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Projektbericht PR für "Flip Videokameras"
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Projektbericht PR für "Flip Videokameras"






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Projektbericht PR für "Flip Videokameras" Presentation Transcript

  • 1. PR in GermanyActivities and Highlight Results
  • 3. PR in GermanyActivity reviewInfrastructure for press – Press office for journalists – Repository for texts, pictures, information – Accessible at http://flip.talkabout.de – Live from first day of campaign
  • 4. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSocial media infrastructure – Do you flip? blog – Accessible at http://blog.doyouflip.de – Live from first day of campaign
  • 5. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSocial media infrastructure http://www.facebook.com/flipvideoDE
  • 6. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSocial media infrastructure http://www.twitter.com/flipvideo_DE
  • 7. PR in GermanyActivity reviewKick-off event and press tours – 55 journalists, bloggers and influencers in Munich – 11 journalists in Hamburg – 3 journalists in Berlin Medium BUNTE Datum 20. November 2008 Auflage 700.000
  • 8. PR in GermanyActivity reviewBooth & directors’ competition at Short Film Festival – Created buzz at the event, over 1.500 people – Presence in 15 articles + newsletter – Established contact with influential group – Produced content for http://www.doyouflip.de – Produced content for blog.doyouflip.de
  • 9. PR in GermanyActivity reviewBooth and show & tell at Video Camp – Met over 100 video enthusiasts – Seeding to 3 star bloggers – Opportunities for 2 cooperations – Many blog posts including Flip – Content for blog.doyouflip.de
  • 10. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSeeding & branding at Berlin Fashion Week – Branding at show (400 seats with Flip cards) – Several magazines produced content with Flips – Free ad with stylemag – Celebrity sighting reported: Sabine Christiansen, tv host, on stern.de http://foxyurl.com/OmB http://foxyurl.com/OmA
  • 11. PR in GermanyActivity reviewInterviews & branding at SMC Munich – Branding on site – Flip videos / interviews with well known SM people (Klaus Eck, Nicole Simon, Joerg Sievers etc.) – Posted on SMCM youtube channel (“powered by Flip) – Contest for blog.doyouflip.de – Next day: Seeded Flip used at Michael Schuhmacher / Mercedes presentation (formula 1) http://foxyurl.com/OmH http://www.youtube.com/SMCmuc
  • 12. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSeeding & branding at movie premieres – Invited 50 editors to 4 preview events – Seeding of Flips to celebrities – Relationship building to editors (“big cinema meets little cinema” amusement) – Social media competition with good level of participation http://www.facebook.com/flipvideoDE
  • 13. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSupport Skateboard project – Facebook competition for tickets – Media cooperation to support Facebook competition – Good number of participants – Flip videos from event http://www.facebook.com/flipvideoDE
  • 14. PR in GermanyActivity reviewWorkshop & booth at journalist conference – Workshop on “Flip in editorial use” , 40 journalists – Est. 300-400 journalists present, many contacts at booth – Contact to book author, who will publish “Everybody can do video” (Flip is in it as a best practice example, we were able to answer further questions) – Videos on branded YouTube channel http://foxyurl.com/Twc http://www.youtube.com/journalistentagSUED
  • 15. PR in Germany Activity review Support of John Lennon Talent Award – JLTA is fostering the best German newcomer bands. They picked 12 winners. Main prize is a professional training. We put “Video self-marketing” on their schedule. – All 12 bands were equipped with Flips May 28, and we got some great first videos. – They will get homework, do more video. JLTA media partner Welt Kompakt is reporting about it, too.http://www.youtube.com/jltalentaward
  • 16. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSocial media competition – Klitschko challenger “Fast Eddie Chambers” supported a meet & greet competition – Lots of participants, winner did Flip video with contender http://www.teamchambers.tv http://foxyurl.com/QWu
  • 17. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSocial media competition – Rap legend “Kool Savas” agreed to a cooperation – Artist did video to greet fans + announce Flip winner – + 350 fans on facebook, > 1.500 visitors on blog – Did send a tour diary video after tour http://www.facebook.com/flipvideoDE
