A Vision for a Healthy Campus Recruitment Ecosystem (TalentEgg CACEE 2013 Presentation)


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  • About me and TalentEgg
  • About me and TalentEggBecause we have such wide reach, 100s of Employers leverage TalentEGg to reach targeted student populations across the countryTRUSTTargeting certain types of employers
  • What’s cracking – accomplishments from the past year-Awards, including Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women, named Best Business CYBF Chairman’s Awards, CACEE Student Engagement this time last year-Generation Jobless documentary and Generation Why-Countless press appearances, including …Bright Ideas
  • TalentEgg+-Conference and Awards-Campus Recruitment 360 – plug free download of on-campus recruiting report-Weekly section in Metro across Canada and U.S.-Gov’t of Ontario youth employment roundtable
  • AwardsBeing at intersectionOn-campus surveyValidate how we got the dataWe are passionately in the centre of this industry - listening to all sides Getting employer feedback from our conference
  • First demonstrate how the ecosystem is currently unhealthy-High youth unemployment and under-employment-Labour shortages and skills gaps in industries that are key to Canada’s economy – oil and gas, mining, technology- Employers Don’t understand how students engage with their careers and search for career information-Too many employers rely on school reputations rather than skills or fit when it comes to hiring-Poor candidate experience-Stakeholders working independently
  • - National unemployment rate in brackets
  • Credit Alex Usher, Higher Education Strategy AssociatesBC class of 2004 medium-term education outcomes dataFigure 1 shows incomes increasing significantly from 2 years to 5 years, even for those with traditionally unemployable degreesFigure 2 shows number of graduates in jobs requiring post-secondary education 2 and 5 years out – again, things tend to improve even for poor English, history, polisci studentsThings aren’t so bad…for the class of 2004
  • -Pre-recession data doesn’t look so bad, but what about our current and future graduates? How will they fare?-Returning to pre-recession stats isn’t good enough – we can do better-Explain why we can and must do better: -Access to technology -More Canadians with higher education than ever before -It is a moral obligation but it’s not just that -You’re all competing with one another for the “top talent” and the competition is getting stiffer, i.e., Baby Boomer retirement
  • -Say something fluffy and inspirational about how you can’t have a healthy ecosystem without all 5 pillars-You’ll explain all 5 pillars
  • -Internet is no longer something students use just at home – they carry it around in their pockets and backpacks, use it in class, at career fairs and info sessions, and while they’re walking down the street-Multi-screen, multi-platform experience-Potential to be immersive, interactive – no difference between online and “real life” – it’s all just part of “life” now
  • -Most employers see campus recruitment strategy as various separate tools they need to acquire and use-For students, it’s a seamless experience (just like the rest of their life)-Your campus recruitment should be shifting to look more like the image on the right
  • -2013 TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Award winner-Best On-Campus campaign-Integrated on-campus presence with web interactivity-Downloadable workbook on campus career website-TalentEgg homepage takeover-questions, polls, facts, tips on social networks – Twitter and Facebook-videos featuring real PwC people coaching on personal brand-interactive element – participate on-campus or online via social networks, follow along at home with workbook-students loved that it gave them valuable knowledge for their careers
  • -2013 TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards-Grant Thornton – finalist in 4 award categories, winner of 2 awards-Campus recruiting program of the year – online and offline elements integrated across many differnet channels with consistent branding-Brochure, website, TalentEgg – What will your advice be? Theme -Meanwhile on campus, asking students to write their advice on sticky notes and post them in career fair booth-Brochure, website, TalentEggeg Don’t eat yellow snow -Meanwhile on-campus, handing out yellow snowcones to students
  • -Whyhashtags and not QR codes-Dynamic, interactive, engaging-Multi-way conversation, not just one-way-Retail Week Twitter chat: #Teretail-Freedom 55 Financial: #55reasons #lovethiscareer integrated right onto website, TalentEgg profile
  • Example from marketing – everything is hyper targetedThe intenret is a infinite channel universe – everything has to be targeted
  • Students are at different stages- grouping them by year is not necessarily the best way to look at themWhen we really boiled down the research and feedback we collected, we saw that, among top student leaders, there were three phases of the career search, and each needs its own approach from employers. There were also tiers of students, and we’ll explore this at the end of the presentation. For the purposes here, we’ll call top student leaders – the ones who go to school and are completely aware of their purpose, etc, and get involved with purpose, tier 1 students. Exploration – look for a path (career guides/incubator)Connection – Narrowing down an industry and company (profiles, video, sponsored ed)Decision – choosing a job/company (video, social media, or in-person.. Gotta be real)
  • Example from marketing – everything is hyper targetedThe intenret is a infinite channel universe – everything has to be targetedt
  • Example from marketing – everything is hyper targetedThe intenret is a infinite channel universe – everything has to be targetedt
  • Example from marketing – everything is hyper targetedThe intenret is a infinite channel universe – everything has to be targetedt
  • On-Campus Recruiting Report results:-2/3 of students attend only 1-5 on-campus events a year-Top reasons for not attending more: - Didn’t know they were happening - Not enough time - Lack of interest/relevance - Felt excluded-All problems that can be solved by working together
  • On-Campus Recruiting Report results:-2/3 of students attend only 1-5 on-campus events a year-Top reasons for not attending more: - Didn’t know they were happening - Not enough time - Lack of interest/relevance - Felt excluded-All problems that can be solved by working together
  • -Each stakeholder has its own purposes, strengths and goals -Employers – employer information to students via third party like TalentEgg -Employers – job listings to students via employers to third party like TalentEgg then fed to career centres, student groups via Widget -Employers + career centres + TalentEgg – on-campus and online events via TalentEgg, employers and career centres -Career centres + TalentEgg – educational resources (content) via TalentEgg and distributed like a wire to career centres-No reason to be wasting resources when we can leverage technology to work together and create robust sources of resources-Not competing, why create competing resources?
