALITY SOLUTIONS SERVICES OFFERED:• Industrial canteens• Food concepts and consumer brands.• Executive dining.• Remote site catering EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS – STUDENTS CATERING:• Student cafeterias.• Food courts.
  5. 5. CONTRACT CATERING SERVICES: Presently, our catering & supports services division operates an exclusive catering & support services contracts for major industrial projects such as AL AQARIA – Qatar Real Estate Investment Company (QREIC) as one of their appointed facilities support services & catering concessionaire for providing catering & support services at their camp in Mesaieed area.In addition to the above, IFS has been selected as theexclusive catering services provider for SKY ORYX JV (oneof the biggest construction companies at the NDIA project) atthe New Doha International Airport - NDIA, to supply atotal of 3500 daily 3 meals for their employees working atthe project.IFS also provides catering & support services for anumber of construction companies in various parts ofthe country and their workforce from differentnationalities as well as QPMC co. at Mesaieed &Karana areas.We are also pleased to state that, we at IFS operate ourown industrial kitchen facilities (approx 1000sqmeter.) in the Salwa Industrial area & in MesaieedIndustrial area with a capacity to supply food (Meals)for over 3000 personnel, i.e.10000 Meals per day fromeach kitchen/facility. Delivering creative food and world class services is our goal. Integral Food Services serves over 60000 meals to more than 50 Clients in Qatar and Abu Dhabi. We customize services after understanding the clients’ food preferences. We serve meals to diverse industries. Our team comprises of Chefs who have years of experience in delighting palates with fabulous food, a warm attitude and a drive to constantly innovate
  6. 6. EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS- {STUDENTS CATERING}Thousands of students within a university campus, Universities and EducationalInstitutions are now looking at having their kitchen onsite in order to deliver and maintainthe food quality day after day.Being a food specialist, integral food services understands the daily food needs of the studentsand serves quality & nutritious meals daily within the campus facilities. At IFS, we believe amealtime is a special time for students where they must be able to relax and socialize; and returnto studies with renewed vigor.Food for Thought…IFS has been selected to exclusively operate the ENTIRE NEW FOOD COURT at QatarUniversity which includes (10) food service franchise concepts/ outlets and 23 Cafeteriasand Kiosks within the university campus. We are also proud to state that during the year 2005, IFS was selected as a Catering & Support Services Concessionaire to provide Catering (Cafeteria Operation) & Support Services at the College of North Atlantic of Canada-Qatar Campus (CNA-Q) for a total of 1200 students and 300 faculty & staff. Recently, IFS has been selected to exclusively operate the Canteens / Cafeteria’s in a total number of 3 schools by the Supreme Education Council.
  7. 7. PAST & PRESENT REPUTED CLIENTS {CONTRACT CATERING SERVICES} Integral Food Services is now surging ahead as a major force in Qatari market and in the Middle East region. Within a short span of 6 years, the company has managed to penetrate the market & establish itself as a prominent player in the contract catering & support services business by achieving almost 100 million QRS. annual turnover & employing over 1000 personnel. SOME OF OUR PRESENT & PAST REPUTED CLIENTS:• NDIA-ADCC Project – Full Catering & Laundry Services.• NDIA Project Sinohydro-GAMUDA-WCT JV.( SGW JV)• Qatar Real Estate Investment Co. (QREIC) Mesaieed Residential camp.• Archirodon Construction (overseas) S.A. - Ras Laffan.• Archirodon Construction (overseas) S.A. – Mesaieed.• QNH – Qatar National Hotels Company (MOVENPICK Hotels & Resorts).• MEDCO – Middle East Dredging Company – Qatar Bahrain Bridge Project.• SKY ORYX JV – NDIA (New Doha International Airport).• QATAR UNIVERSITY Campus (FOOD COURT with 10 retail food units.)• AMWAJ CATERING SERVICES (PROVIDING CATERING SERVICES FOR THEIR STAFF AT ZAKREET).• Cape East Base Camp in Salwa Industrial Area.• Cape East Mesaieed – full catering & laundry services.• NCC Camp Tumbich Qatar.• PteroServ Ltd. – Fully Catering Services in Shahaniya & Salwa Road camps.• Thinet International Cultural village project (project discontinued.).• MedGulf Construction Camp in Dukhan & Salwa.• MedGulf Construction Base Camp in Salwa Industrial Area.