Re-Branding Playboy


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This is Erik's class final project. A re-branding campaign was needed and Playboy was the subject we chose. Teachers notes: Flawless. To get details, feel free to visit us on our Facebook page and ask questions!

Re-Branding Playboy

  1. 1. The rabbit…
  2. 2. …is not dead…
  3. 3. …He’s only 58…
  4. 4. Welcome to the new look and feel that is…
  5. 5. Welcome to the rebranding project for Presented by:
  6. 6. The History • Founded in 1953 by Hugh Hefner with a financial investment of $1000 dollars which was loaned to him by his mother. Hugh Hefner turned that money and a dream into a globally recognized brand. • Today, Playboy is the 50th most recognized brand in the USA and has a global reach that includes 1.5 million print subscriptions, a massive digital presence and a footprint of merchandise and clubs that span the world.“It was the magazine that carried the brand, now the brand carries the magazine.” Hugh Hefner, 2010
  7. 7. •The first issue dropped on December of 1953. •First magazine focused on male entertainment •Featured monthly interviews of notable public figures •Ads focused on style and luxury •Articles targeted at educated men The magazine generally reflects a liberal editorial stance, which hasn’t changed much in its 58 years.•Print subscriptions peaked at over 7 million issues•Playboy was able to extend a magazine into a brand that included…but was not limited to: - 40 Playboy clubs globally. - The legendary Grotto and the Playboy Mansion - Casinos - A full clothing line & apparel for men & women …And the intangible…The Playboy Lifestyle
  8. 8. Although this may soundimpressive, some say that Playboy’s best days are behind them.
  9. 9. Modern Day Playboy Subscriptions now total 1.5 million. Down from a high of 7 million. 40 Clubs down to a handful globally. No more DC-9. No more DC-9 At least the Mansion and Grotto are still there…but even the lavish parties are no longer as frequent as they used to be.
  10. 10. We are here to change that. Here’s how…
  11. 11. Logo FaceliftGoal: Maintain recognition of the iconwithout losing its iconic imagery.•Beveled edge adds depth and black bunny evokes mystery and intrigue•A touch of red added to the bowtie signifies a few key objectives: Indicates passion Grabs attention and is HOT A symbol of happiness and prosperity in ChinaSo join us in welcoming the new, “Naughty” Playboy.
  12. 12. Rebranding Objectives• Introduce/Increase awareness of the “new” girl next door to a younger male demographic: 18-34• Promote the revamped content, format and diversity of Playmates and featured Celebrities• Persuade male segment of Playboy’s brand superiority.• Increase awareness of Playboy Enterprises brand extensions (iPlayboy, products, clubs…)• Measurable goal: INCREASE overall (online and print media) subscribership by 15% or 255,000.
  13. 13. Consumer / Audience Analysis Shift the target market to ethnically diverse, modern men, ages 18-34.Playboy men are Experiencers, Strivers and Early Adapters but they don’t look like they used to. This isn’t Daddy’s Playboy anymore. From this… To this.
  14. 14. Consumer / Audience AnalysisCurrent Print subscriptions: Current Online subscriptions: 1.5 million 160,000 Gender: 81% male Gender: 72% male 19% female 28% female Age: 50% 18-34 Age: 37% 18-34 50% 35+ 45% 25-49 Median Age: 36 18% 50+ Median HH Income: $55,620 Median HH Income: $86,006 Maintain core brand elements to show Playboy is still loyal to long-time subscribers throughout IMC rebranding initiative.
  15. 15. Creative Strategy Objectively focus on increasing online subscriptions at $8/m or $60/yr o Print subscriptions average a meager $12/yr with higher overhead o Meet the target demographic where they are: ONLINE o Shift interest of brand to include a lower HH income bracket Target men: various ethnicities, 18-34 age bracket, technologically inclined with available discretionary income living face paced lives and looking for the next hottest topic and trend. The “Naughty” Theme is emotionally oriented > sex appeal & allure o Unique selling point of superiority in content, photos, cross platform access to all the brand offerings o The unattainable becomes attainable – Featured Celebrities o Brand evoked lifestyle: It’s smart, sexy, edgy, and within reach -A blend of affective and conative tactics used as needed
  16. 16. Creative Strategy The facts are undeniable and Supported by 58 years of brand equity o Oldest men’s entertainment magazine o Highly recognized brand - #50 in United States in 2011 o One of the worlds most popular men’s websites with more than 5 million unique global visitors and 45 million page views monthly! o Beat Penthouse & Hustler combined by 1 million issues in 2011 Constrained by a limited advertising budget of roughly $1 million and one year timeline, creative strategies & tactics will be maximized. o Decisive use of sexual connotations and nudity o Negative perceptions and press must be monitored closely
  17. 17. Media Mix
  18. 18. Facebook Marketing  Currently there are 88,294,040 males in this demographic  With a CPM range of .22-.37 we plan on hitting them all…reason…Sample ad that will appear on the walls of 18-34 year old males all year long
  19. 19. Average Facebook user has 229 friendsWhat a user sees by clicking on the ad  Playboy Facebook page.
  20. 20. This happens on Eriks Timeline…but more importantly…
  21. 21. All of Erik’s friends see it as well.This collaterally exposes all of Eriks friends and generates awareness to the brand.
  22. 22. The power of 1
  23. 23. …Erik = 1…
  24. 24. …Erik has 229 friends...
  25. 25. …If only 10% click on it that’s 22 new likes to the page…
  26. 26. 22 x 229 = 5,038
  27. 27. 5,038 x 10% = 503
  28. 28. 503 x 229 = 115,187
  29. 29. 115,187New Facebook
  30. 30. The power of 1 can make anything go VIRALOne .50 add has the potential to bring awareness to thousands.
  31. 31. Pulsating Schedule Additional media sources will add bursts of higher advertising intensity throughout the campaign year. Sponsored Twitter Feed – Promoted Trend to create buzz during Q1 of campaign. #Playboy Billboard/Poster Advertising: NYC, LA, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami & Houston -Concentrated during high tourist, trade show, travel & sport seasons.
