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Earth Science 3 1
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Earth Science 3 1

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  • 1. The Rock Cycle 3.1
  • 2. Rock
    A consolidated mixture of minerals.
  • 3. Igneous Rock
    A rock formed by the crystallization of molten magma.
  • 4. Sedimentary Rock
    Rock formed from the weathered products of preexisting rocks that have been transported, deposited, compacted, and cemented.
  • 5. Metamorphic Rock
    Rock formed by the alteration of preexisting rock deep within Earth by heat, pressure, and/or chemically active fluids.
  • 6. Rock Cycle
    A model that illustrates the origin of the three basic rock types and the interrelatedness of Earth materials and processes.
  • 7. Magma
    A body of molten rock found at depth, including any dissolved gases and crystals.
  • 8. Lava
    Magma that reaches Earth’s surface.
  • 9. Weathering
    The disintegration and decomposition of rock at or near Earth’s surface.
  • 10. Sediments
    Loose particles created by the weathering and erosion of rock, by chemical precipitation from solution in water, or from the secretions of organisms and transported by water, wind, or glaciers.
  • 11. Key Concept
    What is a rock?
    A rock is any solid mass of mineral or mineral-like matter that occurs naturally as part of our planet.
  • 12. Key Concept
    What are the three major types of rocks?
    Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic.
  • 13. Key Concept
    How do igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks differ?
    Igneous rock are formed when magma cools and hardens, Sedimentary rocks are formed when sediments are compacted and cemented, Metamorphic rocks are formed under extreme pressure and temperature conditions.
  • 14. Key Concept
    What is the rock cycle?
    Processes driven by heat from Earth’s interior are responsible for forming both igneous and metamorphic rocks. Weathering and the movement of weathering materials are external processes form sedimentary rocks.
  • 15. Key Concept
    What powers Earth’s rock cycle?
    The energy/heat from the sun powers Earth’s rock cycle.