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NVA logo & stationary package

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  1. 1. National Veterinary Associates Logo & Stationary Package National Veter inar y Associates 7/17/2009 Jane Doe National Veterinary Associates Company AB C 1122 Anywher e Street Atlanta, Georg ia, 30000 Dear Jane, Multiple practices reside under the arch, which represents Teiodfna gjo then gieoptsgm pda agioepang adkgeoamcsd o eitoapg akd ditoep You ddk . Tkerond akg eot cangkdoat slgie of dns the NVA umbrella. gaya gaya gay Indtioepa g a. Teife of the gci glsot ago egnat tioe gk eotnd bitos aidgoot adkglw itoen. If thieogp Zriowt. lative sjgieto inspire gkapgd gaya. Gawt rov e creativ oeit agketovst beriotpsgtj sot jmo bdgkeo bkofhs pght s bella e, dit e monet agoentei bue gietov skto of e. noa boths gay theod go. Ma a bithea dkg cr mirrlgh dk of you The “A” in the acronym is customized. The curve in the “A” Yawey ajfitoe oteis gcu erv tieogh difht slg ot ad titooo. y contact adi teo gid monet sid. Now dkw e aditoeg dng reinforces the umbrella concept and can also be seen as the we djgakoe it fkdowtp. Wd vit her fhtoeps tam monete kdls;b eitlsng sic woe. Serivd ove sgkkk aid adgdthelgote gaya sithem to thdig dib. Wethdifnc d gidt soseub Sav it to mo gldsig ouf wit mcothe to see tail of a pet. This subtle twist makes this an innovative logo for a digoreis bkd re anvktogkd ot sdhg slgia ls theigit Luc k how dmgito h godpsrocld,to wng alb itioa d agkdhtiosf to ddfe birti digne. If bit hditl. mine ahditeo sieo ser if. Tei . Hap gjdtpy afkto beksob progressive and caring company. In addition, it creates a custom font gaya. more that is NVA-specific and breaks it away from the classic font form. Sincerely, The meaning of color changes as trends in pop culture change. David Dubin sky Currently, green is seen as a caring color that evokes health and high National Veterinary Associates standards... just ask the environmentalist. Green is a timeless color that 4165 East Tho usand Oaks Blv David Dubinsky d., Suite 350, Marketing Manager Westlake Vill age, CA 91362 will not go out of style because; it is the color of spring. The season • Phone 805 .777.7722 • Fax 805DDubinsky@NVAnet.com • 805.777.7722 x7713 .496.2 4165 East Thousand222 • Blvd., NVAonlin Oaks www. Suite 350, Westlake Village, CA 91362 e .com Improving the comfort and well-being Fax 805.496.2222 • www.NVAonline.com when growth is abundant and everything is fresh again. of patients by providing progressive and compassionate veterinary care. iates terinary Assoc This logo recognizes NVA as the corporate umbrella to multiple National Ve veterinary practices, emphasizing collectively high standards and teamwork. The color combination of deep blue green and medium lime green follows the current design trend of vibrant, lively colors. This contemporary color selection has a broad range of hues ranging usand Oak 4165 East Tho e 350, Suit s Blvd. age, CA 913 62 Westlake Vill from blue to yellow, making this a flexible color combination.