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What is pinterst nywic event

  1. 1. What is Pinterest?
  2. 2. is a social media outletthat allows users to organize and share photos thatthey have taken or have found online. Users create“pinboards” and then add photos to them, eitherthrough uploading the picture directly from theircomputer, a URL, or by using Pinterest’s “Pin It Button”.If a user decides to use the “Pin It Button”, the image willlink back to the website it came from. The goal ofPinterestis to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’they find interesting”
  3. 3. Pinterest Demographics and Information
  4. 4. Pinterest Demographics and Information
  5. 5. Pinterest Demographics and Information
  6. 6. Using Pinterest Terms and info
  7. 7. Pinterest Boards and Pins knowledge base
  8. 8. TermsPin – an image added to PinterestPinboard – collection of images created by the user. Usually is based on atheme such as fashion, recipes, or home décor.Pinning - the act of adding an image to Pinterest.Pin It Button – allows users to grab an image from a website and directly pin itto one of their pinboards.Repin – reposting someone else’s pin to your own board.Like – a way to show interest in a pin without repining it.
  9. 9. Graphic/Image Sizes and Specs -The maximum horizontal width of a picture is 554 pixels. Anything larger will be resized-A good infographic dimension is 500 x 2500+,but never larger than 5000: Be Sure Text/Images are Large an Clean,Easy to Read-Although you can use up to 500 characters in a description,users seem to enjoy shorter ones.-Settle for using main keywords and descriptors.***If you need to add more information, do so in the comment section
  10. 10. The Pinterest Profile: Navigation and Controls (Basics)
  11. 11. ProfileAdd a Pin, Upload Image or NavigationCreate a NewBoard Pinterest Information -Pinterest Guide -Help -“Pin It” Button -Tools
  12. 12. Profile/Logo Description160p X 160p 200 Characters Social, Etsy People you Repin or Website Links Most Often
  13. 13. Board and Profile Who isYour Information Editing Following You. Who You Follow. Your Interactions: -Follows -Likes -Comments
  14. 14. Using Pinterest Building Boards
  15. 15. Create a Board Name It Pick One if You Can or Choose “Other” Add Contributors? Create it!NOTE: You Aren’t Done...
  16. 16. Add Description! Save Settings!
  17. 17. Creating Backlinks to YOUR Websites, Blogs and Social SitesPaste A URL-Direct Link to Source. If You Own the Create Link from ANYSite Use This Image. This is Most Flexible...Click This to See...
  18. 18. Uploading an Image to Create a Custom Link Pick the Board Description NOTE: Use keywords in description as this is the main search signal Pin It!!
  19. 19. Type or Paste Entire http Save Pin!
  20. 20. Changing/Choosing Board Cover Image Hover Over Any Image Or Board and “Edit Board Cover” Will Appear.
  21. 21. Using Pinterest
  22. 22. Preparing your page• Photos• Photo quality• Graphics• Video• Banners/badges/buttons• Watermarking 22
  23. 23. Crescent Breakfast Ring
  24. 24. Newspaper Nails
  25. 25. Fringe Scarf
  26. 26. Preparing your page• Be polite Good comments:• Positivity – Love it! – Nice.• Engage Better comment:• Give thanks This recipe looks• Mention a pin delicious. I can’t wait to• Delete spam/offensive make it! Do you think I comments could substitute the all purpose flour with whole• Respond to comments wheat flour?
  27. 27. SEO• “Pin it” button• “Follow me” button• Pin from your webpage• Pin your business• Follow big name businesses• Cross promote Pinterest – through Twitter & Facebook
  28. 28. • Google now turns up Pinterest boards • Keywords/tags are important • Hashtags (#) to match Twitter • Link to your site in the description tag• Don’t hide your profile from search engines
  29. 29. Tracking Pinterest• Google Analytics gives you more information from Pinterest than from Facebook• Pinerly.com
  30. 30. Important things to do on Pinterest Copyright Issues and Protecting Your Own Assets Watermark Any of Your Images Don’t Change URL’s of Images That Aren’t Yours: They Must Always Link Back to Original Source Be Sure All Images You Own are Linked Back to Your Websites/Blogs/Social ProfilesDo Not Block Out or Modify Watermarks, Copyrights, Logos or any Other Identifying Marks Put Your Logo or Name in a Corner of the Image When in Doubt, Don’t Use it!
  31. 31. This presentation is available on SlideShare.net Thank you Erik@talkingfinger.com 203-491-0306 Facebook.com/talkingfinger Pinterest.com/talkingfinger Talkingfinger.com
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