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Cross Platform Mobile Technologies

Cross Platform Mobile Technologies



Talentica recently hosted a meet up for Pune Mobile Developers. Pune Mobile developers is a group which is for enthusiasts in mobile technologies.

Talentica recently hosted a meet up for Pune Mobile Developers. Pune Mobile developers is a group which is for enthusiasts in mobile technologies.



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    Cross Platform Mobile Technologies Cross Platform Mobile Technologies Presentation Transcript

    • AGENDA  Introduction and Icebreaker  Technology Presentations  Mobile JSF  Titanium  Kony  MoSync  Open Discussion  Concluding Address  Networking and Refreshments
    • INTRODUCTION  Started as mobile community in Talentica last year.  Open to anybody who is interested in mobile development  Share our experiences in mobile development space.  Increase awareness of fast growing mobile technologies among Developers
    • ICE-BREAKER – 1 Android vs iOS vs Windows vs others ?
    • ICE-BREAKER – 1
    • ICE-BREAKER – 2 How many Apps do you have?
    • ICE-BREAKER – 2 Android - 53 iPhone - 83
    • CROSS PLATFORM TECHNOLOGIES  Solution for growing number of mobile operating systems and device specifications.  Business impact – Short time to market and reduced development costs  Future proof – Application portability to new OS  Single technology expertise – No need to have 4 different skills to develop on different OS.
    • MOBILE WEB - JSF STOCK MARKET Team Members: 1. Smrutiranjan Sahu 2. Shreyash Thakare
    • PLATFORM OVERVIEW  Java server faces(JSF) is a server side user interface component framework for Java technology-based web applications  Used to create server side applications which run on browsers.  Offers lots of re-useable code, MVC for web applications, clean separation of roles, built in AJAX capabilities and has huge vendor and industry support.  Primefaces is a JSF based framework that provides rich UI components making developers life easier   PrimeFaces Mobile is a UI kit to create JSF web applications optimized for mobile devices.  Powered by jQuery Mobile with PrimeFaces extensions, various platforms such as iPhone, Android, Palm, Blackberry, Windows Mobile are supported.
    • DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT  Eclipse  JSF (Primefaces Mobile), Prime Push  Spring, Maven (optional)
    • PLATFORM PROS & CONS  Apps that run on a mobile browser and require rich UI components could use this framework.  Easy to learn.  Just one jar with no dependencies and nothing else to configure.  Various themes available as well as custom themes are possible.  Issues with integrating custom css.  Paid support   No clear distinction between desktop & mobile components.(Need trial & error approach)
    • COMPATIBILITIES WITH MOBILE OS  Support same as JQuery Mobile.  Works on almost all the latest mobile browsers except for old phone browsers.
    • ISSUES FACED  Displaying Date/Time in OHLC chart.  Auto resizing chart on orientation change.  Formatting values inside list.  CSS issue in Autosuggest, Table.
    • TITANIUM APPCELERATOR RSS FEED APP Team Members: 1. Ajay Chawda 2. Samarth Gahire 3. Manish Zope 4. Deepish Adwani
    • PLATFORM OVERVIEW  Developed and maintained by Appcelerator inc.  A cross platform javascript based framework.  Easy access to native os and hardware features.  Modular and extensible architecture  Growing developer community (5L+ Developers)  It's FREE
    • DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT  Native SDK should be installed.  Titanium Studio (IDE) (or Aptana eclipse plugin can be used).  Installed Titanium studio on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Ubuntu. (Support also available for MAC)  Tested the app on emulator and device both.
    • COMPATIBILITIES WITH MOBILE OS  Android  IOS  Blackberry  Tizen
    • ALLOY FRAMEWORK  Alloy - Powerful MVC i.e UI and app logic  Alloy is built on Node.js, available on npm and integrated with Titanium Studio.  The goal is to make Titanium development easier, faster and more scalable  To use Alloy, node.js and Node.ACS should be installed.  You can use XML for views and JSON for styling (tss).  Reusable widgets and templates  Built-in Backbone.js (which is base of MVC which have rich model and collection APIs) and Underscore.js support which provides variety of utility functions like array and iterative helpers.
    • PLATFORM PROS & CONS  Rapid prototyping  Web-oriented / Javascript  Cross-platform  Growing community  Increasing complexity  Toolkit pain  Bulky build  Lot of if else cases to be handled
