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Workforce virtual conference_jobvite_2013_finalkk

Workforce virtual conference_jobvite_2013_finalkk






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    Workforce virtual conference_jobvite_2013_finalkk Workforce virtual conference_jobvite_2013_finalkk Presentation Transcript

    • Leading the Charge, Driving the Change:Why Innovators Will Win the War for TalentDan FinniganCEO, Jobvite
    • Geography of JobsSource: http://tipstrategies.com/geography-of-jobs/#Jobvite
    • Unemployment Getting Better – But SlowingUnemployment rate,Seasonally adjustedNonfarm payroll employment change,Seasonally adjusted-800-600-400-2000200400600Jan-08Jun-08Nov-08Apr-09Sep-09Feb-10Jul-10Dec-10May-11Oct-11Mar-12Aug-12Jan-13Source: BLS.gov
    • Anyone Remember This?
    • Today Does Not Feel Much Better#Jobvite
    • Tomorrow You Will Lead the Tribe!Only With Courage, A New Approach, Hard Work – and the Right Weapons!
    • Growing Awareness: Talent Matters MostSource: Boston Consulting Group, “Realizing the Value of People Management; From Capability to Profitability”, August 2, 2012“People” Companies Outperform the Market Average#Jobvite
    • Recruiting Delivers 40% More Profit GrowthThan Next Best HR FunctionSource: Boston Consulting Group, “Realizing the Value of People Management; From Capability to Profitability”, August 2, 2012#Jobvite
    • Recruiting will be one of the hot careers inthe next decade• 14% Y/Y increase• Most commonly advertised job title: RecruitingSource: Wanted Technologies#Jobvite
    • Why?1.Business Need Skilled Talent More Than Ever2.Talent Is Becoming Increasingly Scarce Worldwide3.Talent Is Choosy, Savvy Consumer of OpportunitiesThe recruiters who transform themselves intomarketers become as important—if not more—than any function.#Jobvite
    • Jobs In Future Require EducationSource: Bureau of Labor Statistics20%22%17%18%18%12%14%Doctoral / professional degreeMaster degreeBachelor degreeAssociate degreeSome collegeHigh schoolLess than high school% Change Employment 2010- 2020Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics#Jobvite
    • Most Advertised Openings in U.S. Today:All But Two Require College1. Computer Occupations2. Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioners3. Other Management Occupations (inc. HR)4. Financial Specialists5. Business Operations Specialists6. Sales Representatives, Services7. Engineers8. Information and Record Clerks *9. Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, PR, and Sales Managers10. Supervisors of Sales Workers *#JobviteSource: Brookings Institution
    • U.S. App Economy Jobsbefore theiPhone0 current day477kSource: TechNet, The App EconomyMobile Applications EngineeriPhone Application DeveloperSocial Media ManagerUser Experience AnalystAndroid DeveloperVirtualization ArchitectMobile Marketing StrategistiPad Game DeveloperAPI Platform Manager
    • SHRM: Companies Anticipate Needing MoreCollege GraduatesHigh school dimploma or equivalent onlySpecific post-secondary certificate/credential(s)Associate’s degreeBachelor’s degreeAdvanced degree (e.g., master’s, MBA, Ph.D, M.D.)9%63%27%28%61%11%18%69%13%56%42%2%56%1%44%IncreaseStay the sameDecreasePercentages may not total 100% due to rounding.SHRM/Achieve Survey: Changing Employee Skills and Education Requirements—Changes in the Workforce ©SHRM#Jobvite
    • Working Age Population Shrinking WorldwideSource: Deloitte Research, UN Population Division (http://esa.un.org/unpp/)#Jobvite
    • Creating A Serious ShortageSource: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survery#Jobvite
    • Growing college completiongap betweenSource: New York Times, Stanford University0%20%40%60%born 1979-82born 1961-64richpoorrich and poor:#Jobvite13
    • Battle of the Brains(US-based schools listed in blue)Source: PR Newswire#Jobvite
    • Battle of the Brains(US-based schools listed in blue)Source: PR Newswire#Jobvite
    • STEM Growth Is Too Slow11.510. scienceSTEMEducationHumanities/artsHealthOtherMillions of grads by specialization CAGR, 2010-20Source: McKinsey Global Institute1.
