Top Campus Recruitment Insights 2011/2012 Recruitment Season


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Top Campus Recruitment Insights 2011/2012 Recruitment Season

  1. 1. Top CampusRecruitment Insights2011/2012 Recruitment Season
  2. 2. Campus Recruitment 3 isWhere employers go 4 Canada’s leadingTop 5 industries on campus 5Top 15 employers on campus 6 online career resource for studentsShifting Strategies 7 and recent gradsMost common recruitment tactics 8Career fairs and info sessions 9 Thousands of students and recent grads engage and interact with career content everyDigital media 10 day on – over 1 million per year! For more information, visit www.TalentEgg.caStudent Behaviour 11 or contact us by filling out the form atCareer fairs 13 sessions 14-15Recruitment timing 16-17About TalentEgg 18
  3. 3. Campus Recruitment What are top Canadian employers doing on campus? Top Campus Recruitment Insights: 2011/2012
  4. 4. TalentEgg works with the majority of Canada’s top employersin terms of student and new grad recruitment.Our research with these employers shows thatthe majority focus largely on major “Tier A”campuses, but they also invest in smallercampuses relevant to their particular industry.Example: Mining firms allocate more resources to recruiting atuniversities in Western Canada (small or large) because of theproximity to their job sites and the education requirements oftheir career opportunities.
  5. 5. The dominant spenders in The Top 5 most popular industries forCanadian student and new grad students and recent graduatesrecruitment are firms from the (based on TalentEgg traffic, 2010-following five industries: 2011) are: Accounting Accounting Mining Marketing Engineering Business Financial Services Finance Consumer Packaged Banking GoodsWhile spending is aligned with popularity in some industries, such asAccounting and Finance, employers in industries such as Mining andEngineering compete for a very limited talent pool, as is reflected in theseresults.
  6. 6. The 15 most active employers on campus in Canada(measured by career fair attendance) in 2011 were: 1. Enterprise 9. Certified Management Accountants (CMA) 2. Insurance Institute 10. PepsiCo. 3. Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) 11. Xerox 4. Aecon 12. Research in Motion 5. Investors Group 13. Imperial Oil 6. Service Canada 14. Canada Revenue Agency 7. Sun Life 15. Freedom 55 Financial 8. TD Bank
  7. 7. Shifting Strategies How are student and new grad recruitment tactics changing? Top Campus Recruitment Insights: 2011/2012
  8. 8. The most common student and new grad recruitment tacticsused by employers: On-campus career fairs Information sessions Online contentCurrently, many organizations are shifting theirstrategies to include fewer career fairs, andmore information sessions and onlinecontent…
  9. 9. 61% Fewer career fairs, more info sessions 14% 12% 10% 2% 61% of Canadian 0 1 to 5 5 to 10 10+ 20+ How many career fairs do you plan to attend on campus this year? employers plan to attend only 1 to 5 10 + 23% campus career fairs in 2011-2012, while more5 to 10 29% than half will host 5 to 1 to 5 32% 10 or 10+ information sessions. 0 16% How many information sessions do you plan to hold this year?
  10. 10. Employers are Way lessalso increasing than last year, 2%their online The samepresence as last year, 25% Much more than lastThree quarters of year, 40%employers (73%)will include moreonline content intheir recruitment A little bit more thanstrategies in 2011- last year, 33%2012 compared tolast year. How much will you use digital media in your strategy this year?
  11. 11. Student Behaviour Does student behaviour match how and when employers are recruiting? Top Campus Recruitment Insights: 2011/2012
  12. 12. The shift toward employers spending more on online contentis on trend with current research, which reveals that studentsare becoming less engaged with on-campus recruitment,regardless of the style.The majority of students do not attend campuscareer fairs or employer informationsessions…
  13. 13. Only one third of studentsattend career fairs andfind them valuable Yes, but I wouldntWhile two thirds of students go again, No, 34%have attended a career fair 32%at some point, only one thirdfound the experiencevaluable enough to want togo again in the future. Yes, and I wouldAnother 34% have never go again,attended a career fair on 34%campus. Have you ever attended a career fair on your campus?
  14. 14. Employer info sessions can be effective depending on theemployer and the industry.For example, accounting firms are successful in recruitingstudents via info sessions because students often alreadyknow about the different firms before attending – students arealready engaged and serious about finding employment withthat specific company.However, when employers are not well known on campus,and no previous rapport has been established between theemployer and students, info sessions are much lesssuccessful. Students will rarely attend an info session hostedby an employer that they know nothing about.
  15. 15. In fact, 42% of 42%students plan to attend 34%zero info sessions overthe next yearSomewhat surprisingly,34% of students don’teven know what an info 11%session is. As a result, 8% 5%employers thatparticipate in infosessions are reaching Whats an 0 1 to 5 5 to 10 10+ infoless than 25% of the session?student population. How many employer info sessions do you plan to attend over the next year?
  16. 16. Is participating in fall campus recruitment an effective tactic? 37%Only 1 in 5students look forentry-level jobs in 25%September of their 19%final year 14%Employers who 5%recruit primarily inSeptember will missout on 80% of the September January of When I Throughout Other of my final my final finish the wholestudent population. year year classes in year April When did you or will you start searching for your first post-grad job?
  17. 17. Unemployed and underemployed students and recent gradsfrequently lament the fact that they’ve completely missed outon employers’ key hiring period simply because they eitherweren’t aware of it or were too busy with school, extra-curricular activities, internships, co-op terms and part-timejobs to participate.Students and recent grads search for careerinformation year round, but they are mostactive during the month of May – after classeshave ended for the year.What recruitment activities do you execute in May?
  18. 18. TalentEgg helps employers meet theirbranding and student and new gradrecruitment goals.If you’re looking to reach students andrecent graduates, or improve your campusrecruitment strategy, TalentEgg can help.Please visit email to learnmore and set up a meeting. New site design, coming September 2011!