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How to Transfer Your Company From an Outsourced Recruiting Model to Direct Sourcing


View the webinar recording: …

View the webinar recording:

In these tough economic times, all organizational costs are being scrutinized, including the cost of recruiting. Unfortunately, the two most widely used methods for finding and attracting talent also happen to be the most costly; recruiting agencies and job advertising.

Many leading organizations have begun to shift away from these traditional, costly methods in favor of a direct sourcing model, where in-house recruiting teams proactively identify top talent, build relationships, and promote open jobs to them. Not only does direct sourcing reduce costs, it is also shown to reduce time-to-hire and increase quality of hire.

This presentation will highlight the key strategies and technologies required to support shifting to a direct sourcing model.

You'll learn:

- The benefits of direct sourcing over the use of traditional recruiting agencies or job advertisements
- The key strategies and technologies required for direct sourcing
- How a talent generation solution like Talemetry can support your direct sourcing initiative


Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. @talemetry  How  to  Transfer  Your  Company  From  an  Outsourced  Recrui<ng  Model  to  Direct  Sourcing  
  • 2. Speaker  Peter ClareVP, Revenue OperationsTalemetry@peter_clareEmail:
  • 3. Talent  Acquisi<on  Has  Two  Important  Func<ons  Talent  Talent  Genera<on  External  Internal  Applicant  Tracking  
  • 4. Why  Does  Talent  Genera<on  MaHer?  Source:  2012  State  of  Recrui<ng  Survey,  Talent  Technology  Corp.  WHAT  ARE  YOUR  ORGANIZATION’S  BIGGEST  RECRUITING  CHALLENGES?   (where  1  =  Easiest  and  3  =  Most  Difficult)  Finding  good  candidates        2.49/3  Lack  of  tasks        1.13/3  Filling  posi<ons  fast        2.32/3  Dedicated  hiring  managers        1.82/3  Managing  applicants        1.68/3  Sub-­‐par  job  descrip<ons        1.56/3  Nego<a<ng  offers        1.51/3  Contac<ng  candidates        1.48/3  Scheduling  interviews        1.44/3  Reading  resumes        1.43/3  Finding  good  candidates  is  the  biggest  challenge  recruiters  face  
  • 5. An  ATS  Was  Not  Designed  for  Talent  Genera<on  Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   5  Most  tradi<onal  applicant  tracking  vendors  have  not  met  a  strong  demand  for  improved  sourcing,  searching,  candidate  rela<onship  management,  social  channels,  referral  management  and  user  experience.    Thomas  ODer,  Gartner  Inc.  Predicts  2013:  Nexus  of  Forces  Alters  Administra<ve  ERP  Outlooks,  Gartner  Inc.,  21  November  2012  By  year-­‐end  2014,  70%  of  large  organiza<ons  seeking  recruitment  marke<ng  solu<ons  will  buy  them  from  suppliers  other  than  their  current  applica<on  tracking  system  or  talent  management  vendor.  
  • 6. Applicant  Tracking  Process  Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   6  
  • 7. Applicant  Tracking  Process  Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   7  
  • 8. Adver<sing  &  Agencies  are  the  MOST  Costly  8  Job Applications Into    Background  Check  /  Assessments  4.  Engage  Automate  applica<on  process,,    obtain  more  data  $  $$  Jobs FromKnown  Talent    •  Past  Applicants  •  Joined  Talent  Network  •  Internal  Employees  •  Past  Employees  •  CV’s  from  sourced  sites,  job  boards      Unknown  Talent    •  Job  Board  Databases  •  Social  Networks  •  Referrals  •  Open  Web  •  Recrui<ng  Agencies  1.  Source  Searching,  referrals,  email    2.  Market  Targeted  adver<sing,  SEO,  brand  marke<ng      Agencies  3.  Outsource  Manage  distribu<on  of  roles  to  recrui<ng  agencies.    $$$  Applicant  Tracking  Applicant  Tracking  
  • 9. What  is  Talemetry  Source  &  CRM  Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   9  Source  &  CRM  Source  Proac<vely  search  and  rank  candidates  from  a  variety  of  different  sources  based  on  the  requirements  for  current  and/or  future  open  posi<ons.  Sources  include:  •  Job  board  candidate  databases  •  LinkedIn  •  Applicants  in  your  ATS  •  100m+  Open  web  candidate  profiles  (free  database)    CRM  Organize  talent  pool(s),  manage  candidate  relaTonships  and  related  ac<vi<es  and  communica<ons.    Tac-cal  CRM:  Find  and  rank  candidates  for  immediate  job  openings  and  invite  them  to  apply  Strategic  CRM:  Build  Talent  Networks  for  future  hiring  requirements      
  • 10. Key  Challenges  in  Sourcing  Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   10  •  Hard  to  find  quality  candidates  –  takes  too  long  •  Mul<ple  candidate  databases  to  search  •  Difficult  to  search  for  past  applicants  •  No  central  talent  pool  outside  of  applicants  •  Limited  search  func<onality  •  No  Big  Data  Access  to  large  numbers  of  candidates  •  Costly  and  inefficient  use  of  database  subscrip<ons  •  Not  leveraging  talent  pool  before  adver<sing  and  agencies    •  Limited  rela<onship  management/pipeline  CRM  capability  •  Metrics  support  older  methodologies    Source  &  CRM  
  • 11. Central  Access  to  All  Talent  Sources  Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   11  Source  &  CRM  It  is  <me-­‐consuming  and  inefficient  to  log-­‐in  and  search  mul<ple  different  candidate  databases  The  Problem  Centralize  all  your  candidate  sources  into  one  searchable  candidate  database  in  the  cloud  Significantly  reduce  sourcing  Tme  and  improve  recruiter  efficiency    The  Value  The  Solu<on  Open  Web  Talent  Networks  