    • Severe Shortage Of STEM Graduates In US92Parks, recreationand fitness’98-’08%Source: SunSentinel, 2012STEM Jobs STEM Degrees50,000 Shortage inFlorida Alone64,00014,855#Jobvite
    • engineering66%doctorates 50%plan tostaytech45%science+doctoral35%degreesSource: CNN MoneyImmigration Debate In DC• 764,321 foreign students enrolled inU.S., up 5.7% in 2011• U.S. world share dropped 25% to 18% -now up to 21%• H1B Visa capped at 85K (20K for thosewith Advanced Degrees)• Proposed Bill: Increase to 115K – 300K• New Study: No shortage of STEM?!?#Jobvite
    • Only 29% of Applies Come From CollegeGraduates; Only 13% STEM GraduatesBachelor of Arts10%Bachelor of Science10%MBA5%Master of Science3%Master of Arts1%No Degree71%#Jobvite
    • 10X Programmer Talent AgencySource: HBO
    • Gen Y Dominates Workforce in 5 Years02550751001251501752002251990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030Pre-BoomersBaby BoomersGenerationGeneration Y and beyondSOURCE: U.S. Bureau of the Census, projections based on 2000 Censuspopulationage18-64(millions)2011: The Baby Boomersreached retirement age2030: Gen X reachesretirement age2018: Gen Y makesup half of the workingage populationDan’sTurn
    • Talent as a ConsumerOne Size Does Not Fit AllEach generation approaches work differently, shaped by the economic,social and political forces of their time.Source: Manpower#Jobvite13
    • Talent as a Consumer: Layoffs Have Permanently ChangedThe “Deal” Between Employers and Employee1973 - 1975 1981 - 1982 1990 - 1991 2001 2007 - 2009EmploymentProductivity-0.65 -0.53 -0.45 -0.27 -0.70Source: US Bureau of Economic Analysis; McKinsey Global InstituteBreakdown of GDP decline during last five recessions
    • Fewer gold watchesSource: BLS, Fast Company51‘05‘803935 64 10in their job for>% %men yrsto#Jobvite
    • Source: BLS, UCSF21%U.S.California39%Fewer gold watches10in their job for> yrs‘05 ‘05#Jobvite
    • Gen Y And Californians Changing Jobs Every3 Years: That is 15-20 Jobs A CareerSource: www.fastcompany.com/magazine/162/average-time-spent-at-job-4-yearsmedian tenure in current job:U.S.4.4yrsCalifornians...and Millennials3.0yrs
    • of all new college grads believe thatself-employment is more secure than a full-timejob.Source: Wall Street Journal, Gallup
    • Recruiting IsMarketing“The aim of marketing is toknow and understand thecustomer so well that theproduct or service fits himand sells itself.”Peter Drucker, management consultant,educator, and author#Jobvite
    • Recruiting Is Marketing:The New Five P’s of MarketingProduct: Define Broadly Around Customer ExperiencePrice: Provide Competitive ValuePromotion: ROI-tracked Marketing Mix of Media, Content,Message & Growing BrandPlacement: Many, Convenient and Inspiring Ways to BuyProcess: All Efforts Working As One Optimizing Funnel#Jobvite
    • Recruiting Is MarketingProductPricePromotionPlacementProcessOld SchoolFeature-Focused Definition(Conjoint Analysis)Suggested Price Lists• Retail chains• Sales channels• Catalogs• PartnersBrand, Advertising (Radio, TV,Print), Mail, CatalogsQuarterly reports, post-mortem, new version launchesToday: OptimizationCustomer-Experience FocusedDefinitionFreemium, performance-based, loyalty programsCustomer experience within:• Retail store• E-commerce• Free-trials• Customer serviceBrand, SEO, Search EngineMarketing, Content, Socialmedia, CRMReal-time, data-driven optimizationof “product-to-sale” funnelRecruitingEmployee-experienceFocused Definition of roleRequirements, perks,flexibility, benefits,compensationCandidate experience within:• Job Boards• Career Sites• Apply Process• Interview ProcessRecruitment brand, culture,on-line marketing mix for jobs& careersite(s)Real-time, data-drivenoptimization of the“opening-to-hire” funnel
    • Marketing Starts by Understanding Your TargetLike A Marketer Would: 80 Million Gen YExercised vigorously in last 24 hours46%Saw email usage drop in 201127%Have a tattoo39%Started a business on the side35%Think helping the poor most important issue21%#Jobvite
    • #1 and #2 Product & Pricing: Design Rolesfor Their Future, Not Just Yours1. Explain Company Vision2. Prioritize Community Service3. Develop “In-Between” Steps And Titles4. Give Encouragement & Regular Feedback5. Offer More Flexibility6. Provide Education and ProfessionalDevelopment7. Give Them Time for Personal Projects7 Ways Beyond Compensation ToImprove Job Attraction• Gen Y are “Job Shoppers;” 88% arelooking to make a change• Salaries guidepost for value andstaying on track, but NOTdifferentiation• 51% of new employees hired in2012 have “buyers remorse”Source: HBR: Blog Network: What Job Candidates Really Want: Meaningful Work#Jobvite
    • #3 Promotion: Big Brands, Especially StrongConsumer Brands, Have Big AdvantagesTop 5 of “50 Top Employers for College Grads”#Jobvite
    • #3 Promotion: Gen Y Wants AuthenticBrand Experiences “Make Your Culture Your Brand” – Culture Is Emotional Marketing Learning That Decisions Made By Lymbic (Lizard)Brain…Focus Messaging & Promotion On Emotional Connection Engagement Survey of Top Performers and Develop Value Statements Mold All Marketing Messaging Around Effort—Employee stories and testimonials Successful If Portrayed Culture So That Best Candidates “Select In”and Mismatched “Select Out”Source: ERE Recruiting Conference 2013 by Randall Birkwood#Jobvite
    • Have A Company Mission That Matters…And, ItHelps To Authentically Provide Social Good#Jobvite
    • HubSpot Mission
    • Brand: Join the Flock And Help Find Meaning#Jobvite
    • Step Inside Kixeye…If You Have What It Takes!
