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Webinar - New UK consumer contract regulation
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Webinar - New UK consumer contract regulation


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  • 2. + Known as “The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013” + Dept of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has responsibility for bringing EU Directive into UK law + Key Measures included in the new EU Consumer Rights Directive + increasing the time limit for returning goods purchased online or by phone from 7 days to 14 + banning pre-ticked tick boxes for extras that the consumer may not want or need + setting out key information consumers should be given before agreeing to purchase + Post-contract customer help lines be charged at no more than “Basic” rate. + Implementation date 13th June 2014 + Regulations will apply to contracts concluded on or after above date WHAT IS THE NEW LEGISLATION?
  • 3. + If you are a trader selling goods and services (including digital content) to a consumer – these regulations apply to you + These will apply to contracts concluded after 13th June 14. + On this date the distance selling regulations 2000 and off-premises (doorstep) regulations 2008 will be revoked + Does not impact Business to Business transactions + There are some exemptions typically where other sector specific regulation applies as follows…. WHO IS AFFECTED?
  • 4. Certain business types or services may be exempt or partially exempt from the provisions of the regulation: EXEMPTIONS TO REGULATION Contracts only partly covered by regulation + Passenger transport are except from cancellation rights and most of the information requirements. + Low value off-premise contracts <£42 + Items dispensed on prescription Financial services NOTE: Warranties, credit agreements and insurance products which are offered in conjunction with the sale of non- financial goods will still need to meet the regulations. The Government has asked the Financial Services Conduct Authority to consider equivalent regulation Contracts Exempt + Gambling as covered by the Gambling Act 2005 + Construction & Sale of immovable property + Residential letting contracts + Package travel contracts + Timeshare contracts + Vending machines and other goods intended for current consumptions + Single connections for use by telephone, fax or internet
  • 5. + Regulation applies to POST SALE calls only + New numbers must be in place by 13th June 2014 + “Basic Rate” mean numbers must be Geographic, Mobile, or, if NGN must be ‘Free to call’ + OFCOM making 0800/0808 numbers free from mobiles in mid 2015 (but may cost more) + Numbers must be given equal prominence on advertising, letterheads, website etc + Sole use of Premium rate (09xx) and other revenue sharing ranges (e.g. 0844, 0871) for post contract calls will no longer be acceptable + But it’s perfectly OK to still use them for pre-sales! + 0870 may be acceptable but is often charged at more than geographic. OFCOM plan to make it a revenue generating number again in 2015 so is best avoided HOW WILL I BE AFFECTED?
  • 6. +Have you have already decided what number to use? Yes you have No you haven’t WEBINAR ATTENDEE POLL
  • 7. WHAT OPTIONS DO I HAVE? Could use 01/02 no’s Not a simple substitution, Geographic significance may not be desirable for some organisations or require multiple numbers Take an 03xx number Simple substitution of one number TTB can supply an 03XX version of your 08XX number (or request it from another operator) Change 08XX number Complex exercise requiring significant effort, expense and lead-times Would you be ready for June 13th? Parallel run numbers Continue using existing 08XX but provide messages to callers about new 03XX number Advertise on websites/email footers Do nothing Customer can demand reimbursement of additional charges Brand damage/bad press Action taken by Trading Standards
  • 8. BENEFITS OF USING AN 03 NUMBER Consistent charges Callers will pay same charge as call to 01/02 – even from mobiles Often included 03 included in many call packages so would effectively be ‘free’ from landlines and mobiles. Number unity TTB can supply 03XX version of 08xx. Simple substitution of one number. Built on reputation Widely used by charities/public bodies – 03 becoming a ‘trusted’ number. Part of a growing club 03 is used by BBC for all listener/viewer contact. Increasingly adopted by government and pseudo government organisations e.g. DVLA, Blood transfusion etc Network Services 03 can be used with all TTB inbound products including IVR, Host Contact Centre etc.