  • Example imagesTalentEgg widget Career centres sharing TalentEgg articles Employers posting on campus events on TalentEgg
  • And how it can improve your recruiting “bottom line”
  • Hired 600 new Associatesin last 4 years+ stayed in touch on-campus = maintained contact with hires post-September recruitment period as they finished their final year of school+ egg-ceptional onboarding = bringing all new Associates to Toronto, training, exposure to leaders, networking and then ongoing activities for first few years+ relationships after hire = Nancy maintains relationships with so many of the Associates she’s hired over the years – Jeremy O’Krafka’s “Work Mom”+ symmetry = btwn promises made during recruitment process andreality on the job, needs to match up or new hires will leave= 98.6% retention rateHEALTHY CAMPUS RECRUITMENT GOES BEYOND THE RECRUITMENT – TRICKLES DOWN INTO RETENTION AND EVENTUALLY BACK INTO CAMPUS RECRUITMENT
  • Stephanie, featured in TalentEgg video as an intern, wanted to work at Just-Eat because her sister was an intern, had an amazing experience and got hired. Now, as a full-time employee, she’s speaking in TalentEgg videos and on BNN about her experience. She even accepted the Best Internship award on behalf of Just-Eat.VIDEO (top): Should click ON screenshot and play but I will try to get the video file for you so you don’t have to worry.
  • Click ON screenshot to playhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xJ1krJN816I
  • -Discussed vision for how Gen Y will transform the workplace in Globe article-Most popular and most shared that week, over 5K shares and 116 comments-Results of a healthy campus recruitment ecosystem
  • 6 ways Gen Y will transform the workplace:http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/careers/the-future-of-work/the-six-ways-generation-y-will-transform-the-workplace/article9615027/
  • A Vision for a Healthy Campus Recruitment Ecosystem (TalentEgg CACEE 2013 Presentation)

    1. 1. #TEawardsA Vision For A HealthyCampus RecruitmentEcosystem In CanadaLauren FrieseFounder, TalentEgg@LaurenFriese @TalentEgg
    2. 2. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceAgenda• About me and TalentEgg• Unhealthy ecosystem  Healthy• 5 pillars of a healthy campusrecruitment ecosystem– Integrated strategies– Understanding students– Working together– Better candidate experience– Positive employee experience
    3. 3. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment Excellence#1Canada’s mostpopular job boardand online careerresource forstudents andrecent graduates
    4. 4. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment Excellence3 millionstudents andrecent grads willuse TalentEgg2013Hundredsof top employersalready do
    5. 5. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceWhat’s cracking
    6. 6. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment Excellence2013 On-Campus Recruiting ReportTalentEgg+
    7. 7. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceWhere our research comes fromStudents Employers• 2012 and 2013 TalentEgg NationalCampus Recruitment Excellence Awards– Feedback from 200+ top students eachyear, hand-picked from thousands ofapplicants• 2013 On-Campus Recruiting Survey
    8. 8. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceUnhealthycampusrecruitmentecosystemStakeholdersworkingindependentlyof one anotherLack ofunderstanding:Students andtechnologySchool-basedhiringpracticesPoorcandidateexperienceYouthunemploymentand under-employmentLabourshortages andskills gaps
    9. 9. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceYouth unemployment• The last 20 years:–High of 17.2% (11.2%) in 1993–Low of 11.2% (6%) in 2007• Today:–14.5% (7.2%)–Under-employment the bigger problem:estimated to be as high as 50%Youth unemployment
    10. 10. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceMedium-term education outcomesFigure 1 – Medianincomes, 2 and 5 yearsout, BC class of2004, selected disciplinesFigure 2 – Percentage ofgraduates in jobs requiringpost-secondary education, 2and 5 years outSource: Higher Education Strategy AssociatesMedium-term education outcomes
    11. 11. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceMedium-term education outcomes• What will the class of 2009 look like?• Class of 2013?• It’s not good enough to get back tostatus quo. Here’s why:–Technology–More education than ever–Moral obligation?–Competition from every other employerMedium-term education outcomes
    12. 12. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment Excellence5 pillars of ahealthycampusrecruitmentecosystemIntegratedrecruitmentstrategiesUnderstandstudentsWorkingtogetherBettercandidateexperiencePositiveemployeeexperience
    13. 13. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellencePillar 1:Integratedrecruitmentstrategies
    14. 14. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceIntegrated recruitment strategiesIntegrated recruiting strategies
    15. 15. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceIntegrated recruitment straegiesOn-campus OnlineTwitterMobileapp/websiteFacebook LinkedInIn-person interactionOnline(web + mobile)Social(Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Instagram, mobilechat)How employers seecampus recruitmentHow students seecampus recruitmentIntegrated recruiting strategies