• Socotherm M.E camp accommodation and catering for Filipino workers• Jurong Eng. – full catering services for their staff and workers in Mesaieed.• AM-EM camp in Al-Khor & Salwa -Catering & Support Services.• Debaj Industrial Services – Salwa Camp.• Gulfar Al Misnad – (QREIC) Mesaieed.• STRABAG –Full catering services.• Tanzeefco Co.• Black Cat – Full Catering at Al Khour Base Camp.• Power Engineering Co.• Tecnimont ICB Qatar W.L.L• ERE Contracting – Full Catering Services in the industrial area.• INECO – Full Catering in Al Khour area.• QPMC – Qatar Primary Material Co. (Full Catering & Support Services) in Mesaieed & Al Karna Locations.• CCC (Consolidated Contractors International Company S.A.L.).• QBC (Qatar Building Co).• DOPET (Doha Petroleum Construction co W.L.L.).• Readymix Qatar Co .• ETA Engineering & Contracting W.L.L.• GRAND HERITAGE DOHA HOTEL.• AL MANA ENGINEERING & CONTRACTING CO
  10. 10. KITCHEN CONSULTING {DESIGN & BUILD SERVICE} More and more organizations in Qatar are searching to find the need to set up their own kitchens on campus to ensure their employees receive healthy and hygienic meals daily. At IFS: • We lend our expertise in setting up the kitchen in clients facilities, from the design, procurement to the installation of equipment; we handle every aspect for our valued clients. • The design of the kitchen is recommended based on the clients’ current and future needs. As a turnkey project, we would also source the right equipment and have it installed at the project site.All aspects of Efficiency, Hygiene and Safety along with Waste Disposal andEnvironmental Impact are given priority. REMOTE SITES: With operations in over 50 sites in Qatar and Abu Dhabi and over 1,200 employees, Integral Food Services has become one of the leading companies in remote site management in this region, which we provide in various market segments: oil and gas, construction, major industrial projects, etc. For more than 6 years, Integral Food Services has supplied a full range of services for people working and living in challenging conditions on its clients sites in Qatar and Abu Dhabi. Integral Food Services offers a range of services which support their remote projects over their complete lifecycle: • Provision of turnkey camps. • Integrated hospitality offer (food services, laundry, housekeeping, etc.). • Management of a broad range of support services such as facilities maintenance, etc.
  11. 11. FACILITIES MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS: At IFS, we provide direct management of our client’s facility functions including operations and maintenance, engineering, custodial / security, landscaping, housekeeping, energy management, and other related facility services. • This helps our clients to focus on their core business needs confident in the fact that all support services are functioning at maximum efficiency. • We strive to partner in our clients growth by addressing their future plans & assisting in their expansion plans as a strategic partner.• We provide support for our client’s operations and make certain that: • Our clients have a healthy and safe environment. • Our operations are environmentally friendly. • All legal and statutory requirements on labor, health and safety are followed.
  12. 12. MANPOWER SUPPLY – {CONTRACT SERVICES} We provide a Professional, Tailor-made manpower solutions to our clients, and we pride ourselves on the quality services we provide. We understand the needs of individual clients and we use our expertise in diverse fields to help empower them to win in the challenging world of business. • Global Venture Group a part of Integral Food Services is a One-Stop-Shop Service Provider of Professional & Skilled Manpower. • We continuously search, recruit, and screen candidates which enable us to service our clients in a timely manner. “Our mission is to become our clients preferred partner of choice for all their Human Resource needs”. PAST & PRESENT REPUTED CLIENTS {MANPOWER SUPPLY CONTRACT}• Electrical Refrigerating Engineering WLL (E.R.E):150 skilled workers.• Archirodon Construction Co. S.A (ARCO Marine Contractors): 90 skilled workers.• AM-EM JV (Power Plant Building Project): 300 - 200 Skilled & 100 Unskilled personnel.• PCH Gulf (Ras laffan Oil & Gas Project): 30 Skilled & Semi Skilled personnel.• ADCC JV (NDIA Airport Project): 20 skilled personnel.• Mushrif Trading & Contracting: Skilled personnel.• SATCO (Qatalum Project): 1 Admin Staff.• LODIGE SYSTEMS MIDDLE EAST: 20 Skilled & Unskilled Personnel.• EMS (ELECTRO MECHANICAL SERVICES): 45 - 30 Skilled & 15 Unskilled Personnel.
