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Talent Tracking Guide
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Talent Tracking Guide


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  • 2. WHY TALENT TRACKING? Talent Tracking is an important process to understand your overall membership capacity, performance, and quality of experience. Talent Tracking is a proven method to boost results 17% by doing nothing else. It is also one of the key ways to track the development of your membership (development of competencies through performance and experiences). – have each member do a competency evaluation at the beginning and at the end of the semester to track overall development of competencies.
  • 3. HOW DO WE DO IT?  The talent tracking tool is for leaders to track overall performance and development of membership. It is meant to be customized to your LC reality – remember that this is just a framework. Find it here:  Ensure that functional VPs have ownership over their talent as much as the VP TM, TM Team, and LCP  The tool is streamlined and easy to use  A VP can quickly understand bottlenecks, star performers, and people with dynamic AIESEC XPs - the dashboard helps you understand the full picture about each member and team  The VP TM & LCP can see team-by-team where the bottlenecks are and discuss issues with each VP
  • 4. DASHBOARD  Input each members name and position into the team  Everything else will be automatic  VP TM & LCP – look at this every week for a quick overview of the LC  Quick overview of each member  Quick overview of each team  Average member performance  Average team performance  Quality of team experience  Quickly asses star performers, core performers, and laggards
  • 5. MEMBER INFORMATION  Personal Information  Membership Status – based on LC compendium  Previous & current AIESEC Experience  Additional AIESEC experience  Input each members information at the beginning of every semester and edit as you go along or at the end
  • 6. LC ATTENDANCE  TM tracks LCM  Each VP tracks member participation in key events such as sales blitz  Mark Y for attended, E FOR excused, and N for absent  Track LCMs  Track Functional Team Meetings  Track LC events & Participation
  • 7. TEAM MINIMUMS  Define your LC team minimums or use AIESEC US team minimums  Each VP tracks their team minimums  LCP and VP TM support the EB in ensuring team minimums happen  Track the quality of the team experience delivered based on team minimums (monthly)  Team Meetings (weekly)  Monthly Review (monthly)  Team Day (quarterly)  Quarter Review  Plan/RePlan  Team Building  Team Building (on demand)  Feedback (monthly)  Coaching Meeting (monthly)
  • 8. FUNCTIONAL TEAMS  Overview of performance for your team based on team metrics, goals, and time to achieve  It automatically shows you:  Actual  % Goal completion which changes color based on progress  Projected Actual Deadline  Current average for KPI achievement  Define KPIs for each member  Each member defines goals and weeks for completion  Track KPI achievement (weekly)  Review performance (bi-weekly)
  • 9. CUSTOMIZE If you don’t have a tool, it’s recommend you use this tool and customize it to your LC reality. If you already have a tool, think about how you can make it more efficient and easy to use. You can use certain tabs about this tool to your already existing one. Talent Tracking isn’t effective if it isn’t reviewed and updated weekly. Otherwise it won’t have an impact!
  • 10. QUESTIONS? FEEDBACK? If you have any questions about Talent Tracking or have any feedback, feel free to contact: Tala Mansi , MC VP Talent Management 2013-2014