  32. 32. Product PlacementClassic Product placement! Playboy will provide at no charge a suite of merchandise to “popular” TV program characters in order to obtain product placement advertising.  INCREASE BRAND RECOGNITION, RECALL, and ASSOCIATION with celebrities the target market is constantly exposed to.
  33. 33. TV & Streaming15 Second Static Spots
  34. 34. 15 Second Static Spots
  35. 35. Sales Promotion & Direct Marketing Tactics Traditional Tactic – Direct Mail Utilize Playboy’s verified subscriber database Target past subscribers to receive one free, “Naughty” issue at random o Reconnect and familiarize them with the new Playboy 250,000 copies will be sent out during the campaign year Will allow Playboy to sell more advertising therefore increase revenue and brand awareness.
  36. 36. Guerrilla Marketing  Stage character actors dressed as Hugh Hefner and Playmates > running down the street being chased by Hugh Hefner Target same major metropolitan areas as outdoor advertising. Interact with photos and establish a with audience/consumers
  37. 37. Lifestyle Marketing  Playboy sponsorship & promotional events at clubs and bars focused geographically near colleges in areas with a high 18-34 male demographic.Social media (Facebook and Twitter) will be used as the corepromotional tool will draw in appropriately segmented crowds(male and 21+)Opportunities for: o higher level of remembrance o interaction and touch points o creation of leverage points or brand introduction o BUZZ and word-of-mouth o College girl issues to be handed out to core demographic
  38. 38. Co-Branding Advertising o Co-Op with well known alcohol brands. o QR codes printed onto the bottles. o QR Codes are only accessible via Mobile Devices and can take the user anywhere in Real-Time. – Newer Tactic. o Directs user to dedicated landing page with specialized content o Playboy will have the ability to track all analytics / results from this effort
  39. 39. Publicity / Press Release• LEAK of Q1’s “Naughty” Celeb, Lindsey Lohan• BUZZ and needed publicity• Leaks will occur on purpose to generate BUZZ
  40. 40. For Immediate Release Media Contact: 888-555-666614 December 2011 PLAYBOY ANNOUNCES NEW LOGO AND BRAND REVISION Playboy MarketingCHICAGO, December 14, 2011 – After 58 years the iconic Playboy logo will undergo a facelift to reflect a new awareness to thechange in culture around Playboy. Playboy while continuing to promote the core products that are synonymous to the brand will beunveiling the new “Naughty” campaign over the next year in quarterly phases.Parts of this new branding effort will be the release of the redesigned logo on all marketing, product branding and imagery associatedwith the Rabbit Logo, which has a new look and feel to it yet still remains true to its iconic imagery.The new integrated marketing communications-rebranding efforts will focus on adaptation to the growing Mobile market emergence,a younger male demographic and a revitalization of the format, content and Playmates featured. Playboy will also be more accessibleon multiple digital platforms while integrating its marketing jointly with the subscription publication, outdoor and print advertising, Co-Op advertising and Playboy owned entertainment destination locations.For more information about the new Playboy log and Brand mission visit us at“Playboy is one of the most recognized and popular consumer brands in the world. Playboy Enterprises, Inc. is a media and lifestylecompany that markets the brand through a wide range of media properties and licensing initiatives. The companypublishes Playboy magazine in the United States and abroad and creates content for distribution via television networks, websites,mobile platforms and radio. Through licensing agreements, the Playboy brand appears on a wide range of consumer products inmore than 150 countries as well as retail stores and entertainment venues.” ###
  41. 41. Budget Allocation Utilizingobjective-and-taskformat for 2012media spend Total Estimated Spending: $1,171,038
  42. 42. 2012 “Naughty” Timeline  Quarterly Focus for recurring promos – Direct Mail & Social Media  Seasonal focus on outdoor, stealth/buzz, and TV advertising 8-week 15-second commercial Sept: 15-second commercial Social Media Social Media St. Patty’s Day: Twitter Promo July: NYC & Chicago Billboards Jersey Shore: Product Placement Stealth/Buzz Las Vegas billboards Two and a Half Men: Product Placement Direct Mail Direct MailJan Apr July Oct Dec Social Media Oct: 15-second commercial Houston, Miami & LA Posters Social Media Direct Mail Co-Ad w/ Alcohol campaign Sponsored Parties Two and a Half Men: Product Placement Direct Mail – Holiday Issue
  43. 43. “Plan B” – The Backup Strategy GO INTERNATIONAL 100% 2006 Worldwide Pornography Revenueso China, Mexico, Taipei, JapanReaching a potential saturation point in theUSA, going elsewhere to emerging marketswill be fruitful.Tight restrictions exist on pornographicimages in places like China, the need forPlayboy merchandise is in an openmarketplace
  44. 44. “Plan B”In the Asian market the emergence of the brand has generated word ofmouth buzz, enough so that Playboy is seeing an ROI of 36% on lastyears investments of Consumer goods such as clothing and Playboylabeled products. Playboy will continue to create stores and clubs in theAsian market where the magazine is banned.In countries where anything goes such as Cancun, Mexico followingtraditional and new digital media strategies need to be deployed in fullforceChina, which has a ban on Facebook, will not be a social media-advertising target but the equivalent Renren will be. Renren has over 100million users and is a prime market to tap into for Playboy marketing.
  45. 45. “Plan C”Sayonara Hef…
  46. 46. Popularity increases after death…emotional connection.
