Linkedin explained By Tallon Hawkins


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Tallon Hawkins sharing the basics of how to use LinkedIn and features.

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  • How many of you have more than 40 emails in your inbox?Do you overlook or miss emails from time to time?
  • Linkedin explained By Tallon Hawkins

    1. 1. LinkedIn Explained How to Search Engine Optimize & set up your Account the right way By: Tallon Hawkins Integrated Business Technologies (IBT) 1914 West Reno, Suite A Broken Arrow, OK 74012 (918)-770-8738
    2. 2. LinkedIn Members
    3. 3. Did you know…? LinkedIn is completely Intuitive Social Media, like Technology is always changing. It is an ongoing learning process. 1 “Hidden Costs of Information Work: A Progress Report,” IDC, Doc #217936, May 2009 2
    4. 4. Structuring Account/Profile • When creating a LinkedIn Account, remember to never share your password with anyone else. Choose to set up a basic account. Premium accounts cost monthly. • Fill out every field: your Country, business zip, Job title, company name, Your Email Address… etc…. • Share that you’ve joined LinkedIn on all of your Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter etc… • Connect your LinkedIn Account to your Facebook and Twitter and any other networks possible. • After these steps, LinkedIn takes you to your profile and will ask you all the questions you need to answer. Answer every question, complete all the tasks, and don’t skip any so that you can complete your profile 100%. • Be descriptive yet short, sweet, and to the point! • Upload a picture that is only of your head and neck. It should be a Professional Head Shot of yourself looking friendly, happy, and at your best
    5. 5. Search Engine Optimize your LinkedIn Ways for your LinkedIn to be the most search friendly and viewable – You want Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all other search engines to easily rank your LinkedIn profile high so that more people will find and connect with you. Search engines rank by location so don’t worry about someone in another country viewing you or someone that will have no benefit to you because of distance trying to connect with you. In most cases this shouldn’t happen. – Go to your Account Settings and make sure you make your Account all the way public so that everyone can find you. – Create a custom URL which you want to be your first and last name – Provide links to your websites. Put your first and last name in every field to make your name show higher in searches.
    6. 6. Apps to download • LinkedIn: The app allows you to always stay up to date and request to connect to anyone without having to provide LinkedIn with the email address of the person you are requesting to connect with. • Card Munch: Take a picture of any Business Card and send it to your LinkedIn and it automatically adds the person to a contact list built into the app.
    7. 7. Ways to add connections - Once you connect your Facebook and Twitter profiles to your LinkedIn it allows you to send all your friends and followers requests to connect. You also have the option of adding your email address contacts as connections. - You can also send requests to people you have worked with for Recommendations and endorsements. Go to one of your connection’s profiles to view their skills. Click the + sign by the skills you know them to have and you will have Endorsed that skill of theirs. Remember people will return the favor.
    8. 8. Other: You can make job posts on LinkedIn, start your own groups, and add your company to LinkedIn as a page My best advice is to take the time to fill everything out and explore the site. It is very simple When writing your summary make it about how you can help people and benefit them. That is mostly all people care to read and will lose interest if you talk about yourself the whole time. It should be a little about you considering it is your Summary so write it in the third person as if someone else wrote it about you. If not written correctly people will know you created it and you will appear hot headed with an oversized ego. So think about it, take your time, and have others read it and give you their opinion.
    9. 9. Thank You! Integrated Business Technologies (IBT) Tallon Hawkins (918)-770-8738