Gunn Jr. High Library Orientation

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Learn all about our library procedures here!

Learn all about our library procedures here!

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  • 1. Gunn Jr. High Library Map to Success
  • 2. Librarian
    • Mrs. Holland
  • 3. Hours of Operation
    • 8:30 – 4:05
    • Students may come into the library in the morning from 8:30-8:55 Monday – Friday.
    • Students must have a pass from a teacher or an honor card (2 nd -6 th weeks) to enter the building.
  • 4. Library Expectations
    • Gum or candy are not permitted.
    • Email, chat rooms, or game playing is prohibited.
    • Printing items costs 10 cents per copy.
    • Use a quiet voice when conversing with your peers.
  • 5. General Procedures
    • Please be respectful to others around you by staying on task.
    • Please pick up trash in your area.
    • Please push in chairs when leaving the library.
    • During checkout Two people to a table!!
  • 6. Circulation Rules
    • Students IDs or your Gunn Planner are required to check out books or use the computers.
    • Students may check 2 books at a time for up to 3 weeks at a time.
  • 7. Lost Books and Fines
    • Fines are charged for overdue materials at a rate of ten cents per day per book.
    • Fines and overdue notices are sent once a month.
    • Students with outstanding material and/or fines will not be allowed check out privileges until fines/lost books have been rectified.
    • Damages to magazines will result in paying full price for the magazine.
  • 8. Library Passes
    • Students must have a pass written by a teacher to be in the library when not with a class.
    • Advisory – Students must come and get a library advisory pass from Mrs. Holland before advisory to be in the library during advisory
  • 9. Advisory Period
    • Students cannot come everyday.
    • Behavior expectations are strictly enforced. Students who misbehave during advisory will lose the privilege to visit during advisory and a referral will be written.
  • 10. Computer Usage
    • User is responsible for damages to the equipment, systems, and software resulting from deliberate or willful acts.
    • PROHIBITED : use of the network for non-school related work (games, e-mail, chat rooms…) & loading or use of unauthorized games, programs, files
  • 11. Library Tips
    • Do not loan your book to someone else, you are responsible for books checked out in your name.
    • Do not check out for anyone but yourself.
    • Check books for damage before leaving the library, please.
  • 12. Responsibility
    • You are responsible for turning your book in on time. A convenient book drop is located in the Science hallway. You do not need a pass to drop a book off in the drop-you can drop books off during passing periods!
  • 13. New Procedure for Manga and Anime Books
    • Manga and Anime books are now kept behind the desk.
      • Procedures to checkout manga and anime books are:
      • Bring the photocopy of the cover to the front desk and either Mrs. Holland or a Library assistant will give the book.
      • The photocopied book covers will be on the magazine shelf closest to the teacher work area
  • 14. Book Care
    • Keep them clean
    • Keep them dry
    • Don’t eat or drink when using a book
    • Do not write in books
    • Keep out of the reach of small children
    • DO NOT repair books! Do bring them to the library for repair. We have the correct materials, and experience to repair books.
  • 15. Gator Book Club
    • Who: Open to all Gunn Jr. High students
    • What: Read and discuss books with friends and teachers. Possible guest speakers
    • Where: Library
    • When: Once a month on Friday, September 12 at lunchtime. Please see Mrs. Holland to sign up
    • Why: It is fun!
  • 16. Treasure Chest
    • Students may enter their name into a box for give-a-ways in the library by:
    • Turning books in on time.
    • Having your Gunn student ID to checkout (once you have it)
    • Prizes include: Books, Posters, and other items