  47. 47. Hef will be succeededby one of the following:Aston Kutcher John Stamos Scott Baio
  48. 48. Running Head: PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING Playboy Enterprises, Inc. IMC Rebranding Andrea Farrell, Erik Granato, & Matthew Kruger Tunxis Community College Integrated Marketing Communications Professor Nancy Grassilli
  49. 49. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 2 Table of ContentsExecutive Summary.................................................................................................3Product Information ...............................................................................................4Consumer Information/Audience Analysis ..............................................................6Creative Brief/Strategy ...........................................................................................9Media Selection ....................................................................................................12Sales Promotions and Direct Marketing Tactics ....................................................17Publicity ................................................................................................................20 Press Release ..............................................................................................21Budget ..................................................................................................................22Timeline ................................................................................................................24Plan B – The Backup Strategy ................................................................................26References ............................................................................................................28
  50. 50. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 3 Executive Summary Founded in 1953 by visionary Hugh Hefner, the American men’s magazine Playboy has evolvedinto Playboy Enterprises, Inc. (PEI) and one of the world’s most recognizable brands, in 2011 it is listedas the 50th most recognized brand in the USA. Strong brand recognition brings with it an entourage ofadvantages and disadvantages depending upon how it is marketed. With 58 years of brand equityunder its belt, Playboy has become too comfortable as its lounged in the maturity stage of its lifecycle,and flirting with decline. It is time for a fresh perspective and an infusion of younger subscribers andemerging international markets. Quoting Hugh Hefner from 2010 on his thoughts about Playboy, “Itwas the magazine that carried the brand, now the brand carries the magazine.” Playboy’s new bunny is “Naughty”, and the 2012 integrated marketing communication-rebranding theme is focused on introducing a new “girl next door” to the young men in the 18-34 agedemographic. Sights are set on increasing awareness of new the intrigue of the magazine’s playmates,revamped formats related to ads and article content well as introducing the famous or well-knowncelebrity “bad girl” that will be featured each quarter to create buzz and encourage print purchase dueto collectability. Persuading segmented male consumers that Playboy is superior to other maleentertainment magazines and that the brand evoked lifestyle is smart, sexy and within reach. Since theolder Playboy reader already has an established trust in the brand and the print media, the campaignwill utilize a verified method of direct mail to rekindle previous subscriber’s connection with Playboymagazine. The other key objective is to increase awareness about Playboy Enterprises’ iPlayboy tabletaccess, branded products and clubs that lie outside the realm of the magazine to single or marriedmen, ages 18-34 in the United States; pulling in an additional concentration on reaching out to ethnicdemographics other than Caucasians. The measurable goal for the “Naughty” campaign is an overallsubscribership increase of 15% with a primary focus on online and secondary focus on print.
  51. 51. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 4 Also rolling out will be a newly polished logo. This slightlyembossed bunny sporting a red bowtie incorporates a modern feelwithout abandoning its classic integrity or compromising existing, highbrand recognition of the established logo. The touch of red color addedto the bowtie signifies a few key objectives. Red indicates passion, itgrabs attention, it is HOT, and is a symbol of happiness and prosperity inChina, a key element to this rebranding effort. So join us in welcomingthe new, “Naughty” Playboy. Product Information Playboy’s first issue hit the newsstand in December 1953 featuring Marilyn Monroe. Playboy was the first magazine focused on male entertainment and features monthly interviews of notable public figures, such as artists, architects, economists, composers, conductors, film directors, journalists, novelists, playwrights, religious figures, politicians, athletes and race car drivers (Wikipedia). The magazine generally reflects a liberal editorial stance, which ha changed little in its 58 years. Playboy Enterprises developed not only a successful printmagazine but extended the brand outward to establish a brick-and-mortar presence in the marketplace as well. Nightclubs were even opened up all over the world; alas all of those original clubs closedtheir doors by 1988 (Lansing, Michigan). In 2007 resurgence began, marked with Playboy opening itsfirst new club in the Palms Casino, Las Vegas. In 2010 Playboy opened clubs and casinos in Mexico and
  52. 52. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 5Macau, and in May of 2011 a club opened in London. The iconic Playboy mansion that opened in 1971is alive and well and is a popular facet of the Playboy brand. It continues to be a place of exotic eventsand mystery. Playboy has a presence across every possible media (TV, Radio, Wireless, Print) as well asa consumer outlet. They have undergone numerous brand extensions over the years.In 1996 Playboy launched their online pay site, at allowing users immediate accesselectronic content and it has evolved ever since. The Cyber Club has current and archivedsubscriptions, and the Playmate fan club incorporates an interactive element allowing users todownload images, and chat with Playmates ( According to, “is one of the worlds most popular mens websites, with more than five million uniqueglobal visitors and nearly 45 million page views monthly.” It integrates and expands upon the editorialbase of the magazine to make the Playboy experience more interactive, amusing and customizable.Currently the Playboy the “brand” has over 5.6 million fans on their Facebook page, this demographicand medium will be the gateway for the “Naughty” campaign.
