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Biology 40.2
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  • 1. 40.2 The Immune System
  • 2. Immunity
    Ability of the body to resist a specific pathogen.
  • 3. Inflammatory Response
    Nonspecific defense reaction to tissue damage caused by injury or infection.
  • 4. Fever
    Elevated body temperature that occurs in response to infection.
  • 5. Interferon
    One of a group of proteins that helps cells resist viral infection.
  • 6. Immune Response
    The body’s specific defenses that attack a disease-causing agent.
  • 7. Antigen
    Substance that triggers an immune response.
  • 8. Humoral Immunity
    Immunity against antigens and pathogens in the body fluids.
  • 9. Cell-Mediated Immunity
    Immunity against abnormal cells and pathogens inside living cells.
  • 10. Antibody
    Protein that helps destroy pathogens.
  • 11. Vaccination
    Injection of a weakened or mild form of a pathogen to produce immunity.
  • 12. Active Immunity
    Immunity produced by exposure to an antigen, as a result of the immune response.
  • 13. Passive Immunity
    Short-term immunity caused when antibodies produced by other animals for a pathogen are injected into the body.
  • 14. Key Concept
    The function of the immune system is to fight infection through the production of cells that inactivate foreign substances or cells.
  • 15. Key Concept
    Your body’s most important nonspecific defense is the skin.
  • 16. Key Concept
    The inflammatory response is a nonspecific defense reaction to tissue damage caused by injury or infection.