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Startup secrets - finding your first and best users
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Startup secrets - finding your first and best users


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presented at #fi (founders institute, paris) - gives tools and strategies for finding early beta users/customers - includes,, and …

presented at #fi (founders institute, paris) - gives tools and strategies for finding early beta users/customers - includes,, and

Published in: Business

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  • 1. T.A. McCann –Strategies for market and customer research @tamccann
  • 2. • Customer research vs. market research• Know your users/customers• Find and nurture the new influencers• Bake customer engagement into your company• Build a tribe – engage and communicate 2
  • 3. Market research• Market research is basically bullshit – invest limited time, customers and traction are more important• Find a few numbers that work, stick with those, then move on – E.g. - 400M people have MS Outlook, but there is no social network integration• What are the key trends that support your marketspace growth? – E.g. – more connections, more networks, more posts…(users need a way to focus attention) 3
  • 4. Find your market-space/competition 4
  • 5. 5
  • 6. 6
  • 7. Build a map toward success 7
  • 8. A valuable target customer • Business professional • Places high value of relationships (>8/10) • Has significant (>50%) of key relationships outside company • >5 meetings/week with outside people (more/new is better) • Uses technology to gain information advantage • Actively builds and manages his network • Pays monthly information service fees (mobile, CRM, wiki, contact manager… (more is better)People like this include;T.A. • Roles include (execs, sales, recruiter, PR, journalists, lawyers…)Brad • Influencer of others and/or small teamsBuzzKendall • Technical, early but not bleeding edge adopterBrandtMiles AustinDave Thomas (WSGR) • Often fits in GTD category as well • Reads books like “never eat alone” or “4 hour work week” • Attends “networking” events or activities 8
  • 9. Use a survey to capture and scaleGist survey – with over 6500 responses - 9
  • 10. My post with a process - Ferris/Noah Kagan - 10
  • 11. Map real people <--> personasKevin Spidel "I am the Managing Director of an international PR firm and am very active on the social web. Gist allows me to cut through the noise and manage my contacts directly. I am able to monitor what matters... the relationship."Managing DirectorPatriot Strategieshttp://patriotstrategies.comWashington, DC, USA5300 contacts, 1279 companies
  • 12. Leverage your network to find more 12
  • 13. Influence the influencers
  • 14. Develop a culture of engagement
  • 15. Friends of Gist – customers are people too
  • 16. Create moments of delight and AMPLIFY
  • 17. Send regular status (2 weeks) 19
  • 18. Go make something great! T.A. McCann @tamccann