  53. 53. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 6 Consumer Information / Audience Analysis To best know who to reach and how to reach them through the “Naughty” campaign, abreakdown of current print and online subscriber demographics can be seen in Figure 1. Psychographicdetails of the core age and gender demographic (man 18-34) later referenced will provide great insightas to how the current and potential target market behaves and is influenced to purchase. Figure 1. & 2011 Playboy Media Kit Demographic Data Playboy Print Subscribers: 1,500,000 Online Subscribers: 160,000 gender gender male 81% male 72% female 19% female 28% age age 18-34 50% 18-34 37% 35 + 50% 25-49 45% Median Age 36 household income household income $50,000+ 56% $60,000+ 50% $75,000+ 35% $75,000+ 40% $100,000+ 22% $100,000+ 26% median $55,620 median $86,006 marital status marital status married 38.00% married 39.90% single 46.00% single 45.90% employment status employed full-time 65.00% student* 7.00% *Currently attending college/university Source: MRI, Spring 2011 Source: Comscore, Spring 2011 Playboy is an evolved product that exists for a multitude of reasons and provides a sense offulfillment to consumers and a chance to taste the outgoing lifestyle that Playboy embodies. Theprimary desire to purchase a subscription is to access a higher quality of female nudity in a more exotic
  54. 54. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 7or fantasy-like setting. In terms of consumer behavior, the 18-34 target demographic is highlycomprised of Experiencers and Strivers according to VALS2 typology (Clow & Baack, 2011, pp. 89).These early adapters and influencers that comprise nearly 50% of the typical Playboy man, have highlevels of discretionary income and are looking for what’s new, hip and stylish. They are an idealisticgroup that want to get the most out of life and are not heavily influenced in a moral sense. In additionto the nudity, they are purchasing not only the Playboy subscription but also the brand. Due totradition and what their father’s fathers did before them, there is a coming of age element that thebunny brings. Playboy is everything that a young man might aspire to be; it is a highly glorified andlavish philosophy/lifestyle. This element of the brand will be embraced and expanded on for a moremodern time and generation. 2006 Worldwide Pornography Revenues Internationally, Macau in China is the mostdensely populated region in the world and 95% ofthe 541,200 total population is Chinese(Wikipedia). Even in 2006, China accounted fornearly 30% of the pornographic revenueworldwide; this is a male culture Playboy mustalso keep in mind if United States promotions areless than fruitful. Playboy has been predominantlyCaucasian when it comes to spotlighting ethnicitybut based on the GfK MRI survey of the American Consumer in fall, 2010 seen in Figure 2 on thefollowing page, Hispanic, Asian and African-American consumers are even more likely to base theirbuying styles on brand as an indication of quality. Playboy is known for quality in its industry and the
  55. 55. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 8shift of focus to a younger, more technologically inclined market, while incorporating more ethnic Figure 2.diversity into the content (Playmates, as well asadvertising) will be important in expanding customerbase and increasing subscriptions. Due to the financial demographic informationfound in Playboy’s 2011 Media Kit referenced back inFigure 1, it is the strategy of this campaign to focuspromotional efforts in areas that will encourage agradual downward shift in the financial majority of subscribers. Even though the average of the median household incomes from 6 core metropolitan areas(New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Chicago, and Miami) according to the 2011 HUDEstimated Metropolitan Area Median Family Income Listing of $64,800 is higher than the currentmedian income of Playboy subscribers, these areas are high in terms of tourism and also have a largesingle population that earn $35,000 to $50,000. It will also show the existing higher end subscriber thatPlayboy is still loyal to their market. Habits and hobbies (sports, television show preferences, alcoholic brand consumption, videogame and online game choices as well as entertainment choices) of the new target demographic willalso be considered when establishing the media mix, sales promotion, and direct marketing tactics.
  56. 56. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 9 Creative Brief / Creative StrategyPlan Objectives Many view Playboy’s best days as a thing of the past, but through this campaign they will berelevant once again. Subscriptions at there peak were 7 million issues per month in 1972, the time offree love, curiosity and being the only show in town did not hurt. Today that number is 1.5 at millionmagazine subscribers, roughly 1.7 million if online subscriptions are included. Through this campaigngoal of increasing subscribership by 15% across platforms would bring that number to nearly 1.95million. At current subscription rates for iPlayboy/ online priced at $8.00 per month or$60.00 per year and print magazine subscriptions averaging a meager $12.00 a year, there is apotential to increase subscription revenue from $2.5 to $15.3 million depending upon the media split.The underlying intent in increasing subscriber numbers is so that the audience will be collaterallyexposed to the Playboy’s ancillary brands, which in turn will increase bottom line revenue, and warrantlarger advertisers to buy in due to the wider reach. Broadening the mainstream focus ethnically willalso open the doors to advertisers that may not have originally considered using Playboy. Through this IMC rebranding, social media (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) and other newtechnologies will be used, as well as billboards in major metropolitan locations. 15-second TV spots, co-branding promotions, guerilla/buzz marketing tactics, a quarterly direct mail campaign, and strategicTV product placement will round out the mix. It is crucial to establish a younger and loyal readershipbase in the 18-34 male demographic and the advertising strategy will be essential in persuadingconsumers that Playboy is far superior than its competitors and the prime American male experience.The initiative to establish a stronger foothold in the 18-34 segments will create long-term customerswho will stay with the brand into their later years, as well as create a new leverage point for consumersto help in shift brand perspective and rejuvenate it in terms of cognitive and affective communications.
  57. 57. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 10Target Audience As the Demographic numbers from 2011 state that Playboy has a 50/50 split between the agegroups 18-34 and 35+; the goal is to tip the scale in favor of the 18-34 age group and broaden reach todiverse ethnic groups in that age range. Focusing primarily on men rather than trying to increasefemale subscribers will prove an effective use marketing dollars. From a psychographic perspective,targeting women would not make sense given the nature of the magazine. Promoting online accessand lower subscription rates will help entice the younger demographic and possibly lower the averagemedium household income of subscribership to $35,000 to $50,000 - showing that one does not haveto be rich to be a Playboy man. This goes for not only subscription advertising but also in creatingawareness in the target market that were not previously aware of the width and breadth of thePlayboy brand in terms of clubs and other products. The “Naughty” campaign theme strategy is toappeal to the 18-34 demographic that may not have considered Playboy as more than their dad’s oldporno mag. They live technologically based, fast paced lives and are looking for the new trends andhottest topics. “Naughty” will break through the preexisting perception of Playboy to increase intrigueand awareness in a way they won’t be able to forget.Message Theme The “Naughty” campaign is enticing current and potential subscribers with the fact that thenew Playmates, ads, content, interviews and subject matters are moving to a level relevant to thereader. The rabbit is not dead, just dated. By focusing Playboy’s unique selling point of superiority interms of quality content and the quantity of photos, cross platform access as well as stores and clubs,subscribers will gain entry to a new social network where the perceived unattainable becomesattainable. The copy platform for this rebranding will be oriented towards the emotional process andwill focus on sex appeal and the allure of the Playboy lifestyle and experiences. Access to celebrities,
  58. 58. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 11beautifully “bad” girls, and excitement, sprinkled with information about what 18-34 year old menlove; sports, technology, video games, cars, style, alcohol, and of course the pleasure of women. All ofthis delivered to your mailbox or by visiting a website.Support The fact is Playboy is the oldest men’s entertainment magazine. Longevity and superiority is ontheir side. In 2011 Playboy’s ranking in brand recognition rose 4 spots to #50 out of 100 out of all theU.S. brands ( People know Playboy and it has set the standard. Playboy’spositioning statement is, “Nothing comes closer to the hearts and minds of men.” This statement issupported by a 2011 industry/competitor comparison in which Playboy beat Penthouse and Hustler intotal combined circulation in 2011 by over 1 million issues (Wikipedia).Constraints The budget of roughly $1,000,000 will ensure that every minute and drop of creative juice isused to the maximum. Strategic planning in terms of timeline and media mix will allow “Naughty” toattain the widest reach possible, gain maximum exposure, and accomplish the primary objective in thelimited, one-year campaign run. Sexual connotations and nudity must be used decisively and in theappropriate settings. Negative perceptions should not be fueled. Magazine sales are banned in manyforeign countries do to the racy nature of the content and photos. This barrier limits international printsubscription growth but opens the door for other channels like stores, clubs and online access.Highlighting and harnessing existing brand recognition in a technical or edgier theme or setting willhelp over come constraints when promoting.
