Big Data: Microsoft Technology BI and Hadoop


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Microsoft Business Intelligence platform advances to keep up with the innovation in Big Data World. Read on to know how.

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Big Data: Microsoft Technology BI and Hadoop

  1. 1. Big Data: Microsoft Technology BI and HadoopSocial networking and advanced mobile capabilities have led to rapid increase in the volumes of data thatis being collected every day. Every individual generates huge amount of information and from variety ofmediums and on variety of subjects. The volume of data is increasing so fast because of the lowinvestment required to add computing and storage capabilities.To get any insight from this large amount of data, the data needs to be crunched, processed andanalyzed. When a large amount of data is unstructured, the obvious question is how to make sense of allthe data captured and make better business decisions.Big Data helps us serve exactly the same purpose where businesses can use data to get valuableinsights about their target customers. Big Data answers many questions on critical issues such as the  Brand’s engagement,  Perception of consumers  More ways to increase customer engagement and eventually get better salesThese questions provide you with the much required business intelligence. This makes it easy for keydecision makers to takes critical decisions that will help them outperform their competitors.A complete and modern big data solution provides  A data management layer that is flexible to support all kinds of data types  An enrichment layer that helps in discovering, transformation, sharing and governing data  A rich set of tools that helps in gaining insight from analytics  A unified platform that combines data from various sourcesMicrosoft has integrated its business intelligence platform with Hadoop to create a Big Data solution. SQLServer 2012 is big step towards this revolution. Microsoft development will now be easier with the recentinnovation in Big Data technology.Developing big data solutions using Microsoft technology stack has resulted in lesser costs, betterefficiency and in-depth insight. It also helped several product companies overcome the challenges relatedto speed inefficiencies and lack of support for BI platforms.So some of the major benefits of using Microsoft BI for your Big Data needs are as follows:Speed: Users can analyze real time data using SQL Server 2012 and MOLAP model. In fact usi ng acombination of both can also help considerably reduce the average query time. The entire platform doesnot need to be built from scratch and handle various tools and get into the hassles of support. Thisensures that businesses don’t spend much time managing business logic and data connections.Better Insight: Microsoft development also provides a comprehensive solution that helps understand thebig picture which helps businesses manage their presence on social networks thus giving them acompetitive edge over peers. Users can also have more control over data analysis.
  2. 2. Out-of-the-Box Innovation: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 presents an advanced platform so thatbusinesses can keep up with the innovations happening in the big data world. Developing big dat asolution on Microsoft also gives the much required flexibility and scalability. SQL Server’s Power Pivot forExcel is an easy to use tool that provides business intelligence in an easy to understand format.Microsoft’s business intelligence solutions are aimed at high user adoption and better scalability unlikethe leading BI platforms available in the market.