    16. 16. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceBest On-Campus CampaignPwC Canada’s PersonalBrand WeekOn-campus+ website+ TalentEgg+ social networks+ video+ interactive+ knowledgeIntegrated recruitment strategiesIntegrated recruiting strategies
    17. 17. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceIntegrated recruitment strategiesCampus Recruiting Program of the YearGrant ThorntonOnline and offline+ Many different channels+ Consistent branding+ Personality, colour+ Interactivity+ Engagement+ FunIntegrated recruiting strategies
    18. 18. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceIntegrated recruitment strategiesIntegrated recruiting strategies#
    19. 19. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellencePillar 2:Understandingstudents
    20. 20. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceUnderstanding students• Gen Y expectstargeted outreach• Consumerproducts target byage, gender,education, lifestage – differentmessages for each• Think likemarketingUnderstanding students
    21. 21. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceUnderstanding studentsEngagedLeadersHighPotentialsUnreachablesCareer-readiness stageEngaged leaders from topprograms, proven potential – influenceother studentsCareer-focused, smart students fromother programs, unproven potential –influenced by top studentsMost students: not ready, not engagedUnderstanding students
    22. 22. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceUnderstanding studentsHow do top students choose where to work?1. Exploration 2. Connection 3. DecisionUnderstanding students
    23. 23. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceUnderstanding studentsDecision-making processExploration• Looking for connection• Learning aboutjobs, industries, employers• First exposure to potentialemployers• Online: TalentEgg, Google• WOM: Friends, family, alumni, profs• Experience: Internships, volunteerConnection• Coming to a decision• What they want:growth, development, training, mentorship• What they relate to: NOT consumerbrand, financials, operations• Choosing employers, not jobs• People, culture, comfort• Establish relationshipDecision• All about people!• Memorable interactions with repson-campus and online• Future colleagues:Peers, managers, leaders• Want to fit in• Comfort factor• Organization + industryUnderstanding students
    24. 24. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceExamples• Top campus brochures - targeted tospecific types of students, used realemployees• Not good enough just to have a“campus” career website:– Students reported it is important forwebsites to have separate sections forstudents vs. new gradsExamples
    25. 25. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceExamplesExamples
    26. 26. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceExample• How we do this onTalentEgg:– Encourageexploration, connection and decision-makingat various entry points– Target emailcommunications byinterest, location, year,major, school– Student grouppartnerships– Career centrerelationships– Hashtags on TwitterExamples
    27. 27. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellencePillar 3:Stakeholdersworkingtogether
    28. 28. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceStakeholders working togetherStakeholders working togetherTop reasons for notattending more:• Didn’t know theywere happening• Not enough time• Lack of interest orrelevance• Felt excludedNumber of on-campus recruiting eventsattended in the last year
    29. 29. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceStakeholders working together• Campus has changed. Who are thestakeholders today?• Why work together?– Stretch resources, improve results, bettereducate studentsStakeholders working together
    30. 30. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceStakeholders working togetherRecognizing synergy+ leveraging tech+ saving time/moneyResult: Focusing onwhat really mattersEmployerinformationJob listingsOn-campusand onlineeventsEducationalresources(content)Stakeholders working together
    31. 31. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment Excellence
    32. 32. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellencePillar 4:Bettercandidateexperience
    33. 33. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceExample of the problemExamples of the problem
    34. 34. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceEvidence of why it mattersA better candidate experience improves yourrecruiting “bottom line”:• Increase diversity• Candidates that are more relevant to yourjobs• Fewer top candidates lost due tofrustrating experience• Consumer brandExamples of the problem
    35. 35. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceBetter candidate experienceSTOP: Leaving it to their imagination– Be transparent: Who do you hire and why?STOP: Campus-specific hiring– Hire based on skill and fit– Top schools are an illusionSTOP: Bad ATS technology– Evolving technology = better screening tools– No longer keyword based– Don’t waste students’ timeBetter candidate experience