    • ISSUES FACED  Debugging issue.  Faced some bugs in representing the data, but quickly figured out the workaround as support is easily available.  Code maintainability is an issue for titanium. But same can be overcome by using Alloy framework.  We need to figure out workarounds for the bugs with the titanium new releases
    • KONY PEOPLE SEARCH APP Team Members: 1. Avinash 2. Rohit
    • KONY  Birth- 2007 with “Write once and Run everywhere” motto.  Eclipse IDE with plugins for development and debugging.  Develop native and HTML5 web apps.  JavaScript based.  Easily integrated with back-end systems.  Support for third party libraries.
    • ENTERPRISE APPS Mobile App Kony Server Backend Server (Your Web- page, or if you run enterprise server)
    • PLATFORM- AS WE KNOW NOW.  Support for all popular platforms (Android, iOS, BB, Win8, Desktop Browser).  Cross-platform API as well as Platform-Specific API.  Foreign Function Interface for third-party libraies like :barcode scanning, augmented reality, diagnostic sensors, NFC functions, pen-based features, accessing non-UI libraries, embedded third party UI widgets (i.e. sencha or jquery mobile).  Enterprise focus (Kony Server Bundled): Kony Server for easy backend integration. Web Services(REST, SOAP, JSON), ERM/CRP(SAP, Seibel etc).
    • PROS & CONS  Comprehensive set of UI Widgets and API supported by rich documentation.  Develop once or develop separate for platforms. Your choice.  Native code generation for platforms in addition to Single Page Application for Mobile/Desktop browsers.  HTML-scrapping and Web services integration really simple to develop.  Support for all the latest platform releases.  Resource Hungry IDE.  Slow build-time for BB. It takes forever to build and run.  No drawing APIs. You can NOT develop cool games.  Bugs in IDE plugins and SPA plugins.  No Demo versions for download. Need to buy it or request for evaluation.
    • APPLICATION DEMO  Used Rest services exposed by pipl.com  Kony‟s XHR API used for service call and Kony‟s Segment Widget aka List View to present data.
    • MOSYNC TMDB APP Team Members: 1. Chetan Verma 2. Sudhir Naik
    • PLATFORM OVERVIEW  Free and open source SDK for mobile applications  Produces native mobile applications for multiple platforms  Can use C/C++ and/or HTML5/JavaScript  Targeted for both web developers and PC/Mac desktop developers  Supports Android 2.x-4.x, iOS, Windows Mobile Classic, Windows Phone, Symbian S60, Java Mobile and the Moblin platform.  Available for Windows and Mac OS  Extensive documentation available  First version was launched in early 2005!
    • DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT MoSync SDK  Targeted at both C++ and HTML5/JS development  Integrated with the Eclipse development environment  Supported on MS Windows and Mac OS X (Linux users can use VirtualBox OSE)  Very easy to setup!  ADT required to develop Android Apps
    • DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT MoSync Reload  Targeted exclusively at HTML5/JavaScript development  Web based JavaScript Workbench that helps to speed- up and simplify the development of the JavaScript code  Instantly see the result on any number of devices or emulators  Requires „Reload Client‟ to be installed on test devices  Requires Mosync SDK to compile native applications for various platforms
    • PLATFORM PROS & CONS  Can use C++ or HTML5/JavaScript or combination of both – Wormhole technology  Supports STL  Different methods for designing user interface  Fast UI development using Mosync Reload  Supports OpenGL  Compiles native applications  Suitable for all kind of applications  Commercial license and an open source GPL-2 license  Extensive online documentation and help available Continued…
    • PLATFORM PROS & CONS  No Debugger for NativeUI Applications  JavaScript and C++ bridge is function based and not very intuitive  Native UI applications built using HTML5 may not be efficient on some platforms  Some features not implemented or not efficient on all platforms.
    • COMPATIBILITIES WITH MOBILE OS General support for most features Experimental implementations of some features, but not fully tested Backward compatibility only; no support for this release's new features or not yet tested More details @ http://www.mosync.com/widepage/feature-platform- support Platform Versions Android 2.2 2.3.3 3.x.x 4.x Blackberry 4.x 5.x 6.x 7.x iOS 5.1.x 6.0.x 6.1.x Java ME MIDP 2.x 3.0 Moblin 2.x Symbian S60 2nd S60 3rd S60 5th Symbian^3 Anna Belle Windows Mobile 2003 5.x 6.0 6.1 6.5 Windows Phone 7.5 7.8 8
    • APPLICATION DEMO  themoviedb.org is a free and community maintained movie database. TMDB is used by many popular media centers like XBMC, Plex, MythTV and MediaPortal.