  • 18. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSocial media competition – No#1 hit band “Gentleman” agreed to a cooperation – Artist did video, announcing Flip competition – +200 fans (+ was promoted by artist himself, > 80K fans) – Band keeps using it + doing a tour documentation – Artist is using it visibly, also when he does features with other artists (here with Stefanie Heinzmann) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAhgSVBisLI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CN-PZExdURI
  • 19. http://www.gutefrage.net/video-tipPR in GermanyActivity reviewCooperation with counsel community – Gutefrage.net is Germany’s biggest “advice community” with > 500.000 members: Since a while, they have “video advice” – We asked “What does a really great video have to have?”. This was be featured on their homepage for 1 week. – They got > 60 answers, 8 of them via video – Further video questions will be asked on specific topics later (long term partnership) http://www.gutefrage.net http://www.gutefrage.net/videos/neue/video/1
  • 20. PR in Germany http://www.netmoms.deActivity reviewMommy and parent network and blog cooperations www.mamiweb.de/gewinnspiele
  • 21. PR in GermanyActivity reviewPrinz Public Viewing Reporters – Prinz, a major German city magazine, did a competition around 25 cams and made the winners “fan reporters”. – Winners were asked to shoot their World Cup fan experience and upload to www.youtube.com/user/FlipWMScouts2010 – The video with the most clicks will win another price – and we managed to get in Linksys! – Up to date, there are 49 videos on the channel, with up to 490 views each.
  • 22. PR in GermanyActivity reviewCooperation with LBS (young families savings for real estate) – LBS, a huge division of the Sparkassen banking group dealing with (solid) savings-dedicated-to-build-a- house-later (“Bausparvertrag”) is building their social media presence. They invented a guy called “Bernd Häusel” who is telling people how easy it is to make your family’s dream possible. – We are supporting two competitions within their campaign with Flips (we gave them 10, they bought the rest). They had banner adds to support their last competitions – and Flip will be visible on these (banner campaign starting in July). They show the products on the http://www.berndhaeusel.de website as well. Our direct contact: the agency BBDO.
  • 23. PR in GermanyActivity reviewCooperation with LBS (young families savings for real estate) II – The LBS cooperation is doing a local campaign in Germany’s most populated Bundesland, NRW, targeting youth to kick-off their “independence” project. – The campaign started at the beginning of June (main website www.mach-dich-unabhängig.de), including banners on Bravo.de, MTV.de, Viva.de and more (we’ll get screenshots when the campaign is over).
  • 24. PR in GermanyActivity reviewCooperation with BIG (private insurance) – Our third cooperation with the agency BBDO – this one being a smaller, but strategic one. – Next to LBS and BIG, BBDO has lots of other really big clients – and by making the small cooperations work out well, we work our way up to the big cooperations!
  • 25. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSupport of mall promotion, May 24-July 15 – The mall promotion took place in Munich, Berlin, Oberhausen, Duisburg, Münster, Stuttgart, Hamm, Frankfurt am Main – talkabout prepared a online competition and promoted it via Blog, Facebook, Twitter – People have to post their favorite summer location in the participating cities on the Flip-Facebook-Wall – The posting with the most likes won – so they had to activate and engage their friends – 43 people took part in this competition – For Munich, talkabout set up a radia competition with “Radio Arabella”
  • 26. PR in GermanyActivity reviewBauer Agency Cup (Flip in Business) – THE football tournament for marketing agencies, took place in Hamburg, July 2-4, 64 teams. Every team captain was equipped with a Flip before the tournament. – Via 2 newsletters, a cover letter and video on the Flip cam, they were asked to show training progress and document their way to the finals on a Flip-branded YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/baueragencycup. We did see 19 videos before the contest and 10 after. – Interest at the booth (worth 9.000 Euro, we did get it for free) was good. We had some great discussions and were able to distribute 200 Flyers with amazon discount codes.