    • Imagine Being In Jobvite’s Family!
    • #3 Promotion: Advertising & Distribution Track All Advertising & Distribution SEO: Jobs (and Content) Pages Careersite Distribution & Promotion Social and Employee Referral#Jobvite
    • Applications by Source Type 2013Job Board42.4%Career Site38.2%Agency2.2%EmployeeReferral8.5%Notifications /Talent Pool1.2%Transfers1.2%Other6.2%• Career Site up by 6%• Emp Referral up by 1.3%• Transfers are significant#Jobvite
    • Hires by Source Type 2013Job Board17.1%Career Site21.0%Agency4.7%EmployeeReferral40.4%Notifications /Talent Pool0.4%Transfers7.1%Other9.3%#Jobvite
    • Faster hiring through employee referral 2013Source: Jobvite294539Emp Referral CareerSite Job boardsEmployees hired through employee referral arehired 55% faster than those who came through career site.46% 45%47%33%35%39%22%20%14%Over 1 year Over 2 years Over 3 yearsHired Faster Better Quality#Jobvite
    • Half of Career site Visitors Do Not ReturnOne Time Visitors49%Return Visitors51%#Jobvite
    • Remarketing Is The Way Marketers HandleAbandonmentBrand SiteAd on another siteCustomer #Jobvite
    • #4 Product Placement: Many, Convenient,And Inspiring Ways to Buy1. Starts with Careersite: Easy to find, follow, and engagingProspect and Candidate Experience = Shopping Experience(think Nike and Apple!)#Jobvite
    • High Bandwidth Careersite Experience#Jobvite
    • #4 Product Placement: Many, Convenient,And Inspiring Ways to Buy1. Starts with Careersite: Easy to find, follow, and engaging2. Apply Process: Simple, clear, anywhereProspect and Candidate Experience = Shopping Experience(think Nike and Apple!)#Jobvite
    • Easy To Buy – Easy To Apply
    • More On This Later Today…#Jobvite
    • #4 Product Placement: Many, Convenient,And Inspiring Ways to Buy1. Starts with Careersite: Easy to find, follow, and engaging2. Apply Process: Simple, clear, anywhere3. Interview Process: Collaborative (2-way)Prospect and Candidate Experience = Shopping Experience(think Nike and Apple!)#Jobvite
    • #4 Product Placement: 2-Way Collaboration
    • #4 Product Placement: Many, Convenient,And Inspiring Ways to Buy1. Starts with Careersite: Easy to find, follow, and engaging2. Apply Process: Simple, clear, anywhere3. Interview Process: Collaborative (2-way)4. Feedback: No “black hole”Prospect and Candidate Experience = Shopping Experience(think Nike and Apple!)#Jobvite
    • Easy-to-See Application Status
    • 1.Funnel / Lead Generation / Marketing Automation#5 Process: All Efforts Work As OneOptimizing Funnel1. Multi-Channel Multi-Media Campaigns2. Provide Target Personalized DirectMail & Landing Pages3. Lead ScoreHot, Warm, Cold4. Marketing AutomationNext Automatic Event-Send personalized email-Send personalized product interest info-Send e-newsletter-Send personalized direct mailer-Send personalized press release-Send blog link5. Measure, Adjust, Redo
    • 36%23%20%12%8%4%0%30%60%Sourcing Hiring Assessment EmployerBrandingOnboarding ScreeningSource: Aberdeen Group, Strategic Sourcing EARLY FINDINGS, February 2012#5 Process: Sourcing At Top Of Funnel A Top Priority
    • #5 Process: Track and Measure SourcingFunnelEmployee ReferralsCampaignsOverallTalent Pool
    • #5 Process: Can’t Afford To Advertise Overand Over…Must Build and Nurture ADatabase of Prospects#Jobvite
    • The Marketing-Skilled Recruiters Who Target &Catch Their “Game” – Will Become The NewLeaders of Future!
    • • 8 of the 11 Top Tech IPO’s use Jobvite topower their hiring• 3 of the 5 Top Performing IPO’s useJobvite to power their hiring• 13 out of 17 expected Tech IPO’s in 2013use Jobvite to power their hiringJobvite Powers Sourcing & Hiring ForThe Fastest Growing Companies#Jobvite
    • Thank youdan@jobvite.com