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  • 1. Cell Division 10.2
  • 2. Mitosis
    Part of eukaryotic cell division during which the cell nucleus divides.
  • 3. Cytokinesis
    Division of the cytoplasm during cell division.
  • 4. Chromatid
    One of two identical “sister” parts of a duplicated chromosome.
  • 5. Centromere
    Area where the chromatids of a chromosome are attached.
  • 6. Interphase
    Period of the cell cycle between cell divisions.
  • 7. Cell Cycle
    Series of events that cells go through as they grow and divide.
  • 8. Prophase
    First and longest phase of mitosis, during which the chromosomes become visible and the centrioles separate and take up positions on the opposite sides of the nucleus.
  • 9. Centriole
    One of two tiny structures located in the cytoplasm of animal cells near the nuclear envelope.
  • 10. Spindle
    Fanlike microtubule structure that helps separate the chromosomes during mitosis.
  • 11. Metaphase
    Second phase of mitosis, during which the chromosomes line up across the center of the cell.
  • 12. Anaphase
    The third phase of mitosis, during which the chromosome pairs separate and move toward opposite poles.
  • 13. Telophase
    Fourth and final phase of mitosis, during which the chromosomes begin to disperse into a tangle of dense material.
  • 14. Key Concept
    What are the main events of the cell cycle?
    During the cell cycle, a cell grows, prepares for division, and divides to form two daughter cells, each of which then begins the cycle again.
  • 15. Key Concept
    What are the four phases of mitosis?
    Biologists divide the events of mitosis into four phases: prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase.