The evolution of research


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Final presentation for my INFS 1000 class project. Based on my 3 phase research.

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The evolution of research

  1. 1. or The Research of Evolution By Tamara Blomberg
  2. 2. Original Topic & Explanation –Evolution vs. Creation Evolution vs. Creation/Intelligent Design – Since they are all theories as to the beginning of life and the universe, why are they not taught equally in public schools? Creation used to be taught exclusively until the famous “Monkey Trial” and now the situation is reversed and only Evolution is taught in most places. Since there are no eye-witnesses or scientific records that date back early enough to prove or disprove either theory, why aren’t they taught on equal ground?
  3. 3. Take a stance and re-phrase as Should evolution be  a statement of the stance you taught as are taking/focusing on for your research. “unquestionable fact” or as “one theory” of  Also, be sure you are taking into account the fact that in how human life scientific terminology/jargon, the term “theory” is not used began? the same way we may use it elsewhere (ie. In scientific terminology, a theory is not simply speculation, but is actually something that has been well-tested and is supported by a great deal of scientific evidence.) Narrowed Topic Focus Professor’s Feedback
  4. 4.  The theory of evolution is  It would be helpful to further often taught in public define this or even limit to classrooms as unquestionable one/some “theory/theories” fact not as one possible theory. that should also be taught in The beginning of human life public schools; and, again, and the universe pre-date consider use of the term eyewitness reports, “theories.” Also, are there any documented history and limitations that should be put scientific experimentation. on what types of theories are Therefore there are problems taught in a public educational with all the theories of how institution/any criteria for human life began on the planet what is taught? and no way to prove any one  scientists might argue it would theory should be taught be biased against scientific equally giving the students reasoning/scientific method to unbiased information. This will do this in a science class that allow the student to decide for teaches scientific method that themselves which theory is supports the theory of most logical. evolution Original Thesis Statement Professor’s Feedback
  5. 5. Evolution vs. Intelligent Design in public schools:I attempted to incorporate the Professor’s feedback into my project. I used the word “theory” less and used the words “Intelligent Design” instead of “Creation” whenever possible. I wanted to make my research more scientific and less religious.
  6. 6.  While teaching evolution in a  I think there are enough flaws in the theory of evolution and enough science science class, the science behind intelligent design that they should behind alternative ideas should both be taught in Science classes. This would allow students to use critical also be explored. Teachers thinking skills to analyze the evidence. should also give students Based on scientific evidence many in the information on the flaws and scientific community believe that evolution is the only theory as to the gaps in the theory of evolution. beginnings of life on Earth, but intelligent Because the beginning of life design also has supporters in the scientific community. There are flaws in the and the universe pre-dates any evolutionary theory and much of it is not recordable data, and is not testable or repeatable in a lab setting. repeatable or testable in a lab There are questions involving the complexity of human life, the differences setting, there always will be between macroevolution & microevolution some level of assumption and and the lack of transitional fossil evidence that can be scientifically explained speculation involved in any through intelligent design. Because the hypothesis as to the origins of beginning of life and the universe pre- dates any recordable data, there will be life. some level of assumption and speculation involved in any hypothesis. Due to these assumptions many educated people think that evolution is as much of a belief system as creationism.Revised -Narrowed Topic Focus Revised Thesis Statement
  7. 7. Evolution vs. Intelligent Design in the public schoolScience class: Although the professor said I did a good job incorporating her feedback into my project, my revised thesis statement was way too long and used personal language. The thesis statement isn’t graded again in Phase 3, but needed to be edited to use for my research justification, analysis & evaluation.
  8. 8.  Finalrevised thesis statement – “Right now most science classes teach evolution as the only theory as to the beginnings of life on Earth. Given both the science behind “intelligent design” and the scientific flaws in “evolution” they both should be taught in the science class. This will give students the opportunity to use critical thinking skills and the scientific method to analyze and justify the evidence.”
  9. 9. What I learned through the process: Don’t used biased language or be locked into one idea. Be open minded and flexible. Look for sources from all viewpoints. Don’t limit yourself to one database. When you find a possible source use the works cited in it to find more. When searching, use the links and subject headings to find other sources.
  10. 10. What I learned through the process: The one thing I found frustrating in doing this project was duplicating the search process for the Professor. There were times when I had a good source in my hand, but couldn’t adequately explain how I searched for it. Luckily, in most cases that won’t really be necessary. I learned quite a bit about research throughout this class and will use the information often – in my job, my education and my personal life.
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