Going Mobile: Optimizing Your Digital Communications


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With the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets across every demographic and socioeconomic class, the importance of ensuring your organizational goals and digital communications are strategically aligned is essential. Understanding connections between the social behaviors on the mobile web today and your carefully crafted campaign messages are the linchpins to achieving your organization’s objectives.

Michael Winn serves in a dual role as Chief Digital Officer of DigitalOpps and Digital Marketing Director at RB Oppenheim Associates, where he is responsible for analyzing and maximizing all digital media campaigns, corporate marketing objectives and web-based organizational branding initiatives for the firm’s clients. His responsibility is to ensure that all current technologies, digital methodologies and search engine optimization strategies are leveraged to provide the highest level of client success. Winn’s senior level management consulting experience with commercial brands such as Acura, Honda, General Motors and non-profit organizations like United Way and the American Cancer Society serves as the foundation of his knowledge and expertise in maximizing complex digital campaigns.

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Going Mobile: Optimizing Your Digital Communications

  1. 1. Going Mobile Optimizing Your Digital Communications
  2. 2. The number of internet users In the world today… worldinternetstats.com
  3. 3. The number of people in the world today… 2012 US Census Bureau
  4. 4. The number of people with mobile devices today… 2012 US Census Bureau
  5. 5. Number of global internet users who access the internet only via mobile…
  6. 6. Number of global internet users who access the internet only via mobile… One size does NOT fit all.
  7. 7. Communication Strategy  Objectives  Audiences  Messages  Engagement  Measurement  Assessment
  8. 8. EARNED OWNED PAID Communication Strategy
  9. 9. 5 Behaviors on the Social Web Watch 79.8% Share 61.2% Comment 36.% Produce 24.2% Curate <1 % (Altimeter Group: Socialgraphics) Your Audience Behaviors
  10. 10. Communication Strategy
  11. 11. Your #1 Audience Can I find you without knowing your name?
  12. 12. Mobilize: Connections 250M users 50% access via mobile 90M monthly users *91% of mobile phones have photo/video capability 1.1B users 68% access via mobile 10M users 100% access via mobile (35,000 new users daily) Over 2B views each day Over 100M mobile views 50M registered users 50% access via mobile
  13. 13. Mobilize: Opportunities
  14. 14. Mobilize: Native v. Web-based
  15. 15. Are you shaping your messages for a positive mobile experience?  Responsive  Adaptive  Relevant
  16. 16. What do users want from mobile websites ?
  17. 17. Mobilize: Content Management
  18. 18. Mobilize: Responsive Content
  19. 19. Seven Mobile Tools
  20. 20. Measurement: Mobile Metrics
  21. 21. Frequency: When to post Location: Where to post Measurement: Trending: What to post Influencer: Who to post to Social Metrics
  22. 22. On-Demand Reports Objectives Integrated with goals Targeted to audience Strategic to media Opportunities Observe and adapt Analytical trends Future events Assessment
  23. 23. Thank you! Michael Winn Chief Digital Officer Digital Opps @DigitalWINN 850-980-9222 mwinn@rboa.com