Sustainabilty Innovation At Bth (Oct 2009)


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An overview of the research and education around sustainability at the Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) in Karlskrona, Sweden.

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Sustainabilty Innovation At Bth (Oct 2009)

  1. 1. Sustainability Innovation at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola (BTH): School of Engineering Tamara Connell MSLS Programme Director October 15, 2009
  2. 2. Presentation Overview  Introduction to BTH  Related research within School of Engineering  Real Change Programme  SPIRIT Programme  Related education within School of Engineering  Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability  Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation  Distance Education  Industry Courses
  3. 3. Blekinge Tekniska Högskola  One of the country’s most distinctly profiled institutes of technology  Vision/Profile of BTH: Applied Information Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Growth (2008)  ‘ProVision’ (Applied IT, Sustainability, Innovation) awarded a ‘KK Profile Grant’ from the Knowledge Foundation
  4. 4. BTH: Walking the Talk BTH shall from September 2008 be climate neutral. This will first and foremost be realized by proactive measures in BTH’s household’s and actor’s roles that successively reduce our own contribution to the climate problem. We will also use our unique education, research, collaboration and communication competence within our profile to generate climate-smart innovations and to remove, in the long-term, structural barrier against a climate neutral BTH, and a climate neutral society. Our contribution to the climate problem that we cannot eliminate, due to factors that in the short-term are beyond are influence, will be compensated for by purchase of certificates/emission rights. Board of Director’s meeting 2008-08-29
  5. 5. Sustainability Innovation Research
  6. 6. Sustainability Innovation Research Real Change represented a completely new funding model: 5 funding agencies working together
  7. 7. Sustainability Innovation Research CORE SPIRIT BTH/LU/ BTH TNS
  8. 8. Sustainability Innovation Research
  9. 9. Sustainability Innovation Research  Ph.D. awarded to Sophie Hallstedt (2008) A Foundation for Sustainable Product Development: How to inform a traditional product-service cycle using the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development  Ph.D. awarded to Henrik Ny (2009) Strategic Life-Cycle Modeling and Simulation for Sustainable Product Innovation The aim of this thesis is to study how a Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development can guide the use and improvement of detailed methods and tools, in particular to support sustainable product innovation (SPI)  Several other Ph.D.s awarded in 2009 in the fields of mechanical engineering
  10. 10. Sustainability Innovation Education 10 years ago:  Integrating environmental aspects into Mechanical Engineering  Educated staff about sustainable development  A mandatory basic course in sustainable development was developed and give to all students at Mechanical Engineering.  Build-up research field “Sustainable Product Innovation”
  11. 11. Recognition of our Sustainability Education  Report published in May 2009  Ranked BTH #1 in Sweden and #3 in Europe for engineering education for Sustainable Development
  12. 12. Sustainability Innovation Educational Programmes  Swedish Spatial Planning (Fysisk Planering)  European Spatial Planning and Regional Development (International 1-year)  Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (International 1-year)  Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation (International 2-year)
  13. 13. Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainabililty (MSLS) "The question of reaching sustainability is not about if we will have enough energy, enough food, or other tangible resources - those we have. The question is: will there be enough leaders in time?" - Dr. Göran Broman and Dr. Karl- Henrik Robèrt, programme founders
  14. 14. Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainabililty (MSLS)  First programme offering in 2004/2005  Now beginning our 6th year of studies  ~ 60 students per year, 15-20 countries  Very active at BTH and in Karlskrona  Significant media coverage, locally and globally  Many alumni accepting excellent positions after graduating  First alumni reunion/conference undertaken February 2009 in Australia
  15. 15. Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainabililty (MSLS) Two integrated themes A Framework Ability to for Strategic ENERGIZE Sustainable change (org. Development learning and (FSSD) leadership) … primarily content … primarily process We need both to adequately affect change!
  16. 16. MSLS Collaboration Opportunities  Strategic Managment for Sustainability Course  Thesis Projects (some great examples include)  Collaboration with Canadian Bioenergy Corporation: Opportunities and Challenges of the Biofuels Industry  From Clean Development to Strategic Sustainable Development: Strategic planning for the Clean Development Mechanism  Enhancing planning for local energy systems by the strategic sustainable development framework  Planning for a Sustainable Nexus of Urban Land Use, Transport and Energy  Principles-based Comparison Framework for Renewable Electricity Options
  17. 17. Master’s in Sustainable Product- Service-System Innovation (MSPI) Innovation Strategic Sustainable Development Innovation
  18. 18. Master’s in Sustainable Product- Service-System Innovation (MSPI)  First programme will be offered in 2010  2 year programme – Master of Science degree  Approximately 30 students per year, hopefully from a variety of different cultures and backgrounds  Will appeal to Engineers, Industrial and Product Designers, and Industrial Economists
  19. 19. Sustainability Distance Education • Currently 3 Sustainability Courses developed • Excellent success rate, especially with Master’s level course • For more information, please see:
  20. 20. Industry Courses  Aimed at the Professionals within one industry  Mixture of distance education plus in-person workshops  Run in collaboration with The Natural Step (International NGO)
  21. 21. Short, Professional Courses  Now offering customised short courses (1-week, 2- week)  Topics surround the basics of Sustainability and how your organization can contribute to sustainable development
  22. 22. Thank you for your attention  Please feel free to contact us for more information!  Contact information:  Real Change Programme, SPIRIT Programme:  Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability Programme:  Master’s in Sustainable Product-Service-System Innovation:  Industry Courses, Distance Course, and Short Courses: