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The report discusses about the various talent pool present in the City of Fes - Morocco . It also tells about the ecosystem present in Fes

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Talent Neuron City Spotlight - Fes

  1. 1. Talent Neuron City Spotlight – Fes (Executive Summary) December 2013 This report is solely for the use of Talent Neuron clients and Talent Neuron Subscribers. No part of it may be circulated, quoted, or 1 reproduced for distribution outside the client organization without prior written approval from Talent Neuron.
  2. 2. Talent Neuron Copyright and Disclaimer Copyright The material in this report is copyrighted. No part of this report prepared by Talent Neuron can be reproduced either on paper or electronic media without permission in writing from Talent Neuron. Request for permission to reproduce any part of the report may be sent to info@talentneuron.com. Customers are welcome to use an unlimited number of copies of the materials contained within this report. Furthermore, customers may copy any graphic herein for their own internal purpose. Talent Neuron requests only that members retain the source name/logo mark on all pages produced. Please contact our Talent Neuron account manager at +1-408-716-8432 for any help we may provide. The report herein is the property of Talent Neuron (A Zinnov LLC Company). Beyond the membership, no copyrighted materials of Talent Neuron may be reproduced without prior approval. Disclaimer All the information contained in this report is obtained through proprietary technology aggregation algorithms, human experts, network of domain experts, discussions with industry leaders, public and confidential information sources believed to be reliable. Talent Neuron makes no representations or warranties regarding the errors, omissions or completeness of any information contained herein and shall have no liability for the same. The report is provided solely for informational and marketing purposes and opinions must not be construed as advice, recommendations or endorsements. The reader of the report is advised to conduct an independent evaluation and form conclusions with respect to the information provided.
  3. 3. Fes – Snapshot Second largest city in Morocco and is considered as the “Jewel of Morocco” • Fes Overview City Population 1,126,000 Unemployment Rate (IT) 2.7% • Attrition Rate 6.0% • Working Days in a year 282 Days (3088 hours) Political Risk Rating Score 60 EU Membership Status EU partnership • Source : Talent Neuron research and Analysis, Investment agencies, News articles Fes is the second largest city in the country and is considered as the “Jewel of Morocco” for being a historical, cultural, educational, and tourism center Major industries in Fes are Agriculture, Tourism, Crafts, chemicals, Para-chemicals, and Electro-mechanics Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah University with 81 research laboratories and more than 240 research groups is a major scientific and technological institution in Fes 13 Public Holidays and 18 paid Vacation days are provided to employees Zinnov 3
  4. 4. Fes The city has an installed talent base of 5,500 professionals Installed Talent Pool – Fes Total Compensation Break up per month Euro - 459 Euro - 767 15% 13% 1,100 85% 87% Technical Support Fresher Experienced 5,500 3,050 300 Total Installed Talent 350 Sofware Hardware 700 IT Services BPO Social Contribution Gross Salary Note: Fresher corresponds to experience of 0 years; Experienced corresponds to an experience of 3 years Language Support Language Annual Salary Increase • Arabic is a major medium of instruction in universities, however, some university offer courses such as English Language and Literature, German Language and Literature and other languages • Annual Salary increase is 9% Social Security Contribution Professional Training Tax • 1.6% Family Benefits • 7.5% Short-Term Benefits • 0.67% Long – Term Benefits • 7.93% Source : Talent Neuron, Country Statistics site, Industry Associations, University Websites, Industry Reports, Interview with Stakeholders and Job Portals Zinnov 4
  5. 5. Fes The city has presence of large tech parks Infrastructure • Fez Shore, a technology park would offer office space area of over 130,000 sq.m once fully operational. Office space availability • The park was inaugurated in June 2012 and the first phase of the project delivered office space of about 16,000 sq.m Local Support Financial/ Training/Other Support Aids • Training aid of up to € 5,800 is provided. For companies operating in the Fes Shore technology park the telecom costs is up to 30% cheaper than market price. • "One Stop Administration" service offers all the administrative services in one dedicated area. The objective is to simplify and speed up several administrative processes in Fes Shore. Ecosystem Presence of Tech parks/ Technology development Zone • Fez Shore has Total area of 220,000 sq.m comprising of 131,000 sq.m of offices and services area. The park is in close proximity to several universities which are in Fez, Ifrane, and Meknes • Region of Fez-Boulemane has 93 research centers and laboratories and 101 training & research institutes Company Landscape Presence of automotive • Non automotive companies such as Marweb, WAWneeds, ONEDATACLICK, EGY Maroc have presence in the companies and other city multinationals Source : Talent Neuron research and Analysis, Industry reports, News articles, Investment agencies Zinnov 5
  6. 6. Using Big Data principles, Talent Neuron Platform provides powerful insights on Talent, Location, Cost, Peer Group Footprint, Current Trends and Employee’s profiles Talent Analysis 520 + Cities Employee Profile Analysis 7,500 + Companies Peer Trends 360+ Skills Talent Neuron Latest Trends & Related News Cost Analysis 12,000 Unique Data points per city ~3,200 Universities 20.5 Million Professionals Location Analysis University Analysis 66
  7. 7. Our offering consists of the following FIVE modules.. 1 Talent Acquisition 5 2 Site / Location Selection TALENT NEURON MODULES Workforce Planning 4 3 Predictive Talent Analytics Our Service Offerings Talent Neuron Platform Globalization Initiatives Workbench 77
  8. 8. 3080 Olcott Street, Suite A125, Santa Clara, CA 95054 Phone: +408-716-8432 21, Waterway Ave, Suite 300 The Woodlands TX – 77380 Phone: +1-281-362-2773 THANK YOU 69 "Prathiba Complex", 4th 'A' Cross, Koramangala Ind. Layout 5th Block, Koramangala Bangalore – 560095 Phone: +91-80-41127925/6 First Floor, Plot no. 131, Sector 44, Gurgaon-122002, Phone: +91 124 4420100 info@talentneuron.com www.talentneuron.com @talentneuron