  • 27. PR in GermanyActivity reviewBauer Agency Cup – Highlight videos – Another agency showed us a rather relaxed training program… If the German team did something similar…? Watch : www.youtube.com/baueragencycup#p/u/7/6AcYZDBz75M – DeepBlue, new Flip web agency, produced a fantastic spot, celebrating their victory from a “back to the future” perspective. Includes real football stars who congratulate them! Watch www.youtube.com/baueragencycup#p/u/2/tK3rdpCvc3Y Andi Breme, World Champion 1990 Marco Bode, European Champion 1996 Karl-Heinz Riedle, World Champion 1990
  • 28. PR in GermanyActivity reviewBauer Agency Cup – Media coverage – After the event, we pitched the story to one of the two big marketing media outlets, w&v. They reported about our competition and embedded the winning video. – Media attention brought at least 1.000 additional views of the winning videos.
  • 29. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSeeding of Flips to German National Team – The Cisco team was able to seed cams to some of the players of the German team. – In the pictures you can see new German superstar Thomas Müller, captain Philipp Lahm, defender Arne Friedrich, among others. PICTURES NOT TO BE USED ANYWHERE
  • 30. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSeeding of Flips to German National Team – “Unfortunately”, the German team is still quite busy, so we have not seen them use Flips. The management was spotted using Flips though. – The picture was distributed by the official DFB twitter account, which has > 25.000 followers http://twitter.com/DFB_Team/status/16918865065 http://twitpic.com/1zheo7
  • 31. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSummer Facebook project I - Idea Summer Facebook project II - Idea – Everybody can apply via our facebook fanpage to – We offered our app to ROBINSON, a travel join a competition (thus already winning a Flip). company specialized on high class club They need to post why they and their family vacations. definitely deserve a great vacation. – They adopted the app and made their own – 50 are picked and sent a Flip. Are asked to show competition, asking their fans to show them in a video about their vacation. their favorite summer videos (don’t need to be – Voting on channel, best 3 videos to win a produced by themselves) Robinson Club vacation. Supported by great – Participants can win a club vacation and Flips. partners.Summer Facebook project I - Results Summer Facebook project II - Results – 172 participants in round 1, 18.482 votes have – ROBINSON has > 5.000 fans up to date been cast for all the participants – they were – They have 61 videos up to date , the best ones quite active activating their friends! having more than 300 votes at the moment – Round 2 ran until August 16 – we got >20 videos – They included Flip in a special social media back. Voting is now open until end of August newsletter that reached 50.000 people in August and will include Flip in another newsletter in September
  • 32. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSummer Facebook project I – the app (by Kaizo)
  • 33. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSummer Facebook project I – supporters
  • 34. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSummer Facebook project I – interaction & praise „I really think we are all winners, even if we won‘t win one of the main prizes. Such a great can and an underwatercase on top. Many thanks to Flip – you have made 50 people all over Germany incredibly happy. Such a perfect organisation and the permanent contact with the participants – this is something all the other companies here should really look at.“
  • 35. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSummer Facebook project II – ROBINSON Facebook site
  • 36. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSummer Facebook project II – support (Newsletter)
  • 37. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSocial media competition – July 26, we kicked off a Facebook competition around five “Flip packages” (containing one Flip, one signed CD, one signed make-up package) from the girlband “Monrose”. – Their new album is called “ladylike” and what we ask from our fans – via a video done for us by the three ladies – is, what they think makes a lady. – Our fans loved it – we had 23 participants in the first few hours of the competition. The total number of participants after ten days was 143 - one of the best competitions we ever had. http://www.facebook.com/flipvideoDE
  • 38. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSocial media competition – Support by Monrose – Monrose was doing a great job supporting us, but also via their website and Facebook channel. – Input as indicated above: five Flips… ;-) Comment by Bahar from Monrose on our wall