  59. 59. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 12 Media Selection Considering Playboy is one of the most recognized logos around the world the need to educatethe consumer of what it is in not necessary. Playboy’s logo is an icon that only needs to define what itis selling in order to make its pointand it is that aspect of Playboy’sbrand equity that needs to beredefined in terms of the core 18-34target market. Traditional and new digitalmedia strategies need to be deployed in full force. There will be some traditional media in the mix inthe form of billboards that showcase brick-and-mortar locations as well as the “Naughty” theme, and15-second TV spots. But social media and interactive technologies will be core focus in supporting thegoal to increase awareness through frequency/opportunities to see, and establishing fresh brandrecognition amongst the new target segments. A new media tactic will be used in the rebranding strategy that includes QR codes that will takethe user to online content containing behind the scenes footage, bloopers, and racier content. Thisonline content will be subscription based, if pulled from a print magazine, which will allow for anadditional revenue stream. The non-subscription based QR codes will play a role in sales promotionsnoted later. Social Media is what a business uses to reach the end user when they are not looking at“traditional” marketing. Facebook alone has 800 million users and 500 million people use it every dayfor 1 hour per day and when the user is on a mobile device like an iPhone/IPad that number of onlineusage doubles ( Currently there are 62.3 million Facebook users in the United States
  60. 60. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 13alone. In the U.S. using a CPM strategy, Playboy will target all males from 18+ and no furtherrestrictions. This tactic is expected to cost between 22-37 cents per thousand to be seen and haspotential to be clicked on. The marketing objective for Facebook is simple; post ads, which result in clicks to the PlayboyFacebook page. Those clicks generate collateral awareness to the friends of the clicker, where theaverage Facebook user has 229 friends ( By Default Facebook posts a message to thepage of the clicker as well as a message in the news stream alerting those 229 people that the clickerhas just “liked” One can think of this as digital word of mouth advertising.Using a cost per thousand in the beginning will allow for a wide reach of the audience at the least costto the advertising budget. The goal is to generate awareness to the brand using Facebook ads. Thebaseline number of “likes” will be measured to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign as well as theinsights or analytics provided by Facebook which show click through rates. These insights will provideunderstanding in the effectiveness of not only the campaign but allows Playboy to adjust copy andimages in real-time to generate more clicks if necessary. The Facebook advertising mission is to bring inmore likes which in turn will bring more awareness to the brand, which will then be measured, in moresubscriptions signups that will be a Facebook-only-feature to accurately measure overall effectiveness. The CPM tactic should deliver sufficient traffic to the site resulting in goal conversions (newsubscriptions), but if it does not, the switch to a CPC can be made with the expectation to pay between52 and 85 cents per click. Advertising using this methodology will be more focused and targeted to theend user to maximize dollars spent. Advertising on Facebook needs to be in the form of Sponsored stories and Facebook ads.Facebook allows the ad creator to make as many campaigns as needed therefore creation of ads foreach demographic would be the first tier. Second tier would be to specifically target an interest of said
  61. 61. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 14demo. Advertising on popular Facebook games such as Mafia Wars and Farmville must beimplemented to increase reach of the 18-34 male target market. Twitter, the “Promoted Trend” advertising tactic will cost $120,000 per time and will beimplemented once during the “Naughty” campaign during Q2. Other big-name clients who use Twitterto advertise are Virgin, HBO, Samsung, JetBlue, and others. In addition to promoted trend slots, whichappear on the right side of any Twitter users home page, Twitter also offers promoted accounts andpromoted tweets that could be taken advantage of if the need arises. This will allow people to tweetabout Playboy and create an immediate push of information out to their followers and other Playboytweeters. Social and online advertising needs to be stronger since the world is now mobile. Advertisingsponsored Twitter searches and YouTube advertising are among the simplest to develop consideringthey are either simple copy or just the logo, which will generate high product recall. This tactic will helpkeep advertising costs down and allow for the other marketing dollars to be allocated to more costlymedia channels. Based on the cable network profiles seen in Figure 3 on the next page, the televisioncommercials will be strategically aired during the demographics’ peak viewing time between 9pm and5am on channels like: Comedy Central, ESPN, FX, G4, MtvU, NFL Network,Speed and Spike to target the desired male age group. Due to the largemarket we are targeting we will spend $5 per thousand and while a focusof the ads will be the same cities being targeted with billboards to increaserecall they will be aired nationally for greater reach. According to InsideTV’s, Lynette Rice, men ages 18-49 are watching the following shows inforce: Family Guy (3.2 million), The Simpsons (Fox, 2.9 million), and Two and a Half Men (CBS, 2.8
  62. 62. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 15million). While it might not be optimal to advertise on networks stations due to content andbudget constraints, these could be some of the more influential shows to work product/logoplacement into. The Simpsons are not strangers to the Playboy brand as it is. Figure 3. Subscriber Channel: Viewer Demographic: Age: Base: Men Women Channel Description: Comedy Central is the first choice for distinctive comedy. As a highly targeted, vertically programmed network, Comedy Central also Comedy Adults delivers one of cables most concentrated, upscale audiences among 66% 34% Central 18-34 key demographics. Comedy Central offers viewers a fresh perspective on politics, news and entertainment with a unique sensibility that can be found only at Comedy Central ESPN is the world leader in televised sports, offering the widest and most diverse schedule of sports programming available. The network’s ESPN 72% 28% philosophy is to present a wide variety of broad appeal and narrow interest sports including sporting events and sports news, information and lifestyle programs. FX is the flagship general entertainment basic cable network of the Fox Entertainment Group. Launched in June of 1994, FX is carried in more than 79 million homes. The diverse schedule includes a growing Adults FX 51% 49% roster of distinctive original series and movies, an impressive roster of 18-49 acquired hit series, an established film library with box-office hits from 20th Century Fox and other major studios, and marquee sports such as NASCAR. G4 is a 24-hour television network plugged into every dimension of Approx. 