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Session 16   emarketing - 8 oct 10
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Session 16 emarketing - 8 oct 10



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  • 1. Email Marketing Ref: CHAP 6 Online Marketing Inside Out by SitePointAddl. Rdg.: CHAP 2 Textbook on E-Marketing by Quirk Biz
    > Fundamental concepts in Email Marketing
    > Different Types of Email Communication
    > Concept of Permission
    > Building up Email Lists
    Class Presentation | Session 16 | 8 Oct 2010
  • 2. Fundamental Concepts in Email Marketing
    What is Email Marketing
    One of most established and widely used forms of E-marketing
    “Email” as activity takes up a major share of what people do on internet.
    Any kind of promotional messages being sent through emails is a form of email marketing
  • 3. Fundamental Concepts in Email Marketing
    Benefits of Email Marketing
    Email is cost-effective
    Much cost-effective than direct mail marketing
    Generally costs which can be involved are:
    Using a platform (constant contact, Lyris)
    Email Lists (buying, if so required)
    Email builds relationships
    Control over responding lies with recipient
    They can do it at their own end
    Email is “push technology.”
    Marketing message is pushed
    Ensures delivery of message to recipient (not true always though)
    Email provides timely results
    Time of delivery is very small
    Can be easily measured
    Email is quick to produce
    Simple to design (even in HTML)
    Keeping less content is a blessing-in-disguise!
  • 4. Fundamental Concepts in Email Marketing
    Benefits of Email Marketing (…contd.)
    Email accommodates hyperlinks
    Allowing traffic to be routed to landing page
    Email provides detailed feedback
    Customers can reply easily and share their feedback
    May also request more information
    Email enables affordable segmentation and targeting
    Based on source of email lists, segmentation can be very strong
    Focused segmentation allows more targeting
    Email plays well with others
    Email campaigns can be easily made part of overall IMC – Integrated Marketing Communication
    Email can be a viral marketing tool
    Ease of ‘forwarding’ makes it one of the strongest viral marketing tool
    If someone finds content to be interesting for others, it takes just a few clicks to forward it and add viral factor to the campaign
  • 5. Fundamental Concepts in Email Marketing
    Steps in Executing an Email Campaign
    Email Marketing Campaign requires following these steps almost in same order
    (Ref: Textbook on E-marketing)
  • 6. Different types of Email Communication
    Marketing Messages
    Should not be generally unsolicited
    Marketing messages, sales messages etc.
    Transactional Emails / Housekeeping messages
    Confirmations, welcomes, introductions
    Carefully designed to enhance post-sales experience
    To advise users of happenings
    Generally sent at regular frequency
    Role of Email Communication in brand management
    Carefully designed messages, also personalized enhance users experience
    In turn strongly help brand image to be established
  • 7. Concept of Permission
    Undoubtedly, most critical issue in Email Marketing
    First, concept of SPAM to be understood
    Spam is an important concept in E-marketing
    Understand Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE) & Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE)
    CAN-SPAM Act of 2003– a milestone in this area
    Means You can SPAM?
    Control of Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing
    Defines the limitations and concept of spamming
    Spam is being monitored by different agencies (Spamhaus project is a leading name in this area – www.spamhaus.org)
  • 8. Concept of Permission
    Regulatory framework
    CAN-SPAM is US law
    Every country has varying degree of control over spam
    Spam is being strongly monitored now compared to previous years and regulations continue to be stronger
    Strong regulation of Spam has led to Permission
    Permission is simple concept
    You have to take a user’s permission to send emails (particularly commercial emails)
    Serious implications for how to build your email lists
    Also adding “unsubscribe” option in every email is now considered an industry norm
  • 9. Concept of Permission
    Importance of Permission in overall E-marketing campaign
    If users get unsolicited email (even if regulation is not against it) it is likely:
    They get it along side low-quality products and brands’ marketing
    They think of a quality brand as low too
    That they develop a negative image of your brand
    For quality marketing programs and quality e-marketing campaigns it is vital to understand and fully implement permission-based lead generation
  • 10. Building Email lists
    Key focus is again Permission
    Different ways of doing it
    News & Updates
    Ask customers to give emails
    A positive call to action
    Offline Lead Generation
  • 11. Email Marketing Ref: CHAP 6 Online Marketing Inside Out by SitePointAddl. Rdg.: CHAP 2 Textbook on E-Marketing by Quirk Biz
    > Technical side of Email
    > Designing email campaigns
    > Planning email campaigns
    > Overall Discussion with case studies & examples
    Class Presentation | Session 16 | 12 Oct 2010