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Some tips I learned during the migration process from Moodle v1.9 to Moodle v2.2. I researched a course-by-course method, but then found full-site migration possible. The slides here show just course-by-course methods.

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Moodle Migration Tips - 1.x 2.x

  1. 1. Moodle Migration 1.x to 2.x Alternate Title: A Moodle Migration Study by Thom W. Rawson University of Nagasaki
  2. 2. Two kinds of MigrationA. Full Site (shotgun approach)B. Course-by-course *** (pick-off method - I chose it!)
  3. 3. 1.9 to 2.x Ingredients– A production server (existing 1.9 site which is live)– A test server (containing two new Moodle sites)– 1.9 clean installation (use the GIT repository)– 2.x clean installation (use the GIT repository)– All required mods and enhancements • Working versions in both 1.9 and 2.x • Includes backup/restore function • Dont use it if you dont need it.– OPTIONAL: An extra dose of patience– OPTIONAL: A healthy dose of luck
  4. 4. Make sure server has the HP! Power UP for 2.x!• Making sure PHP settings (PHP.ini) are up to the task.• max_execution_time (maximum execution time for each script)• max_input_time (maximum amount of time each script may spend parsing request data.)• memory_limit (up it!)
  5. 5. Browser Power• Use a heavyweight browser - Mozilla Firefox• Safari - I didnt try it, but perhaps it would be OK.• Google Chrome is nimble, o Sometimes experiences ERROR 324 when running extended processes - not recommended!• Internet Explorer - Untested, but possibly OK.
  6. 6. Once the migration sites are ready...Process:• Copy the Course o 1.9 Production to 1.9 Migration Server o Clean up course files/activities if needed• Backup 1.9 Migration CourseNOTE: 1.9 Migration server should be the latest 1.9available. (Using the GIT repository ensures this!)
  7. 7. ...try to restore a course in 2.x!• Create a file system repository (see docs).• Requires a link to the file system from within the new Moodle data directory.• If the Moodle installs are "parallel", this is easy! o /var/lib/www/moodledata/1x/<course_id> o /var/lib/www/moodledata/2x/repository/<course_id>• Important for other reasons later discussed!
  8. 8. A sample migration???
  9. 9. Notes on User data• User data doesnt migrate course-by-course at the time of writing. Why? I couldnt quickly determine.• There may be third-party course file converters which can help with this process.• Ex. o (Moodle 1.9 to 2.0 converter - I never tried it)
  10. 10. Once you finish migrating a course...• Check the content. o Looks can be deceiving• Try some of the activities/quizzes o Drag-and-drop questions had to be re-programmed• If possible, have some users test it for you for functionality.• If things go wrong, try to re-import after correcting issues in 1.9 side -- OR fix them in 2.x if you can.
  11. 11. realize youre not finished, yet!• Legacy course files - what are they?• What happens when you edit content? o Say "goodbye" to your images o You have to "re-add" them the new "Moodle way!"• How do I get used to the new way of viewing course files in Moodle? o Practice and use it! Its the only way o PoodLL File Explorer?
  12. 12. Dont lose hope!• Changes to 2.x are being made weekly.• Update your GIT repositories and keep at it.• Check the Moodle forums for help.• Lots of people have the same issues.• Ask me! Im willing to help!
  13. 13. References• (use forums in particular)• (social coding web)• (the software for GIT)• (open source projects eg. PoodLL)• (mercurial SCM site)• (open source Linux flavor of choice)• thomw at sun dot ac dot jp (contact me if you need help)