5 ways to increase employee productivity


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5 Useful tips that every HR should know

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5 ways to increase employee productivity

  1. 1. 5 simple ways to improve employee productivity Productivity is a term that plagues most companies today, considering the amount of distractions an employee has to Contact Details Talent Neuron 3080 Olcott Street, Suite A125, Santa Clara, CA 95054 Phone: +408-716-8432 Email: info@zinnov.com navigate today. A distressingly high number of employees are disengaged and generally not functioning at optimal level. However, it is difficult to actually measure productivity. One employee may slog for six hours and write 100 lines of reasonably good code, while another may generate a brilliant loop of ten lines Similar Articles Bridging the Gap for Cloud Skills in three days. So, can you say who is more productive? This is a difficult question to answer because different types of programmers have different styles. In this scenario, both are equally productive. Things get even more difficult when you want to measure the productivity of teams spread across geographies because there For more information, please contact info@talentneuron.com | www.talentneuron.com This message has been approved for distribution by Vamsee Tirukkala, Co-Founder and EVP – Talent Neuron. This email is sent by Zinnov LLC. are several factors to consider. Companies usually setup teams across countries over time and so maturity levels will tend to vary. Countries themselves may be at different levels of maturity in different areas. India, for instance, has good code writers but the ability to design and architect a new product has never been a core strength. Some other country may have people with accentneutral English, making them ideal for BPO jobs, but they may not be able to produce competent code. But companies cannot just believe that it is difficult to measure productivity and so do nothing about it. How can you change this If you wish to unsubscribe from this communication please email to info@talentneuron.com
  2. 2. and inculcate a more productive mindset in your employees? Regular and constructive feedback: Provide meaningful feedback on a regular basis. The ability to offer criticism to employees in a manner that doesn’t discourage anyone is the cornerstone of effective management. Respect employees as people: The simple fact is that when people feel genuinely valued, they will also be willing to go the extra mile for the company. Avoid micromanaging your employees and trust them to do their job if you want to provide a good working environment. Set clear goals: There’s nothing more frustrating for employees as not knowing what is expected of them. Provide weekly, monthly and quarterly goals so employees are able to manage time more effectively, which will ultimately improve productivity. Training programs: Companies have a tendency to invest more in leadership initiatives that ignores mid-level executives. Dedicating resources to training will encourage employees to learn more about the industry and stay on top of their game. Support employees: This can be through any form – replacing outdated systems, emotional support, flexible work-life balance – and builds employee loyalty and goodwill. Further, managers need to recognize and praise employees for a job well done. Talent Neuron has developed a feature which compares various factors for employee productivity across cities. This is important as companies are able to gauge the kind of employees they can expect in a particular location and the measures necessary to improve productivity.