    36. 36. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceBetter candidate experienceStep 1:One-clickindicateinterestStep 2:MeetBASICcriteriaStep 3:Application,standardreq’s,sociallyverified, tiedto email andsocialStep 4:Additionalinfo tosupporthiring: essayquestions,evaluations,tests, etc.Step 5:InterviewSmarterapplicanttracking processBetter candidate experience
    37. 37. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellencePillar 5:Positiveemployeeexperience
    38. 38. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellencePositive employee experience• Goals:– Create evangelists– Get social (encourage posting, get policy)– Retain top talent– Passionate, knowledgeable on-campus reps• Bottom line:– Your new hires will create a connection withfuture hires (decision-making process)– They’ll do your job for youPositive employee experience
    39. 39. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellencePositive employee experienceCampus Recruiter of the YearNancy MouldayHired 600 in last 4 years+ stayed in touch on-campus+ egg-ceptional onboarding+ relationships after hire+ symmetry – promises andreality= 98.6% retention ratePositive employee experience
    40. 40. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellencePositive employee experienceBest Internship/Co-op ProgramJust-EatWork experience+ rotations to differentdepartments+ strong team culture+ fun and social+ blank reference letter+ high hire-back rate= Passionate evangelismPositive employee experience
    41. 41. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellencePositive employee experienceBayer CropScienceSummer Associate ProgramSummer job+ full integration in business+ mentorship, prof. development+ $$$ investment in fun factor+ referral program= 56% of summer associates in2012 were return students= pipeline for talent= passionate advocatesPositive employee experience
    42. 42. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellencePositive employee experiencePositive employee experience
    43. 43. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellencePositive employee experienceMore diversity (esp. women) in leadership rolesSmaller offices, more flex arrangementsWork-life blendingReduce email and meetingsResults-only work environmentRegular, immediate, social feedbackPositive employee experience
    44. 44. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellencePositive employee experienceHow does a positive employeeexperience affect your ability to recruit?• Retention• Internal buy-in from outside campus team– Senior leaders– Alumni at all levels, especially recent grads– Executives on university boards– Staff who are part-time profs/instructorsResults
    45. 45. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellencePositive employee experience• Leverage evangelists for Social media,blogs, on campus events etc.Results
    46. 46. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellencePositive employee experiencePositive employee experiencePreferred employee rep to engage withat on-campus recruiting events
    47. 47. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellencePositive employee experienceHow to be a campus recruiting leader - Lisa Kramer:Meet with people who work at every level of your organization, fromstudents to hiring managers to executives. “At the end of everycampus cycle, present your success metrics as far as you can upthe chain,” Lisa says – not just to your own team. “If you take theinitiative to show the value you bring to the table, over time you’llhave the opportunity to present to people at much higher levels.”Lisa recommends networking to find people within your ownorganization who are willing to support your campus strategy asalumni representatives, from executives who sit on universityboards or work as part-time faculty, to entry level employees whohave recently graduated. “Their help with recruiting is a huge benefitto your program” she says. “Most people like to return to theircampus and give back.” Use that to your advantage by recruitingthem internally and supplying them with your key campusrecruitment messages, materials and documents.Final thoughts: Buy-in
    48. 48. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment Excellence5 pillars of ahealthycampusrecruitmentecosystemIntegratedrecruitmentstrategiesUnderstandstudentsWorkingtogetherBettercandidateexperiencePositiveemployeeexperience
    49. 49. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceLearn more• TalentEgg360.com– 2013 On-Campus Recruiting Report– Conference takeaways– Awards results and student feedback• Bi-weekly Campus RecruitmentExcellence Newsletter• Follow @campusemployers• LinkedIn Group: Campus RecruitmentExcellence by TalentEggLearn more
    50. 50. @TalentEgg Campus Recruitment ExcellenceThank you + questionsQuestions?Learn more about TalentEgg:http://talentegg.ca/employersContact me:E: lauren@talentegg.caP: 416-479-4186T: @LaurenFrieseL: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/laurenfrieseThank you!