  13. 13. SUPPLY OF UNIFORM & ALLIED APPAREL SERVICES • IFS offer businesses and other organizations a total uniform solution; that helps them to enhance their image, promote teamwork and motivate employees. • We supply Rugged Work wear, Uniforms, Outerwear, Safety Apparel and anything that a client needs to outfit their workers for the toughest of jobs. • IFS caters for Uniforms and Allied Apparels to any industry including: → Business and Industry → Schools, Colleges and Universities → Conference & Convention Centers → Healthcare → Security Personnel → Sports and Entertainment COMPANY REPRESENTATION {FOR INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS}RETAIL DIVERSIFIED FOOD SERVICES: With our knowledge, experience & professional management approach & commitment for quality & service, we at IFS have been successful in acquiring the exclusive franchise rights to operate & develop number of popular International Restaurants & Food Concepts/ Franchise brands.
  14. 14. OUR INTERNATIONAL RESTAURANTS & FOOD CONCEPTS/ FRANCHISES:• SFC – Southern Fried Chicken - Chicken Fast Food concept from UK• Coffee Time - Coffee Shop concept from Canada• 241 Pizza - Famous Pizza concept from Canada• Tandoor Express - Indian BBQ concept Take away and Delivery• Royal Tandoor - Contemporary Indian Fine Dine Restaurant• Bombay Chowpatty - Indian Fast Food concept• Janna - Lebanese Cuisine Restaurant• Penne - Italian Cuisine Restaurant• Friendly Greek - Mediterranean cuisine - from Greece/Canada• Orange - Juice & Ice Cream concept• Oriental Bowl- South East Asian Cuisine.• Real Gelato – Italian Ice Cream Cuisine.• Food Smart- A Convenient Choice of Fast Meals.• Fresh & Fit – Healthy Salads & Soups Counter.
  16. 16. LOCAL AGENCY SUPPORT {TO ESTABLISH & OPERATE BUSINESS IN QATAR} • We provide the Investors with all the needed relevant information and assistance for starting their business in Doha – Qatar and provide sponsorship for their companies and business as well. • We add value to their business plans by partnering with them as an investor, to make the right choices and open a business here in Doha, be it starting a small mini market to retail businesses, restaurants, media, hotel, trading, service businesses, professional, industry, MNCS, hospitality & tourist, financial, Business services companies etc. OUR POTENTIAL PARTNERS: → Companies who wish to do business in Doha - Qatar. → New Company & Business Formation in Doha – Qatar → Economic & Trade Development Organizations → Companies looking for export market → All Service providers from Restaurants, Bars, Hotel, Furnished apartments, Hospitality & Tourist Firms wishing entry into this Booming Market.GLOBAL DECOR – IN-HOUSE DESIGN & BUILD: Global Décor division was formed in 2008 to provide creative ideas in the field of Interior Design in Doha – Qatar, over the last two years; we have designed and executed several prestigious and challenging projects. We are a company that believes that every project is a challenge in itself. This leads to in-depth conceptual research before a design is presented to the client. We have matured into an organization which is just not another interior design company. Our in-house projects show cases our quality of work.MISSION STATEMENT:“Creativity & Functionality in Interior, Architecturaland Landscape design, delivering cost-effective and time-bound projects to clients”
  17. 17. PAST & PRESENT REPUTED CLIENTS{GLOBAL DECOR – IN-HOUSE DESIGN & BUILD} {Food Retail Outlets} {Commercial Offices} {Residential Villas} {Exhibition Display Design}
  18. 18. IFS-GVG MAJOR & PRESTIGIOUS PROJECTS:• During the year 2005, IFS-GVG was one of the selected Catering & Support Services Concessionaires for providing Catering (Cafeteria Operation) & Support Services at the College of North Atlantic of Canada-Qatar Campus (CNA-Q) for 1200 students and 300 faculty & staff. • IFS-GVG has been selected by QP-MIC to operate the Restaurant concession at the MIC community Park in Mesaieed area, and provide Catering & Support Services at QP’s facilitates in Mesaieed area.• IFS-GVG operates at NDIA project site, providing Catering & Support Services for over 8000 for our major clients ADCC JV- 2 projects (CP 11 & CP 26) and Synohydro - Gamuda-WCT JV.• Our Management Team has an extensive experience in operating the Large Catering & Support Services Projects for more than (10000) personal camp facility in Abu Dhabi area.• IFS-GVG has been selected to exclusively operate the ENTIRE NEW FOOD COURT at Qatar University which includes (10) food service franchise concepts/ outlets and (23) small Kiosk/ Mobile Cafeteria’s within the university campus.• IFS-GVG manages the Canteen Operation at the Catholic Church• IFS-GVG manages & operates a number of various concepts i.e. “Coffee Time, Food Smart, Bombay Chow patty and Mega Wraps” at the Main Banks Street (Grand Hamad St.), to serve the Banking Community and the Corporate Offices surrounding the area.• IFS-GVG manages & operates Nos. 3 of Qatar Airways Canteens at their Training Center, Stimulator Center and the Hanger Department• IFS-GVG has recently been awarded the contract to exclusively operate the Canteens/Cafeteria’s at Raba’a Al Adawiya Secondary Independent School for Girls – Abu Hamour area and Abu Hanifa Secondary Independent School for Boys – Dafna area.• Recently, IFS-GVG has been selected as the Exclusive Catering Services Provider for SKY ORYX JV at the New Doha International Airport NDIA, to supply a total daily 3 meals of 3500 for their employees working at the project.• IFS-GVG was selected / awarded the contract to manage and provide Hospitality Services at a number of Schools around the Doha City by the Supreme Education Council.