60% games, gear and gadgets, featuring all original programming dedicated of Americans Adults to the passions and lifestyle of the video game generation. More than G4 play video & 12-34 20 series take an inside look at the gaming culture, showcasing the computer hottest trends, the newest tricks and the geniuses behind the video games game revolution. A 24-hour college network devoted to every aspect of college life. College 730 College MtvU reaches college students everywhere they are: on TV in dorms MtvU students 18- Campuses and common areas, surfing the web, on wireless handsets, or just 24 Nationwide walking around campus. Devoted solely to the most popular sport in America, football, the NFL NFL Male Skewed Network provides an “insider’s” perspective into NFL’s past, present Network and future. SPEED, celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2006, is the nations first and foremost cable network dedicated to motor sports and the passion for everything automotive. From racing to restoration, motorcycles to movies, SPEED delivers quality programming from the track to the Speed 82% 18% garage. Now available in nearly 70 million homes in North America, SPEED is among the fastest growing sports cable networks in the country and an industry leader in interactive TV, video on-demand, mobile initiatives and broadband services Targets mainly Spike 62% 38% Spike honors the best in horror, sci-fi and fantasy entertainment! Men 18- 49 Source: Proving Ground Media -
  63. 63. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 16 Billboards or poster outdoor advertising will be featured in New York City, Los Angeles, LasVegas, Houston, Chicago, and Miami during high tourism seasons and during sport seasons tomaximize on exposure and reach. According to Clear Channel Outdoor, the world’s largest outdooradvertising company, Bulletins which will be used in New York City, and Las Vegas “provide continuityof an advertising message” as well as “deliver high frequency at each location, sustains name andimage awareness and assured dominance in selected areas,” all of these benefits are in line with the“Naughty” project objectives. Posters which are more cost effective than bulletins and will allowPlayboy to increase the number of panels and subsequently the 4-week eyes-on Gross Rating Point(GRP) level in terms of a measure of impact and number of impression on Adults 18+ for the same orless in cost. These will be used in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami and will be purchased for 4weeks. Figure 4.Source: Clear Channel Outdoors :: Media Planning Guide – 2010 Bulletin & Poster Eyes on Rate Card
  64. 64. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 17 Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing Tactics The Playboy brand as previously noted is extremely recognizable but the variety of productsand services it has to offer are not as familiar to consumers as they should be. Due to thisbrand/product disconnect with the consumer, sales can be missed or lost to other competitors in thatparticular market, may it be that of online subscriptions or other forms of male entertainment.Therefore sales promotion relating to the “Naughty” campaign is crucial to familiarize and connect the18-34 male target market with the brand’s revamped offerings. Product placements in traditional television media, will allow for high reach and low cost percontact (Clow & Baack, 2011, pp. 207). In working to influence the male segment, having AshtonKutcher of Two and a Half Men wear a baseball cap like he often does, but with the new Playboy logoon it. This tactic would also work well if Pauly D of the Jersey Shore wore a t-shirt with “iPlayboy” on itduring an episode given the style influence he and his t-shirts have on the 18-34 demographic. Playboybranded products will be shipped and distributed for free to all cast members of the targeted showsmentioned. A complete line of clothing and Playboy accessories such as bedspreads, robes and posterswill be at their disposal to wear what they feel comfortable wearing. By sending out free merchandisewe will attempt to circumvent the costs associated with product placement and in turn aim for anAbercrombie & Fitch like incident that will generate free press to the attention given to the use or nouse of the product line. Sponsorship of promotional events around colleges and nightclubs in the 6-targeted majormetropolitan cities will increase the target market’s awareness of the new Playboy and all it has tooffer. Sponsoring parties at local/close to campus bars and using social media (Facebook and Twitter)as the core promotional tool will draw in appropriately segmented crowds (male and 21+) allowing
  65. 65. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 18opportunity for a higher level of remembrance through branded entertainment (Clow & Baack, 2011,pp. 266). Incentives to buy products will be provided at such events, utilizing guerrilla-marketing tacticsto inform patrons of Playboy’s products, services and new edge. For example having an iPad availablefor people flip though the entire playboy archives on iPlayboy as they wait in line for the bathroommay create a leverage point or serve as an introduction to this extension of the brand. Opportunities to interact and touch points with the target market on a lifestyle marketing levelwill be used. Having a Playmate run a booth/stage at touch points like sporting events, collegecampuses and race car events will create buzz. The booth will feature challenges and games informingyoung males of the vast array of products and services as well as providing incentives to buy. The focusis on persuading the target market that the Playboy brand and products can and will satisfy thereneeds better then the competition’s and to achieve this through material experiences with themagazine, clothing, girls and electronic access. Working to get one free issue of Playboy’s college girlissue into the hands of men in the target segment at these touch points as well as buildingrelationships with the consumers will be priceless. An application for mobile phones can be developed to keep the Playboy brand in the face of ourtarget market for relatively no cost. A $.99 app that sends users a picture of Playboy’s “naughty girl” ofthe day would create buzz and encourage word or mouth advertising. The app would also includehave-to-view ads and provide the ability to place the Playmate or logo as wallpaper-backgroundshowing brand loyalty. If the “Naughty” campaign takes off and necessary capital is available, a newproject for Playboy smart phone video games may be implemented. The focus of this game would beto provide time and place utility in the form of individual entertainment during dull moments. Learningfrom past mistakes, this would be less expensive to produce unlike Playboy’s 2005 “Playboy: The