  • 9. IMPACT OF NOT COMPLYING WITH REGULATION? + Regulation will be enforced by the Competition and Markets Authority + Enforcement through Local Trading Standard (Weights & Measures) + Department of Enterprise, Trade & Investments in Northern Ireland + What is the penalty for non-compliance? + Customers can demand a refund on the difference in cost from that of a basic rate call. + Enforcement authority may apply for injunction to secure compliance + Brand & Reputational Damage + It is very likely consumer groups e.g. Which etc and the national press will take an interest. Companies flouting the regulation or acting in such a manner that is clearly against the spirit of the regulation can expect to find themselves in the public eye and suffer the resultant potential bad press and brand damage.
  • 10. THE TALKTALK BUSINESS 6 POINT PLAN Telling your customers Don’t wait for June 13th - Start telling your customers now. Post new number on website/invoices/email footers etc. Update directories Review affected numbers/services Confirm numbers in use, who supplied them and any network services which are included. Are any services paid through revenue share? Review options 1. Do nothing! 2. Order your 03xx numbers now 3. Run new numbers in parallel 4. Use network services to split traffic Timelines Changing numbers take time e.g. BT Directory, Van signage Call handling systems or network service changes may be needed. New processes/staff training Managing financial impact Can you continue to provide the same service post June? Maybe it’s time to review call handling strategy. Consolidate services/providers Is your business in scope? Check if your company exempt from this? 1 2 3 4 5 6
  • 11. Welcome Customer servicesPre-sales General Enquiries 0844 XXX XXXX Some sectors exempt e.g. Financial Services CURRENT SOLUTION Non- Compliant after 13th June
  • 12. Welcome – Note 1 Customer servicesPre-sales General Enquiries 0844 XXX XXXX 0344 XXX XXXX Note: Message should tell callers if they used the 08XX number there is a cheaper 03xx number for post sales calls Partner can supply complimentary 03XX Number EXAMPLE SOLUTIONS – PARALLEL RUN Compliant
  • 13. Pre-sales 0844 XXX XXXX 0344 XXX XXXX Post Sales Welcome Welcome General Enquiries Customer services 0800 XXX XXXX 01204 XXX XXXX Alternative numbers EXAMPLE SOLUTION – HYBRID Tell customers that select a post sales option to call the basic rate number Customer may continue to call 08XX number so preserving some post sale revenue Compliant
  • 14. Pre-sales 0844 XXX XXXX 0344 XXX XXXX WelcomeWelcome General Enquiries Customer services IDEAL SOLUTION 0800 XXX XXXX 01204 XXX XXXX Alternative numbers Note: 0800 not ‘free to caller’ at present - June 2015 Compliant
  • 15. HOW WE CAN HELP Technical support TTB Business experts are on hand to review your services and to advise on the best course of action for your business (whether you are already with us or not) Flexible Numbers Our inbound numbers can be used with any service type – geographic or non geographic. We also provide an extensive range of cloud-based call handling products for all sizes of business 03XX numbers If you are using 08xx numbers (whether supplied by TTB or not) we can supply the equivalent 03xx number for use on post contract lines. Business numbers TTB offer one of the widest ranges of business numbers (08XX, 09XX, 03XX, 01xx/02XX etc.) in the UK. We can also port numbers in from all the major carriers. Designed for you Many customers use our off-the-shelf products but TTB can also supply customised solutions to meet a wide variety of different business and commercial needs. Free to caller “free to caller” Number Announcement services are available for larger Customers/Partners if changing numbers.
  • 16. Questions? (Online only)
  • 17. SOURCES OF FURTHER INFORMATION + Department for Business, Innovation & Skills + consumers/supporting-pages/implementing-the-consumer-rights-directive-2011-83-eu + UK Consumer Contract Regulation r-contracts-information-cancellation-and-additional-payments-regulations-2013.pdf + Guidance on the regulations 1368-consumer-contracts-information-cancellation-and-additional-payments-regulations- guidance.pdf
  • 18. Thank you