  • 12. Search  Applicants  From  Your  ATS  Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   12  Source  &  CRM  Inability  to  effec<vely  search  past  applicants  in  your  ATS  and  compare  against  other  sources  means  this  valuable  candidate  source  is  oren  wasted    The  Problem  All  ATS  past  applicants  are  indexed  into  Talemetry  and  available  to  be  searched  with  all  other  talent  sources.  Leveraging  the  great  candidates  you  already  have  in  your  ATS,  before  spending  money  finding  new  ones  The  Value  The  Solu<on  
  • 13. Search  Millions  of  Indexed  Web  Profiles  Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   13  Source  &  CRM  Search  results  will  be  limited  and  less  relevant  if  you  only  have  access  to  a  small  amount  of  data  The  Problem  Con<nuous  indexing  of  candidate  profiles  from  social  networks  and  the  open  web;  100+  million  and  growing  Access  and  find  more  of  the  best  talent  with  no  addiTonal  subscripTon  costs    The  Value  The  Solu<on  
  • 14. Intelligent  Search  and  Talent  Discovery  Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   14  Source  &  CRM  Basic  keyword  searches  can  oren  exclude  great  candidates,  while  building  complex  search  strings  requires  training  and  experience        The  Problem  Conceptual  search  requires  no  training  and  ensures  well  matched  candidates  are  not  excluded  due  to  slightly  different  terminology    Easily  uncover  the  best  candidates    The  Value  The  Solu<on  
  • 15. Build  a  Centralized  Talent  Pool  Asset    Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   15  Source  &  CRM  Decentralized  storage  of  resumes  prevents  sharing  and  increases  ongoing  dependency  on  3rd  party  databases  and  adver<sing  The  Problem  Candidates  added  from  all  sources  are  never  lost,  and  are  searchable  across  your  en<re  recrui<ng  team      ConTnually  build,  leverage,  and  own  your  talent  asset  The  Value  The  Solu<on  Recruiter  Recruiter  Recruiter  
  • 16. Deep  Dynamic  Candidate  Profiles  Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   16  Source  &  CRM  A  resume  cannot  tell  the  whole  story  of  a  candidate  including  informa<on  online  and  other  various  sources  like  your  ATS  The  Problem  Consolidate  all  candidate  informa<on  and  format  it  in  a  clean  and  consistent  candidate  profile  Easily  gain  a  more  in-­‐depth  and  up-­‐to-­‐date  view  of  candidates  The  Value  The  Solu<on  
  • 17. Manage  Candidate  Rela<onships  Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   17  Source  &  CRM  Managing  rela<onships  with  hundreds  or  thousands  of  candidates  across  mul<ple  open  jobs.    The  Problem  Track  all  ac<vi<es,  notes,  workflow  stages  on  all  talent  in  the  system.    Build  relaTonships,  track  acTviTes  and  status  to  manage  relaTonships  effecTvely    The  Value  The  Solu<on  
  • 18. Source  for  Open  Jobs  &  Invite  to  Apply  Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   18  Source  &  CRM  Pos<ng  jobs  in  the  hopes  that  the  right  talent  will  see  them  and  apply  increases  <me-­‐to-­‐hire  and  reduces  candidate  quality    The  Problem  Search  and  rank  candidates,  build  rela<onships  and  promote  open  jobs  to  the  best  matches,  encourage  them  to  apply    Quickly  get  jobs  to  the  right  candidates  and  make  it  easy  for  them  to  apply.    The  Value  The  Solu<on  
  • 19. More  than  Technology  •  Change  Management  is  cri<cal  to  evolu<on  •  Gain  buy  in  up  front  •  Build  a  team  of  ambassadors    •  Metrics  must  map  to  objec<ve  •  Total  Candidates  from  ATS  •  Total  Outreach  •  Total  Talent  Pool  Size  •  Geographical  Make  up  of  Talent  Pool  Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   19  
  • 20. Summary  of  Business  Impact  Copyright  ©  2013  Talemetry,  Inc.  All  rights  reserved.   20  Source  &  CRM  •  Find  the  best  candidates  using  conceptual  search  of  mul<ple  sources.  •  Use  talent  networks  to  promote  open  jobs  to  the  right  talent  faster.  Quality  of  Hire  • Find  the  right  talent  rather  than  wai<ng  for  them  to  find  you.  • Build  rela<onships  and  a  warm  talent  pipeline  before  you  need  them.  Time-­‐to-­‐Hire  • Recruiters  do  not  have  to  log-­‐in  and  search  mul<ple  different  systems.  • Recruiters  do  not  have  to  evaluate  hundreds  of  resumes  one  by  one.  Reduce  Costs:  Recruiter  Efficiency  • Op<mize  spend  by  focusing  on  the  high  value  sources.  • Reduce  adver<sing  and  subscrip<on  spend  as  your  database  grows.  Reduce  Costs:  Vendor  Value    • Engage  candidates  in  your  talent  network  with  the  right  jobs/content  • Manage  candidate  rela<onships.  Improved  Candidate  &  Brand  Experience  • Insight  into  your  top  talent  sources  and  overall  sourcing  performance.  • Insight  into  your  iden<fied  talent  versus  talent  needs.  Visibility  • Repor<ng  for  OFCCP  compliance.  • All  searches,  candidate  views,  etc.  are  tracked  and  saved.  Compliance  &  Best  PracTces  
  • 21. Ques<ons?  Source  &  CRM   Job  Broadcast   Career  Sites   Apply