Consulting Career Analysis

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Everything you need to know about hatching your career in consulting

Everything you need to know about hatching your career in consulting

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  • 1. Consulting Career Analysis:Everything you need to knowabout hatching your career in Consulting Presented by:
  • 2. What is TalentEgg? is Canada’s leading job board and online careerresource for students and recent graduates looking for careerhatching opportunities.We work with hundreds of Canada’s top employers, and we’rededicated to helping students navigate the sometimes messyschool-to-work transition.That’s why we created the Consulting Career Analysis – aguide to help land your dream job in consulting.So what are you waiting for? Get cracking! Be sure to take advantage of the Relevant Reads section on each page. These additional resources provide a ton of important info to help you in your job search!And keep your eyes peeled for tips and tricks onthe bottom of each page!
  • 3. What is a Consultant?Consultants are third-party analysts who examine informationin order to provide management, operations and technologyrecommendations to help an organization improve itsperformance.You might be surprised to learn that you don’t have to be an“expert” to become a consultant! Business, science,technology and arts grads are frequently hired as entry levelconsultants. It’s all about finding the right information,analyzing it carefully and coming up with creative and effectivesolutions.Plus, you’ll receive a lot of training to bring you up to speed!Entry level consultants typically receive mentorship andcoaching from more experienced colleagues and have veryearly exposure to senior- and executive-level people –including presidents and CEOs!Ready to become a consultant? Flip the page to learnhow to impress employers... Relevant Reads: Introduction to management consulting Checklist: 10 qualities of a great consultantTalentEgg Tip: Bookmark TalentEgg’s ConsultingCareer Guide for free consulting career resources
  • 4. How to stand out to employersIf you don’t have a commerce background, find other ways todemonstrate your business savvy on your resume.While consulting employers are committed to training you tobecome a great consultant, there are a few things they look forin potential candidates: • High overall GPA and excellent grades in relevant courses. • Work experience. Working any part-time job while studying is impressive, but experience in a related field is even better. • Extra-curricular involvement (bonus points if it demonstrates a business interest). • Involvement in activities outside of school, such as volunteering and sports teams.Keep a lookout for opportunities to meet employers oncampus at information sessions and career fairs. Make animpression by coming prepared with a short personal pitchthat focuses on the skills you have to offer and why you’reinterested in their company. Relevant Reads: Consulting career tips from Accenture 3 must haves for students and grads considering consultingTalentEgg Tip: Search for Consulting jobs onTalentEgg!
  • 5. Consulting resumes Want to write a resume that will grab the attention of consulting employers? Here are a few things to keep in mind: • Showcase the excellent communication skills you’ve developed through school and work experiences • Assign a numerical value to your accomplishments whenever possible • Highlight leadership roles in and outside the classroom • Demonstrate your problem solving abilities • Make sure every sentence you write adds value to the overall application • Proofread and proofread again! • Tailor your resume to each position you apply toClick here for more consulting resume tips and a sample resume Relevant Reads: How to write a strong resume How to leverage your coursework to gain transferable skills TalentEgg Tip: Ensure hiring software can read your resume by including keywords
  • 6. Case study interviewsNow that you have a consulting resume that will get your footin the door, it’s time to prepare for consulting case studyinterviews.You’re likely to be given a common business problem andasked to discuss how you would solve it. Case studyinterviews can be anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour orlonger, and account for about 50% of your total score.So, how do you ace the case? • Practice, practice, practice! Develop your skills with both hands-on experiences and sample case study questions • Take a moment to collect your thoughts before answering the question • Don’t be afraid to ask your interviewer questions • Explain which alternatives you rejected and how you arrived at your conclusion • Expect the unexpected. Stay calm, use logic and communicate your thoughts Relevant Reads: How to prepare for a consulting case study interview Even more consulting case study interview tips 10 tips to prepare for job interviewsTalentEgg Tip: Be prepared to answer sometough interview questions
  • 7. Consulting salaries You’ve polished your resume and brushed up on your case study skills; now it’s time to talk salary. We’ve compiled average starting salaries for entry level Management Consultants and Technology Consultants in major cities across Canada: Toronto Montreal Vancouver Calgary Winnipeg ReginaManagement $61,537 $58,793 $58,000 $58,278 $47,270 $48,270Technology $57,925 $51,718 $50,906 $64,758 $43,971 $44,813 Many Consultants are also eligible to receive yearly bonuses, ranging from $2,000 at the entry level to $10,000+ with 20 years of experience or more! Click here fore more information on average consulting salaries, bonuses and salary growth Relevant Read: How to negotiate salary: 8 tips to help you earn more TalentEgg Tip: Bilingual? You might be able to earn more.
  • 8. Who to follow on TwitterLooking for a new way to stand out from the crowd? Show offyour ability to communicate concisely and effectively byengaging with employers and recruiters on Twitter!To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of top consulting tweepsto follow on Twitter. Connect with them to learn more about theconsulting industry, receive tips for a successful career andask questions about current and future job opportunities.Keep up to date on the latest consulting opportunities andcareer resources by following TalentEgg on Twitter, too!Check out the Relevant Reads below for more tips onusing social media to hatch your career. Relevant Reads: Attract employers using social media How to makeover your LinkedIn profile How to use Pinterest to find a job Why every student and new grad should be using TwitterTalentEgg Tip: Learn how to protect your onlinereputation
  • 9. Congratulations!You’re on your way to hatching your career inconsulting!Here are a few more Relevant Reads to help you land yourdream job:All about the Certified Management Consultant designationA community for independent consultantsHow a career in consulting can lead to entrepreneurshipHow to answer some of your most difficult job interview questionsMake networking a habit Find us online!