Session 14 E-marketing - 1 Oct 10


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Session 14

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Session 14 E-marketing - 1 Oct 10

  1. 1. Affiliate MarketingRef: CHAP 6 Online Marketing Inside Out by SitePoint<br />> Individual Media Plan presentations<br />> Affiliate Marketing – Detailed Overview<br />> Term Project Discussion<br />Class Presentation | Session 14 | 1 Oct 2010<br />
  2. 2. Affiliate Marketing<br />Ref: Chap 7 – Online Marketing Inside Out by Sitepoint<br />Concept of Affiliate Marketing<br /> Pay only for Sales<br /> Win-win model<br /> Have been used effectively particularly in E-businesses<br /> NOT for Everyone: Dynamics to be understood carefully<br /> In recent years, concept of partnership/partner programs is used by different E-businesses. It is almost same as conventional Affiliate marketing program<br />E-Marketing<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Affiliate Marketing<br />Concept of Affiliate Marketing<br /> Most mature option in Online Advertising/Marketing in terms of payment models<br />Pyramid model to explaingraduation from clicksto sales<br />Pyramid represents decrease in number ofimp-clicks-leads-sales<br />E-Marketing<br />3<br />
  4. 4. Affiliate Marketing<br />Concept of Affiliate Marketing<br />Contract with third-parties to:<br /> Promote your product/website/business<br /> Send traffic to their website<br /> Get paid when there is some successful action<br />Successful action can be:<br /> Sales (actual purchase of product)<br /> Filling of form (getting registered)<br /> OR any other action required by business<br />Generally action is at a more mature stage than click<br />E-Marketing<br />4<br />
  5. 5. Affiliate Marketing<br />Key features of Affiliate Marketing<br />Automated process<br />The whole process of Affiliate Marketing in Online world is automated or should be as automated as possible<br />Give a link/banner to affiliates. They place it on their website. Traffic coming by clicking on banners will be tracked for entire activity<br />Mainly cookies are used for tracking<br />Marketing to Affiliates<br />To acquire more affiliates, marketing has to be done separately to them<br />Approving affiliates may be required to ensure that quality sites promote your business only<br />E-Marketing<br />5<br />
  6. 6. Affiliate Marketing<br />Benefits of Affiliate Marketing<br />Win-Win<br />Pay only when there is sale<br />No other obligations<br />It may be slightly tailored to make it more attractive<br />Fixed ROI<br />With known payments / sale, ROI is predictable<br />Extended Reach<br />More and more affiliates can be added without any cost (except marketing to affiliates)<br />Cover more geography even<br />Outsource Marketing – Focus on core business<br />Affiliate marketing is like outsourcing marketing<br />Traffic will be ‘automatically’ coming<br />E-Marketing<br />6<br />
  7. 7. Affiliate Marketing<br />Problems of Affiliate Marketing<br />Loose control on Marketing Program<br />Affiliates can engage in any form of communication with prospective customer and may jeopardize brand<br />Control is very hard to maintain on affiliates as to how they promote it<br />Doubling up of Leads<br />Some leads coming through affiliates might be your customers otherwise<br />Now, you have to pay even for generic traffic<br />Click frauds<br />Affiliate may be involved in click fraud or other fraudulent transactions to increase their commissions<br />Hard to do in Sales based activity but relatively easier in other forms<br />Affiliates may be hard to acquire<br />It is more attractive for businesses than for affiliates<br />More and more businesses offering affiliate programs makes it competitive<br />E-Marketing<br />7<br />
  8. 8. Email Marketing Ref: CHAP 6 Online Marketing Inside Out by SitePointAddl. Rdg.: CHAP 2 Textbook on E-Marketing by Quirk Biz<br />> Fundamental concepts in Email Marketing<br />> Different Types of Email Communication<br />> Concept of Permission<br />> Building up Email Lists<br />> Comprehensive Quiz on Online Advertising<br />Class Presentation | Session 15 | 5 Oct 2010<br />