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Hp on 3 generations
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  • 1. HP + UC&C Impacting 3 Generations March 3, 2010 Mike van Eerd, Sales Director EMEA, Hewlett-Packard © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P © The information herein is subject to change without notice. 2009 HP Confidential
  • 2. “There are three types of people: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happened.“ © 2009 HP Confidential
  • 3. The Obstacle Forrester indicated in Jun/09 that all UC&C vendors suffer from the same problem: they sell at IT level and do a technology push. This leads to long sales cycles, small PoC or pilots, and no roll- outs. © 2009 HP Confidential
  • 4. What is UC&C? People working together – UC&C is about people working together • people can talk easily, • when they want, • using the tools that fit them best – UC&C makes a lot of business sense to R&D, supply Chain, Sales, HR, Real Estate, etc. – UC&C Technology is mature © 2009 HP Confidential
  • 5. ‘people working together’ – what drives individuals to seek contact with others, and why would you want to communicate? • 'the purpose of communication is to provoke a response' • 'people want to be heard, to be appreciated and to be wanted. they also desire to complete tasks and to achieve goals.' • 'the purpose of communication is to send your message effectively to the receiver/reader. Communication links people who believe in a common cause, together with a view to strengthen relationships.' – So communication is about 1. Informing 2. seek a response 3. strengthen relationships – 1+2 are rational, 3 is emotional © 2009 HP Confidential
  • 6. Question for the audience – Who was born after 1980? – Between 1964 and 1980? – Between 1946 and 1964? – Before 1946? © 2009 HP Confidential
  • 7. Corporate Demography – demographic breakdown: (CH, 2009) • 17% under 14yrs • 12% Millennials (1980 - 2003) • 31% Generation X (1964 - 1980) • 25% Baby Boomers (1946 - 1964) • 15% over 65yrs – Millennials as group too small to compensate for loss of Baby Boomers Graph: Bundesamt für Statistik, Demografisches Porträt der © 2009 HP Confidential Schweiz Ausgabe 2005, pg 23
  • 8. Generational Differences Baby Boomers Generation X Generation Y # connections 20 80 200+ Work style 9-5 culture work-life balance always online Job Job for life Multiple employers “What do you offer me?” Life event Summer of 1968 Nov/89: Berlin wall Sep/01: New York WTC Hierarchy formal breaking down barriers flat world dream company government, engineering banking Google Communicate 1-1 1-n n-n collaborate, my Knowledge knowledge = power knowledge matters the 1st to share 'the king' Conf calls, voice mail, email, Skype, Chat, SMS, short emails, tools F2F, email, high-end video XING/LinkedIn, blogs, pictures, Facebook attention span this week today next 5 minutes © 2009 HP Confidential
  • 9. Comms tools Who talks to whom? And how? receive Baby Boomer Gen X Gen Y Send Baby Boomer 1-1, F2F, high-end Email, VC, calls, company VC, twitter (PR?) webcast, VM, newsletters, newsletters, email, call Gen X Call, email LinkedIn, blogs, IM, email, SMS, mobile, conf calls, call Presence, VirtualRoom Gen Y email IM, email, SMS IM, SMS, <100 word emails, FaceBook © 2009 HP Confidential
  • 10. “Men and women want to do a good job, and if they are provided the proper environment, they will do so.” – W. Hewlett © 2009 HP Confidential
  • 11. Practical Example: HP How we did it – Active mobile workplace policy •Everybody has laptop, VPN into HP network •35% of work spaces are flex desks (and % keeps growing) •Culture is to measure on results, peer feedback •Large porttfolio Web-based training available; any time, any place • Voice •OCS for peer-2-peer, internal conf calls (external soon added) •External conference call provider •Phones moving towards IP (Avaya, Cisco, etc.) • Collaboration stimulated •Everybody can create a Sharepoint site, share documents, link a (dispersed) team •Desktop sharing tools ie VirtualRoom for everyone •Collaborate.hp.com; etiquette, tools, ideas, best practices •HP WaterCooler; find peers, forums, blogs, wikis •HP HALO in most offices for high-end video meetings © 2009 HP Confidential
  • 12. Some Best Practices – 3 reasons why people connect: inform, seek a response, strengthen relationship. – Work anyplace, anytime, using the tools that fit you best. Think: mobile workplace (using Win7 migration as compelling event) – shifting demographies impact organisations; total workload stays equal with less employees. Provide tools to be more effective. – Different Groups have different communication needs; none fits all – Offer a palette of tools, and leave it to employees to pick what they like. Mgmt: Lead by example. – Your employees are bringing in the tools today anyhow. That is unmanageable, leads to exposure & costs. – Your sponsors are in the business. Find them. Talk to them. They support you. © 2009 HP Confidential
  • 13. Conclusions – Corporate culture changes are predictable Provide people the tools, and they will use it on their own. – Technology is pretty much mature, it works Pick what you like. – The value is there and tangible HP as example – HP has the portfolio & skills to make it work for you servers, storage, networks, devices, business relevance, consulting/deployment, support, maintenance © 2009 HP Confidential
  • 14. “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” © 2009 HP Confidential
  • 15. Thank You! © 2009 HP Confidential