Chick-fil-a Leadercast 2011: Social Media Usage


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Use of social media during the 2011 Chick-fil-a Leadercast event. This slide share was developed to help instruct attendees at the Leadercast understand the use of Twitter and social media during the event. To get details, feel free to visit us on our Facebook page and ask questions!

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Chick-fil-a Leadercast 2011: Social Media Usage

  1. 1. How to use social media during the Chick-fil-a Leadercast Created by: Lauren Vassallo Intern, Talking Finger.
  2. 2. What Youʼll Learn in this Presentation  Twitter Basics  How @CFALeadercast will be using Twitter How @TalkingFinger & @Valley_Chamber will be using Twitter  #CFALeaercastCT  Foursquare QR Codes
  3. 3. Twitter Basics  Tweet: A public message in 140 characters or less  RT: Re-Tweet, a re-post of someone else’s Tweet EX: @TalkingFinger RT @sethgodins: The thing that makes it popular... Follower: When someone subscribes to a Twitter feed @: A public message to a user whose name follows the symbol. DM: Direct Message, a private message to a user. Hashtag: Label using “#” following a Tweet to categorize what is contained in the post. Trending Topics: Most mentioned terms on Twitter.
  4. 4. How Chick-fil-A Leadercast, the Greater Valley Chamber & Talking Finger are Using Twitter The @CFALeadercast will be formatting the event differently this year. They will be utilizing Twitter to receive, distribute and answer questions. Attendees can send @CFALeadercast a question on Twitter. The panelists will then pick and choose which questions to answer.Throughout the Leadercast, @TalkingFinger will be the “mediator.” We will be monitoring questions and responding to any further questions attendeesmay have. We will be using various platforms to archive all of your Tweets for future reference.
  5. 5. #CFALeadercastCT You may have already seen @TalkingFinger & @Valley_Chamber using the hashtag #CFALeadercastCT in some of our Tweets. This will be imperative during the conference. Any attendee who Tweets a question is urged touse the hashtag to represent that the question is coming from ourgreat state of Connecticut! There are hundreds of host locations worldwide on May 6th. By using #CFALeadercastCT we’ll becategorizing our Tweets by those coming from our host location in Shelton.
  6. 6. Foursquare@TalkingFinger will be creating a badge for the CFA Leadercast. Our goal with Foursquare will be to:  Earn the Swarm Badge (50+ people checkin in three hours). We are asking that people check in between the hours of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.  Have people check in to earn the Leadercast Badge @TalkingFinger is creating.
  7. 7. QR Codes QR Codes are a quick and easy way for smart phone users to getdirect access to various forms of information. @TalkingFinger willbe posting QR codes throughout the Scinto Towers Auditorium for people to scan and view. Test it out with the code above!
  8. 8. How to get the AppsThe best part about Twitter, Foursquare and QR Codes is that it’s all free! Get on your smart phone and find your app marketplace. Download the app for these programs.A good QR Code reader is QuickMark. If you have a BlackBerry, just use the scanner on your BBM app. Twitter and Foursquare each have their own app.
  9. 9. See you at the #CFALeadercastCT! If you have ANY questions at all about Twitter, Foursquare, QR codes or who Talking Finger is, feel free to call or email us! If you have ANY questions about the schedule of the day, need directions or other information, please call theGreater Valley Chamber of Commerce at 203-925-