  19. 19. FACILITIES & LOGISTICAL SUPPORT:• IFS-GVG has over 4000sqm Purpose Built & State of the Art Central Facility located at the Salwa Road – Industrial Area St. No. 37 of which 2000sqm is designed as a Covered Storage Facility, 500sqm Freezer & Chilling Rooms. In addition to an accommodation for 250 staff as well as the Central Kitchen / Production facility to produce over 10000+ meals per day.• IFS-GVG owns and operates over 60 vehicles to supports the supply chain logistics to all the Catering & Food Services operations in Qatar. IFS – GVG WORKFORCE SIZE:• Presently; IFS-GVG employs over 1200 full time employees, of which, 60 supervisory, 240 highly skilled & experienced kitchen staff and 700 semi-skilled catering personnel are working in various catering projects and Food Services operations in Qatar.• IFS-GVG Operations are fully supported by over 40 highly qualified and experienced Head office Management Team (IFS Corporate Office Organization Chart is attached herewith).
  20. 20. IFS CORPORATE OFFICE ORGANIZATION CHART Sh. Hamad Al Thani (Chairman) Hashim Al Mustafawi (Vice Chairman) William Aranha (Managing Director) Chief Operating Officer QSR Operations Institutional Marketing HSE & CONTRACT SUPPORT Accounts & Franchise Operations Human Resources Catering Services & Sales Training CATERING SERVICES Finance Tandoor Express (Southern Fried Chicken & Administration (Qatar University & Department DIVISION DIVISION Royal Tandoor (INDUSTRIAL & & Coffee Time) Bombay Chowpatty Schools) INSTITUTIONAL) Finance QSR Operations Business HSE & Divisional Sr. Operations Operations Operations HR & Admin Manager Operations Manager Development Training Manager Contract Manager Support Manager Fast Manager Coffee Officer Manager Manager Manager Manager Services Food Shops Asst Brand Asst. Support HR & Employees Asst. Corporate Manager Development Operations Services Welfare Officer Mgr. Head Chef Manager Coordinator & Marketing Accounts Manager Operations Sales & OperationsPurchase & Marketing Coordinator Supervisor Logistics ManagerCoordinator F&B Cost Controller Accounts Team
  22. 22. OUR APPROACH – HSE FOOD SERVICES:“6 POINT” QSHSE AGENDA 1. Food Safety Policy 2. Information Bulletins 3. Awareness & Training to all levels at site. 4. HSE Audit scores 5. Food sampling at sites 6. Temperature LogsSAFETY PHILOSOPHY: • WE BELIEVE: 1. Knowledge in safety is a key element to prevent injuries and illness 2. Safety can be sustained in a consistent way 3. In continuous upgrade and excel in safety performance 4. Safety is a condition of employment and part of every person’s way of life 5. Good safety is good business • “6 POINT” AGENDA: 1. Incident/Accident Reporting 2. Awareness Orientation Programs & On The Job Trainings 3. Personal Protective Equipment & Safety Tools 4. Preventive Maintenance Schedule 5. QSHSE Audits 6. Waste SegregationSTANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES: • GENERAL SOPS 1. Unit Manager’s Daily Walkthrough 2. Daily Food Tasting 3. Pre-Food Service Setup 4. Unit Hygiene, Safety & Environment 5. Daily Staff Briefings 6. MeetingsOUR USP • High level of Quality Standards, Health Safety Environment practices. • Single point contact for managing multiple services. • Reputation of service and quality. • In-depth knowledge and experience in diverse sectors. • Competencies in Design and Build services. • Structured training program. • Ability to manage a large workforce. • Progressive HR practices.