Green Supply Chain Practices and Performances: A case of 3PL in Karachi


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This is a Research report presentation made by Students of Iqra University | Gulshan e Iqbal Campus Karachi, Pakistan for their Research Proposal I & II Course in B.B.A Hons. Program on the topic of Green Supply Chain practices in 3rd party logistics company in Karachi.

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Green Supply Chain Practices and Performances: A case of 3PL in Karachi

  1. 1. Green Supply Chain Practices and Performances: A case of TPL in Karachi Prepared By: Adeel Hafeez (5083) Ali Ahmed (5159) Muhammad Saad Siddiqui (5084) Talha Bin Irfan (4618) Facilitator: Mr. Muhammad Ali
  2. 2. Introduction • Supply chain management (SCM) is the oversight of materials, information, and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. • Green SCM is Integrating environment thinking into supply chain management, including product design, material sourcing and selection, manufacturing processes, delivery of the final product to the consumers, and end-of-life management of the product after its useful life. Improves operations by employing an environmental solution • • Improves Agility: Green supply chain management help mitigate risks and speed innovations • Increases Adaptability: Green supply chain analysis often leads to innovative processes and continuous improvements • Promotes Alignment: involves negotiating policies with suppliers and customers, which results in better alignment of business processes and principles.
  3. 3. Problem Statement • Many researches have been move on Green Supply Chain and 3rd Party logistics. The result of one of the studies show that the activities of logistics have Green House & gas emission impact, some countries raise their financial gain pull down at the cost of their expense of environment degradation, Green logistics efficiency shows the competiveness logistic impact on Environment, and it shows that green supply chain has full potential of innovation. Another research result shows that the green supply chain has the full of innovation; different types of supply chain actors must be included in this process, waste material can transform through value chain process. In Pakistan there is lesser research conducted on the topic of green supply chain and 3PL, so there is a need to study this topic in the context of Pakistan.
  4. 4. Research Objective/s: • To Identify the practices of Green Supply Chain. • To find out Green supply chain performances on third party logistics. Research Question/s: 1. How organizations define Green Supply Chain Practices? 2. How do Green Supply Chain practices affect the performances of it in the case of Third Party Logistics providers?
  5. 5. Literature Reviews
  6. 6. Name of the Researcher and Title Estimates and Results Methodology Conclusion Literature Review Perotti, S et al. (2011) Increasing interest towards environmental issues, the “Green supply chain current level of adoption of GSCP is still limited amongst practices company the 3PLs. performance: the case of 3PLs in Italy” Face to face semi structured interviews from the executives of 15 3pls providers . There is increasing interest toward the environmental challenges face by the organizations and 3pl providers are reluctant to adopt the green supply chain practices and very few of them adopt GSCP. Ghobadian,A.and Holt. D (2009) Researcher Distributed questionnaire among 60 Manufacturin g companies The companies incorporate the green supply chain management in their processes along with its 8descriptive activities rather than proactive, external processes also the environmental attitude is a key predictor of GSCM. “An empirical study of green supply chain management practices amongst UK manufacturers” The result of the study shows that in UK the manufacturing companies have pressure to improve the environmental performance through legislation.
  7. 7. (cont…) Name of the Researchers and Title Baofeng.H (2008) “Understanding drivers of performance in the 3PL industry in Hong Kong” B.S. Sahay and Mohan.R (2006) “3PL practices: an Indian Perspective” Estimates and Results Methodology Conclusion The result shows that the external & internal environment has convinced touch on the operational Performance of 3PL Companies and this performance also carry 22positive impact on the financial performance of companies. survey of 15 3PL Provider companies of Hong-Kong, Structured Questionnaire Disturbed among the 15 executives of the 3PL Companies. This research provides comprehensive overview about market challenges, operations & Functional Involvement. Result shows that the usage of the 3rd party logistics impact positively on business practices 3rd party logistics is still on the initial stage in the India. The data collected through the survey questionnaire with the input & output variable to see the The outsourcing would increase in the India in up-coming years.
  8. 8. Methodology Research Approach Qualitative Approach Research Purpose Exploratory Research Design Phenomenology Data Source Primary data Data Collection Instrument In-depth Interview Target Population Logistic Industry (TCS, KICT, OCS & e2e) 4 Interviews Sample Size
  9. 9. Themes Question 1: How organizations define Green Supply Chain Practices? Theme 1: Outsourcing Theme 2: Technological innovation Theme 3: Recycling Theme 4: Fleet Management Theme 5: Benchmarking
  10. 10. Themes Question 2: How do Green Supply Chain practices affect the performances of it in the case of Third Party Logistics providers? Theme 1: Integrated Operation Theme 2: Environmental friendly Theme 3: Better Customer Service Theme 4: Cost Reduction Theme 5: Focus on Core Business
  11. 11. Conclusion  The main reason of this research is to study Green Supply Chain practices and performances in 3rd party logistics (3PL) companies of Karachi.  The result shows that the logistic companies are very much concerned about the environmental issues & professionally practicing the Green supply practices to remain environmentally friendly; in each every single step in their logistic operations they keep check and balance of proper green supply chain practices.  Our variables are Green Supply Chain, Distribution Strategies, warehousing, Reverse logistics and internal management.
  12. 12. Recommendations  Our Beneficiaries get in-depth knowledge about the importance of green supply chain.  The beneficiaries can also be able to know that how the TPL companies are working to improve the environment.  By working with these types of logistic companies all the other manufacturing & non-manufacturing companies will get benefit in terms of cost reduction, improved processes and etc.
  13. 13. Future Recommendations  Our research is only focused on Karachi; therefore the practices of green supply chain in whole Pakistan are not covered.  Governmental organizations are not studied in the research due to the legal issues of permission.  Researchers faced the time issue because of the short time period of academic semester that’s why work is very limited.
  14. 14. Feedback…