  66. 66. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 19Mansion” videogame for in home gaming systems that bombed in sales and customer reviews( Co-advertising with a high-end alcohol company will be established by going to bid among themarket’s top brands (Absolut, Johnny Walker, Heineken, Hennessy, and Bacardi) with a secondaryfocus on ethnic preference ( The object of this will be to utilize a publicity elementand create buzz through the battle of the brands that are in the running to be tagged with a QR (QuickResponse) Code on the back of large bottles providing one free month access to one of Playboy’s manysubscription venues (, iPlayboy,, Playboy magazine). QR codes wereoriginally created by a subsidiary of Toyota called Denso and were used in the automotive industry as anew type of Barcode (Wikipedia). These codes have been quickly adapting themselves into worldwidemarketing campaigns and can take the user to virtually anywhere on the web or beyond. These codesare only accessible by a smartphone with a camera and therefore are targeted directly at our earlyadapter audience as well as anyone with an iPhone/Android type mobile device. This new technologypromotion will create large buzz from early adapters who primarily use the QR codes as well asincrease traffic on Playboy’s site - in turn increasing advertising profits. No ethical issues in regards toPlayboy’s content will arise as a result of this promotion since purchasers must be 21 to buy. To maximize on instant results and play on individual psychology and human behavior a stealthmarketing publicity stunt/YouTube video will be created. Examples of things to create positive buzzand encourage viral texting and social media sharing would be having a Hef look-alike chase Playboy“bunny’s” around a heavily populated public area like the Las Vegas strip or Times Square in NYC.Another tactic to employ would be to put a life-size cut out of Hugh Hefner, famous Playboy Playmateor featured “Naughty” celebrity in high pedestrian traffic areas to encourage photo taking and sharing.
  67. 67. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 20 The one direct mail campaign will utilize Playboy’s verified subscriber database to randomlyselect past subscribers who had a Playboy subscription two years ago but no longer subscribe. Thesepast subscribers will receive one free, current issue at random that features a high profile “Naughty”celebrity to reconnect and familiarize them with the new Playboy. These individuals have previouslyidentified themselves as buyers of the product. This will amount to an additional 62,500 copies perquarter/250,000 during the campaign year. This push will allow Playboy to sell more advertisingbecause the population and reach of the magazine will have increased by 6%, thus meaning more adrevenue and increased awareness. Publicity Playboy’s 58 years of existence have been a force in generating PR for Playboy and the teamthat has helped build the brand over this time will remain in place. Considering no one knows Playboylike Playboy in the United States there is no solid evidence or reason to remove any current teammembers. If anything, the Company will hire or outsource to new vendors in areas of later projectedexpansion, such as China, Taipei and Mexico. These additional team members will allow the companyto understand the culture of these emerging markets as well as language translation, social morays andlegal issues with doing business in new territory. In regards to US branding efforts Playboy will be bringing additional youthful staff that canrelate to the new target audience that Playboy is looking to penetrate. This new staff will conductfocus groups to better feel the pulse of the digital and traditional audience. External PR efforts willfocus on spreading the word about the new logo, brand image and message without leaving any of thecore values and iconic imagery that is synonymous with Playboy for the past 53 years. The newimagery and messages will be delivered through the normal channels of distribution of PR messages aswell as an extensive print, digital and social media blitz.
  68. 68. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 21For Immediate Release Media Contact: 888-555-666614 December 2011 PLAYBOY ANNOUNCES NEW LOGO AND BRAND REVISION Playboy MarketingCHICAGO, December 14, 2011 – After 58 years the iconic Playboy logo will undergo a facelift to reflect anew awareness to the change in culture around Playboy. Playboy while continuing to promote the coreproducts that are synonymous to the brand will be unveiling the new “Naughty” campaign over the next yearin quarterly phases.Parts of this new branding effort will be the release of the redesigned logo on all marketing, product brandingand imagery associated with the Rabbit Logo, which has a new look and feel to it yet still remains true to itsiconic imagery.The new integrated marketing communications-rebranding efforts will focus on adaptation to the growingMobile market emergence, a younger male demographic and a revitalization of the format, content andPlaymates featured. Playboy will also be more accessible on multiple digital platforms while integrating itsmarketing jointly with the subscription publication, outdoor and print advertising, Co-Op advertising andPlayboy owned entertainment destination locations.For more information about the new Playboy log and Brand mission visit us at“Playboy is one of the most recognized and popular consumer brands in the world. Playboy Enterprises, Inc. is a media and lifestylecompany that markets the brand through a wide range of media properties and licensing initiatives. The companypublishes Playboy magazine in the United States and abroad and creates content for distribution via television networks, websites, mobileplatforms and radio. Through licensing agreements, the Playboy brand appears on a wide range of consumer products in more than 150countries as well as retail stores and entertainment venues.” ###
  69. 69. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 22 Budget All of the planning and strategies included within this IMC plan are extraneous without anoperational budget with which to fund them. The advertising and marketing budget for the January 1,2012 – December 31, 2012 “Naughty” campaign period is set at roughly $1,000,000 and will beprepared under the objective-and-task format. This will be the most effective budget given the need toallocate set advertising dollars to specific plan objectives (Clow & Baack, 2011, pp. 102). Asperformance and revenue trends are gauged a spending increase may be justified in subsequent years. Figure 5 breaks down the pricing information used to determine the TV ad spot expense basedin 8 prime television markets as a benchmark: New York City, Washington, DC, New Jersey (Central andNorth), Boston, Pennsylvania (Phil. Suburbs/Lehigh), Louisville, KY, Chicago, Illinois Savannah, GA. Figure 5.Source:
  70. 70. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 23Figure 6 allocates the expenditures and forecasts for the Company’s 2012 rebranding campaign year.Mailing costs are calculated at a discounted, bulk rate of $1.00/copy. Figure 6. 2012 Marketing Spend ADVERTISING & PROMOTIONAL EXPENSES Allocation Jan-Mar: Q1 Television ad $79,840 Social Media/Facebook Advertising $25,000 Twitter Promoted Ad $120,000 Product Placement – Jersey Shore $0 Billboards & Posters (Las Vegas) $62,370 Direct Mail - 62,500 addtl/nonsubscriber issues $62,500 Apr-June: Q2 Social Media/Facebook Advertising $25,000 Billboards & Posters (Houston, Miami, Los Angeles) $285,780 Direct Mail - 62,500 addtl/nonsubscriber issues $62,500 July-Sept: Q3 Television ad $25,000 Social Media/Facebook Advertising $25,000 Billboards & Posters (Chicago, NYC) $158,208 Stealth/Buzz Marketing tactic $0 Direct Mail - 62,500 addtl/nonsubscriber issues $62,500 Product Placement – 2 and a Half Men $0 Oct-Dec: Q4 Television ad $79,840 Social Media/Facebook Advertising $25,000 Co-Ad promotion w/ high end liquor $0 Direct Mail - 62,500 addtl/nonsubscriber issues $62,500 College focused bar party sponsorships $40,000 $1,201,038
  71. 71. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 24 Timeline The “Naughty” campaign will run from January 1, 2012-December 31, 2012. How and when thedollars are spent will be pertinent in reaching the advertising goal. Efforts will be focused around apulsating schedule of advertising to keep a continuous flow of advertising going, accented withquarterly bursts of higher intensity (Clow & Baack, 2011, pp. 127). Playboy offers annual subscriptionsthat can begin at anytime, therefore maintaining a good level of exposure across various mediachannels and platforms will provide maximum points of entry. 8-week runs and 112 spots will be implemented during Q1 and Q4 when people are watchingmore television due to weather and popular show seasons. Ads will be concentrated on the previouslymentioned channels that apply to the target market. Outdoor advertising will be focused on NASCAR, Baseball and Football seasons in the respectivecities as well as during peak tourism and travel times. The major metropolitan areas being targeted arealso key players in Trade Show host sites and the individuals who attend them are Influencers andprime carriers of information.January 1 – March 31 (Q1) LAUNCH Jan – Feb: Feature 8-week celebrity bad girl/iPlayboy 15-second commercial. All Qtr: Social Media/Facebook CPM and sponsored ads Feb, near St. Patty’s Day: Run Twitter Promoted Ad Mid season of the Jersey Shore: Product Placement Jan: High Trade Show and Tourism season, run Las Vegas billboards Direct Mail of quarterly “bad girl” issue to past print subscribers.
  72. 72. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 25April 1 – June 30 (Q2) All Qtr: Social Media/Facebook CPM and sponsored ads Posters (Houston, Miami, Los Angeles) – run during prime sport seasons for those areas Direct Mail of quarterly “bad girl” issue to past print subscribers.July 1 – September 30 (Q3) Sept: Feature 4-week celebrity bad girl/iPlayboy 15-second commercial. All Qtr: Social Media/Facebook CPM and sponsored ads July- 4-week Billboards/Posters in NYC & Chicago during high travel and sport seasons Stealth/Buzz Marketing tactics in DC, and other targeted metropolitan areas Sept: Product Placement on 2 and a Half Men at the beginning of season Direct Mail of quarterly “bad girl” issue to past print subscribers.October 1 – December 31 (Q4) Oct: Feature 4-week celebrity bad girl/iPlayboy 15-second commercial. All Qtr: Social Media/Facebook CPM and sponsored ads High-end Alcohol Co-Advertising tactic – implement All Qtr: Playboy Sponsored events/parties – staggered - 21+ bars near college campuses Direct Mail of quarterly/holiday “bad girl” issue to past print subscribers.
  73. 73. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 26 Plan B – The Back up Strategy If at the end of the 2012 “Naughty” campaign and concentrated male/18-34 subscribership of15% has not been attained the IMC promotion for the following year will be 100% focused onInternational cultures! The primary objective being to create and establish a solid brand presence andmake it accessible to those peoples in a way that will not be inhibited due to cultural, ethical,electronic and purchasing constraints. It can be said that Playboy has reached a saturation point in the USA and which is anotherreason to keep targeting emerging markets in Taipei, Macau, and Cancun in mind. The demand forthose markets to get their hands on the American experience exists and so Playboy will supply. Playboyneeds to brand the Company in other marketplaces where the economy and need for a westernculture is in high demand. Establishing a presence in other countries will allow for Playboy to not onlycapitalize on those markets but also gain reach to a new audience, one that has been repressed bycommunist rule or religious ideals. Considering the traditional advertising methods of the west are not always allowable in othercountries branding and recognition of the name will have to be angled from other mediums orconcepts. In the Asian market the emergence of the brand has generated word of mouth buzz, enoughso that Playboy is seeing an ROI of 36% on last years investments of Consumer goods such as clothingand Playboy labeled products. Playboy needs to continue creating stores and clubs in the Asian marketwhere the magazine is banned. The banning of the print magazine only generates more awareness andcuriosity to the image and brand that is Playboy. In countries where anything goes such as Cancun, Mexico following traditional and new digitalmedia strategies need to be deployed in full force. In Mexico using the same models, there is apotential reach of nearly 12 million people. CPM equals 5-10 cents and CPC equals 12-24 cents.
  74. 74. PLAYBOY IMC REBRANDING 27 Japan boasts nearly 3 million potential targets but the advertising rate is significantly more.CPM equals 33 – 72 cents while CPC equals 76-1.67 per ad. China, which has a ban on Facebook, willnot be a social media-advertising target but the equivalent Renren will be. Renren has over 100 millionusers and is a prime market to tap into for Playboy 2006 Worldwide Pornography Revenuesmarketing. Based on these statistics as well as thepornographic revenue chart seen here, a new IMCstrategy with tactics aimed at foreign cultures andproducts could be the boost Playboy’s been lookingfor since going private in 2009 due to loss in revenue.
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