New Media vs. Traditional Media


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A presentation of new vs. traditional media, how they integrate, how new media integrates with other platforms (for example facebook and Youtube) and how to leverage it all for greater visibility, better client/prospect engagement and as an overall marketing initiative. To get details, feel free to visit us on our Facebook page and ask questions!

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New Media vs. Traditional Media

  1. 1. How To IntegrateTraditional Media New Media Talking Finger
  2. 2. New Media, the basics Social Networks: Facebook, Google+, Linked InBlogging/microblogging: Blogger, Word Press, Twitter Geo-Location: Foursquare, Facebook places Media Sharing: YouTube, Slideshare, Flikr Review Sites: Yelp, Trip Advisor
  3. 3. Traditional Media, the basics Newspapers and magazines Static web content TV/Radio Print advertising Direct mail
  4. 4. Yin-Yang of Media Traditional New Only 14% trust 78% trust peers Rapid exposure Slow exposure No engagement Complete engagementRelatively high cost Relatively low costDifficult to “Share” Based on “Sharing”
  5. 5. Let advertising offset social mediaʼsscale issue and allow social mediato bring believability back to anadvertising campaign. Balance
  6. 6. BRANDING, however, remains the SAME!
  7. 7. “Prior to the internet, the last technology that hadany real effect on the way people sat down and talked together was the table” -Prof. Clay Shirky
  8. 8. So? How do we integrate all of this together?
  9. 9. Add social icons to ALL newspaper and magazine ads In fact, it should be on EVERY printed material you create!
  10. 10. Your website needs some love too!
  11. 11. Add all icons to your business cards as well as their URL’sthe same as your phone, email and website
  12. 12. Add links to your email signature
  13. 13. Even TV ads are going social!!Campaign created for specific Facebook page
  14. 14. The results after an eight week campaignCaptured HUGE data and are now ENGAGED!
  15. 15. Integrating the social platforms together
  16. 16. Example: facebook to YouTube by posting
  17. 17. Using social plug in’s
  18. 18. Links to other social media!PS, note I also TWEETED the video!
  19. 19. Utilize new methods to entice and look “cutting edge”Use annotations with LINKS to keep them on your channel!
  20. 20. How do you “win” at social media?
  21. 21. You MUST create a strategy with goals
  22. 22. General PointsDo....Show interest in and listen to others Be real, be yourself Take time and do it right Have fun!
  23. 23. General PointsDon’t... Use platforms to shout your message Talk about yourself continuallyUse auto post programs
  24. 24. ROI
  25. 25. Text
  26. 26. Analytical discovery is a MUSTWith them, you can see how many people you are connecting with, how much they share...
  27. 27. you can see if you are doing THIS... ...or doing THIS with your investment
  28. 28. A basic formula for social media ROI Dollar investment in “hardware”Human investment in “time”
  29. 29. A basic formula for social media ROITotal sales in dollars resulting directly from efforts. RIGHT?
  30. 30. Maybe there is more?
  31. 31. How do you measure... Creating and building personal relationshipsPeople do business with people they know Long term continual engagement
  32. 32. Brand loyaltyBrand advocacy and “cheerleaders” Trust
  33. 33. Thank you!