  • 39. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSeeding completed* – Bulli Herbig, director & comedian – Otto Waalkes, comedy legend – Rainer Calmund, ex-football manager, social media icon – Elton, comedian – Sonya Kraus, tv host and actress – Monrose, girl band – Thomas Godoj, singer – Peter Ladkani, Oscar nominated director – Patrick Mohr, fashion designer – Jumbo Schreiner, TV host – Marie Nasemann, model – Siri Svegler, singer, actress – Carolin Rupert, model – Thomas D, musician * More details on specific celebrities available on request
  • 40. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSeeding completed – Sabine Christiansen, TV host – Sara Nuru, supermodel – Jennifer Hof, supermodel – Collien Fernandez, TV host – Marcel Ostertag, designer – Enie van de Meiklokjes, TV host – Gina Lisa Lohfink, starlet – Tokio Hotel, band – Thomas Gottschalk, tv host – Til Schweiger, actor – Bettina Zimmermann, actress – Bushido, musician – Gentleman, band – Maybrit Illner, TV host – Kay Oberbeck, Google – Frank Schirrmacher, FAZ – Kool Savas, band – Mehrzad Marashi, “German Idol” – Guido Kantz, “Verstehen Sie Spaß?” – Lena Meyer-Landrut, Oslo winner
  • 41. PR in GermanyActivity reviewSeeding completed – Johnny Häußler, spreeblick.de – Markus Beckedahl, netzpolitik.org – Sascha Lobo, Twitter icon – Heiko Hebig, “blogging tech enthusiast“ – Jan Tißler, Upload – Jörn Sieveneck, all channels – Michael Praetoius, radio host – Martin Meyer-Gossner, cbs interactive – Thomas Cloer, computerwoche.de – Ibo Evsan, founder sevenload
  • 43. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsFigures & KPIs classic media – Impressions: 1.111.313.699* – Coverage: 1.592 unique items – Key messages • > 75 % include “easy shoot and share” • “share with friends and family” • “easy sharing via email” • “easy upload to PC” • “easy upload to YouTube”Figures & KPIs social media – > 18.000 unique visitors of blog – > 12.000 unique views of our YouTube videos – > 4.600 fans on Facebook – > 1.000 followers on Twitter* Print circulation + TV / radio reach + online unique visitors / week
  • 44. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsCoverage highlights - lifestyle
  • 45. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsCoverage highlights - lifestyle
  • 46. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsCoverage highlights – general interest
  • 47. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsCoverage highlights – product tests
  • 48. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsCoverage highlights – awards „Excellent“ 8 out of 10 points, May 2009 „Elle-Favourit“ „gut“ März 2010 4 out of 5 points, Jan 2010
  • 49. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsCoverage highlights – radio and tv
  • 50. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsCoverage highlights – radio and tv Link to broadcast
  • 51. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsCoverage highlights – Flip in editorial use
  • 52. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsCoverage highlights – Flip in editorial use http://www.abendzeitung.de/sport/wm2010/191365
  • 53. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsMedia cooperation – Welt Kompakt – Readers were shown short Flip videos of specific locations + had to guess the location – Welt Kompakt published seven print articles, one of them on the front page, with an overall coverage of over 1,3 million as well as seven online articles with overall unique visits of about 35 million per week. – They had 1.185 participants and received 111 comments, 60 “I like”s and 7 additional entries on their wall on facebook. http://www.welt.de/fliphttp://de-de.facebook.com/weltkompakt
  • 54. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsSeeding results
  • 55. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsSeeding results
  • 56. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsSocial media highlights – influencer relations GQ.com on the Fly: On Friday, the GQ fashion editors will be flying out to New York and will report via Flip-Video from the shows #fb „GQ going to NY Fashion Week. Reports from there via Flip videos“ LesMads fashion blog – featuring Flip in profile picture Daimler (yes, the official channel) announcing Flip video with Formular 1 car presentation
  • 57. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsSocial media highlights – influencer relations – Daimler is making it possible for their employees to watch the match. Uwe Knaus, who was equipped with a Flip during the Social Media Club Munich meeting, tweets about his colleague, reporting from the Daimler gates, interviewing employees about the football match with a Flip Mino. – Video includes Flip ending. http://blog.daimler.de/2010/07/07/fussballfrei-bei-daimler
