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  • 1. The Deadline
    Candidate Number: 4669
    Centre Number: 10508
  • 2. 4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  • 3. Planning
  • 4. Microsoft Word
    We used Microsoft word to write our script; film and radio, timetables, Actor Agreement, casting, and letters.
  • 5. We used imovie to produce our animatic. We first used a pencil and paper to draw the images, we then photographed the images and uploaded them on imovie. By using imovie we were able to use the different sounds and transitions.
    Our animatic
  • 6. We used Facebook and Hotmail to keep in touch with each other. On many occasions we needed to send each other documents and messages to remind each other of appointments.
  • 7. Research
    We used Survey Monkey to gather an audience response about our ideas for the film. This was a very quick way to retrieve feedback.
  • 8. We used Google to carry most of our research, if we needed more information or if we encountered any problems we used Google to find possible answers or resolutions.
  • 9. We used YouTube for our independent research, we watched a lot of videos on filming techniques and generally the technicalities of filming.
  • 10. Construction
  • 11. Final Cut
    We used final cut to edit our film to create the final product. This was a new programme for us so in order to learn how to use it, a professional animator; Trevor Jarvis came in to teach us the basics.
  • 12. Logic:
    We used Logic to create our film score and we did this in the studio with a professional.
    We used live type to create the credits, and the title for our film, we chose to use LiveType as it had a lot of different options to choose from when it came to the fonts.
  • 13. This is the Livetype programme, where we created our title for the film.
  • 14. Imovie
    We used imovie to import our video clips from the camera. We also used imovie when we were creating our animatic during the beginning of the year.
  • 15. Final cut
    We used Final cut to edit and create our final film.
  • 16. Adobe Photoshop
    We used Adobe Photoshop when creating our poster for the film. We were shown at forst how to use it by a teacher who was very familiar to the programme, after his introduction we became quite familiar to it and didn't face much challenges.
  • 17. Imac
    This is where most of our work was done, I would say the main technology we used throughout the course of the year. All our work was saved and produced on the imac, and this included PowerPoint's, film editing, film animation etc. However we did also work from home on our laptops blogging and meeting deadlines.
  • 18. Digital Editing Suite
    We also did most of our editing in the studio, we added our sound clips and also produced new unique sounds.
  • 19. Evaluation
  • 20. BlogSpot
    We created a blog at the very beginning and from then we have updated it constantly with all our work. As well as uploading our work we also blogged about our lessons, and media related topics.
  • 21. Microsoft PowerPoint
    I used Microsoft PowerPoint mainly to present the results from our survey. Using this programme allowed me to quickly and efficiently put together and present my findings.