  • 58. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsSocial media highlights – influencer relations – Daimler invited F-1-superstars Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg to their site in Sindelfingen. They had great fun with the staff there. – The visit was documented using our Flip again – and the ending was included as well. Definitively a candidate when we think about big cooperations... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qvHs90dyOY
  • 59. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsSocial media highlights – influencer relations
  • 60. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsSocial media highlights - dialogue Wow, that was quick. Just got an answer I got a Flip mino HD, a from @flipvideo_de. That‘s what I mini helicopter and… call service! Happy birthday from our side, too! We hope to see the first heli video soon THANK YOU for the great Customer Service with regards to #Flip!!! @flipvideo_de :))) @flipvideo_de of course :) the cam is even better than I expected
  • 61. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsSocial media highlights - dialogue
  • 62. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsSocial media highlights - competitions
  • 63. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsSocial media highlights – fun & advocacy Yes! Got my Flip :) Fantastic HD video cam. Highly recommended @flipvideo_de the impressions from our security day were so well received by the colleagues. It was so easy! @flipvideo_de Ahhh, Flip in danger! ;-) By the way, the Flip Ultra HD is totally COOL. So easy to use, perfect for me :-)
  • 64. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsSocial media highlights – advocacy Testing Kodak Zi8 on the Strip. Barbara – you do want a Flip Mino HD, Luckily, I don‘t draw attention you just don‘t know it yet :-). being a nerd at #CES Always go for the original, never buy the copy… I am very happy with mine. So easy to use and great Does anyboday here own a video quality #flip Flip Camcorder already? Recommendations? Tipps?
  • 65. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsSocial media highlights – influencer relations Aa special hello to our new follower star: @DwieDima Thanks to @flipvideo_DE I can now take HD video UNDER water! Thank you :) Cant‘t wait to try it out :) @flipvideo_DE hello flipvideo :-) I love the flipcam…) http://www.youtube.com/herrtutorial http://www.youtube.com/dieaussenseiter 134.816 followers on YouTube 233.082 followers on YouTube 12.804 followers on Twitter 10.350 followers on Twitter
  • 66. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsSocial media highlights – advocacy Well… I like the Flip :) @HerrTutorial the sales person at Saturn told me the Flip was a mere toy and If you have any questions, recommended this one [a JVC cam] help here you can find a list of Flip users I just want the quality of the @HerrTutorial the nice account @flipvideo_DE video to be great for YouTube replied and convinced me of the Flip UltraHD ;) The quality is great You can take a look at the videos Gentleman did with his cam and judge the quality there
  • 67. PR in GermanyHighlight resultsSocial media highlights – advocacy All the videos we published on… were filmed with a Flip, the quality is excellent @DwieDima Quick question: You are using the Flip Ultra HD, right? Is the quality good enough? Need Oh, that was the same one? reliable advice =) Wow… Thank you. I am convinced =) Thank you. As of today, I will be a Flip user as well. Und I will start filming immediately. Here you can find our list of Twitter users. Maybe they can give you more feedback ;)
  • 68. PR in Germany Highlight results Social media highlights – a little bit of self-praise Everone who wants to see great social media examples should follow @flipvideo_de, i.e. with their Easter special. Great work from @talkabout The best cases that were just presented (at social media conference) came from @frischkopp (Google), @uknaus (Daimler), @csommer (Greenpeace), @flipvideo_de Flipvideo_DE‘s blog is really cool. Lots of tips, competitions and interesting stuff can be found at http://blog.doyouflip.de Am I bribable? And if so, how?„Mirko Lange is the boss of talkabout. He is on Twitter since Dec 2008.Since May 2009 we are in regular contact and I do appreciate him as avery engaged and authentic representative of his profession (PR). Sinceabout half a year, talkabout is communicating for Flip. Mirko has sentme a cam. Because I asked if he could. Because we have known eachother for a while. He did not ask anything in return, like a blog postfor example. He just sent it to me.I have not written a single posting about the Flip since. Because I didn‘tave the time. Because I was too lazy and too busy with something else.Because I just didn‘t feel like it. But: Whenever there is an opportunity,I do praise the Flip. Not because I am friends with Mirko. But because ist @sachark is a social media native and is doing public affairs http://foxyurl.com/T31a fantastic product that can‘t be topped with regards to simplicity.“ for E Plus now, one of Germany‘s big four telecom companies